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Holy Family “Tech No Time” Challenge

Hello Families,

We are thrilled to announce that after applying for a grant through the Waterloo Region Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Ms. Afonso and Mrs. Valant were awarded funds through the Power off and Play Health Initiative! This initiative, which we have named the  “Tech NO Time” Challenge, is an attempt to encourage children to build a balanced day that is not just filled with screen time. We feel it is important to encourage students to work on their cooperative skills, working with others and socializing with each other face-to face.

Here’s how the funding has been allocated:

Early Years: new sleds for some outdoor fun and new equipment for little friends to use in the gym

Grade 1-4: board games to play and socialize over lunch recess

Grade 5 & 6: pedometers to track steps  *The top boy and girl from each class will win a $10 gift card.

Grade 7 & 8: a stationary bicycle with odometer to track distances. *The top class will win a pizza party!

To help with this initiative, please continue to encourage your children to reduce screen time at home by being active or by just spending quality time together…playing card games, board games, putting a puzzle together, etc.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Afonso and Mrs. Valant

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Cold Weather

We are anticipating extreme cold temperatures over the next few days.  To ensure your child’s safety I wish to remind you that student supervision begins at 8:45 am.   Up to this time there aren’t any staff providing supervision.

Students will go outside for outdoor recess  when temperatures are above -15 degrees Celsius.  When the temperature(including wind chill) is between -15 degree and -19 degrees students will remain outside for no longer than 20 minutes.   In temperatures below -19 degree Celsius students will remain inside.

For your child(ren) comfort and safety, please encourage them to come to school prepared for the weather conditions and the potential of the temperature changing.




Vic Longo



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ATTENDANCE REPORTING FOR BUS CANCELLATIONS:  If your child(ren) takes a school bus, your child is automatically noted as being absent due to the bus cancellation.  You are not required to call the school and report this absence.

If your child is absent or late for any other reason, please call the school attendance line and follow the prompt to report your child(ren)’s absence or that your child(ren) is going to be late.

Please remember to either go on the WCDSB website to be advised of bus cancellations and/or school closures or listen to a local radio station.  Please be aware that schools sometimes are open when there are bus cancellations.

Please note … if a school bus brings your child(ren) to school in the morning … the school bus will bring them home after school is dismissed.

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Messages From the Classroom

Principal Message

I hope all of you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a restful holiday.  We are excited to start the new year.   It comes with the excitement of the winter season and continued engaging learning and school activities.

Our grade 7 students are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation and the grade 2 students will soon be beginning their preparation for First Holy Communion.  Our monthly school masses will continue.  It is an amazing experience to join together to celebrate our faith.  The student’s participation in the choir, readings and altar servering is exceptional.  I would like to invite parents and extended family members to celebrate with us.

We are continuing our monthly “Umbrella Skills” theme.  January’s focus is “Resiliency”.  Each month a short summary of the skill is posted to the web site.  Please support us by having discussions with your child(ren) about the monthly theme.  Share with them opportunities and examples in their life that demonstrate and require resilience.

I recently had a conversation with grade 4 students, he mentioned a website that I had not heard of called Special Books for Special Kids.  It profiles the lives of individuals living with exceptionalities and a diagnosis.  I was overwhelmed and inspired with the stories of the people interviewed.  I would like to share the site with you.  These individuals clearly live and demonstrate the Umbrella Skills.

The web site is Special books for Special kids –

Assessment and Evaluation is fundamental aspect the teacher communicating the student’s achievement, strengths and next steps.  This should be on going taking the form of teacher feedback during lessons, quizzes, test and assignments.  Reports Cards are formal way that we share with you your child’s achievement.  Report cards will be sent home on February 14th.  I encourage you to regularly review the assignments, notebooks and test to keep informed of your child(ren) strengths and need as a learner.

This winter is bringing some varied day to day changes in the weather.  We have had several days where the temperature has changes throughout the day.    Please encourage your children to bring all winter clothing to be prepared each day for being outside recess.

I wish you all a healthy New Year


Vic Longo



Ms. Kate Butter & Mrs. Sarah Lichti

Happy 2019! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Please see below for what is being covered this month.


Through December, we finished our unit on Geometry (we will revisit these concepts throughout the year). We studied the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes and different shapes that fall under these categories. We investigated their attributes (e.g. number of sides, corners, faces, etc.) and identified real world items that are these shapes. We also briefly discussed surveys before the break. In January, your child will be learning how to design and conduct a survey, as well as how to graph their results. We will also continue working on representing numbers in different ways (e.g. ten frame, using our fingers, drawing pictures, tallying, etc.) with our numbers of the week (we have now covered 0-11) and various other numbers in our centres. This is a theme that we will continue through the rest of the year.


In  the month of December, we focussed on Christmas themed texts and writing. We made personal connections to the texts we read including traditions we have at Christmas. In January, we will be focussing on texts that center around the theme of New Year’s Resolutions/ goal setting and winter. Last month we continued working on our Jolly Phonics program, learning letter names (upper case and lower case) and sounds, as well as sight word identification. Please check calendar or Google Classroom to see what letter and which words we are working on. We will continue this in January.

Outdoor Learning/Science

We had a great opportunity to go to Benjamin Tree Farm in December. We will now discuss different activities kids can play in the snow and will also have a construct a sled (small scale) challenge.

Religion/Family Life

We will be learning about our Umbrella Project monthly theme (resilience) and study New Testament Bible stories, discussing how we can be like Jesus.


Mrs. Sike and Mrs. Grimberg, FDK Room 8

What’s Up?

With some beautiful snow, we can focus on the Season of Winter and the changes in our environment that we observe. We will study and classify animals in winter: those that hibernate, migrate or adapt. We will conduct simple experiments with snow and ice.

Our next “Awesome Author” will be Jan Brett. Her books often have a winter setting. Also, her books lend themselves to making predictions of what may happen next in the story. Making predictions is a thoughtful way to approach a text and offers rich discussion as we develop comprehension strategies. Check out her website at for engaging activities. We’ve already read some of her Christmas stories and the children loved them!

Math and Research

We will be wrapping up our shapes investigation by using problem solving to solve some shape problems. We will soon be turning our attention to Measurement. However, throughout the year we continually revisit the various math strands (patterning, number sense, geometry, data management) through independent math stations.

Each child will be selecting an animal to research through a kid friendly, board purchased database, called PebbleGo.


Ms. Jardine

Goodbye 2018 … Hello 2019!!! Welcome back everyone! The children have eagerly shared what they did over the holidays and we are happy to see everyone back for a new year. In Math, we will continue learning about 2D shapes and introduce 3D shapes. In Language, we will be continuing our Letters and Sounds program. The first week back will be review of all the letters and sounds we have learned so far. We will continue our Home Reading Program. If you did not return it before the break, please return it as soon as possible. Home Reading will be sent home every Monday. Please remember to return it every Friday. The book your child brings home is based on their reading level. Your child will be reassessed this month and may be bringing home a different levelled book. At school, your child participates in Guided Reading groups at their reading level each week. The groups are small and allow each child to practice various reading strategies with the guidance of their teacher. In Science, we will learn about the season of Winter. We will continue to learn and inquire about ice and snow. We will learn more about snowflakes this month – how they are formed and the unique characteristics snowflakes have. In Religion, we are back into Ordinary Time. We will change our prayer centre to reflect Ordinary Time. Ask your child what colour we changed the cloth to represent Ordinary Time. We will be learning about ourselves and our families and what makes us unique.


Mrs. Schlotzhauer Gr. 1

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! It’s good to get back to routines again!

Just a reminder to please make sure that your child is coming to school each day with snow pants, a hat and extra mitts as our weather is very unpredictable and many students have been improperly dressed for those cold windy days. Thank-you to all for returning the ‘Neverending Story’ trip form. Another note will be sent home soon to let you know whether we will be going ahead with this and payment if required. New words have been written in their agendas and dictation tests will begin again on Mon. Jan.14th. There will be some intramurals for our primary classes this term. I have included the Gr. 1 days on the January calendar that was already sent home. These will take place during the last recess of the day. We have begun a new unit in Math on addition and subtraction to 20. We will focus on using a variety of strategies to assist us in solving these problems such as 10 frames, counting on or back, drawing pictures, and number lines. In Social Studies students are creating a schoolyard map for a fictional St. Paul’s School Neighbourhood. This is their culminating activity which will be completed at school. Once complete their work and map along with the rubric will be sent home. I am currently retesting all student’s reading levels and letter sounds.  A summary sheet will also be sent home once I have personally met with all children. We have begun some opinion writing in Writer’s Workshop. Students are asked to provide examples to support their opinions and thinking. We will also be taking a greater look at conventions and using rich descriptive language.

As always if you have any questions please contact me here at school.


Mrs. Gentile Gr. 1

Happy New Year!

With the beginning of a new year comes more new learning in the Grade 1 class. In Math we are discussing shapes, both 2D and 3D, and playing with symmetry and spatial sense, including puzzle building. We will also be playing with money in January, so please have fun discussing coin values and “trading money” (2 nickels for a dime) at home. In Language we will continue to practice various decoding strategies for when we get stuck on a tough word while reading, as well as comprehension strategies such as determining the main character and setting in a story. We will also begin a unit on procedural writing where students will write “How to” instructions to complete a task. We are wrapping up a science unit on living and non-living things, including learning about our senses, and will move onto Characteristics of Objects and Properties of Materials. Please continue to check your child’s agenda and read together on a daily basis. Thank you for your continued support at home.

Miss Esbaugh Gr. 1/2

Miss Esbaugh’s class had a lot of fun in December! We had some wonderful field trips (Laurel Creek and Benjamin Tree Farm) and some very special Advent celebrations! Now that we have come back from Christmas break, we are busy as usual! In Math we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. In Language Arts, we are in the midst of a Media Studies unit; we are discussing different forms of media, and how media is used to persuade, inform, and entertain. In Social Studies, the Grade 1s are finishing up their Changing Roles and Responsibilities unit, and the Grade 2s are finishing Changing Traditions and Celebrations. We are wrapping up our Road to Bethlehem unit in Religion. Please continue to check agendas and D2L for further updates. Thank you!


Mrs. H. Shouftas Gr. 2

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! We had a busy December! Students enjoyed getting ready for the arrival of Baby Jesus. Students learned about the importance of the Christmas Season by reflecting on our classroom Nativity. Also in Religion, students had the opportunity to research a Saint of their choice and present their research to the whole class. Students did a great job on their presentations.

In Math, students learned how to multiply and divide. Students multiplied single digit numbers by using counters to make groups. Students then added all of their counters to find the answer. Students divided simple numbers by using counters to make equal groups. Students had a lot of success multiplying and dividing numbers. Have your child explain to you how to multiply and divide at home. Students also learned about growing and shrinking patterns. Students are able to make growing and shrinking patterns and show their patterns in different ways (e.g., clapping patterns, number line pattern, picture pattern).

In Social Studies, students wrapped up their unit on Family Traditions and Celebrations. I really enjoyed learning about some important celebrations and traditions that my students celebrate. We ended the unit by learning about where some of our Christmas traditions come from. Next, in January we will move on to Science and learn about how things move. We will also learn about each of the simple machines and how they make work easier.

In Language, students have been focusing on answering the 5W’s and 1H in their writing pieces. Students have also learned how to organize their ideas by using the words first, then, next, and finally. Next, students will learn how to use strong verbs in their stories. (e.g, twirl instead of dance). Students will be encouraged to use adverbs as well as adjectives to help make their writing “pop!” In Reading, students are learning about the Elements of a Story (i.e., Characters, setting, problem and solution). We will read a variety of book and take a closer look at these items in the story.

I am look forward to this New Year and continuing to work with and getting to know your child.


Mrs. Gruber Gr. 3/4

It has been a Happy New Year in Grade 3/4.  The class is feeling refreshed after their Christmas Break and have been eagerly participating in their learning since we have been back.  Most students have finished their Cereal Box Book Reports. Those who are not finished have been asked to complete the remainder of the work at home with the due date being Monday, January 14th.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the assignment. In Math, the class has been learning about angles and will continue with their Geometry unit into next week. This is a short unit so they will have a test very soon.  As always, I will provide a “test preparation” package which your child will have a choice to complete. I will communicate with you on the date that I offer the package so you can talk to your child about whether or not they feel they need to do some extra practice at home.  Please consider helping your child practice their multiplication facts at home to prepare for our upcoming multiplication unit. In Science, the Grade 3s have started their new unit about Forces Causing Movement and the Grade 4s will continue with the last portion of their unit on Light.  The Grade 3s are taking a break from Social Studies until the spring, while the Grade 4s finish up their Early Societies unit with learning about Medieval Times. We have lots of fun and interesting activities coming up such as; creating Chocolate bars and advertising after listening to the novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, participating in Coding Quest, and preparing for our Scientists in Schools visits early next month.  The Grade 4s will also be receiving their bibles soon. We plan on having a Bible Ceremony in February and will let you know as soon as we confirm the date with Father Stephen.


 Ms. Jarvis Gr. 4

Happy New Year!!!  We are quickly back into the swing of things and report cards are right around the corner. The students are working on finishing up some things we started before Christmas and beginning some units and other fun initiatives.

In Math, students are working on finishing up their Data Management unit and learning how to interpret graphs and comparing their data. We will then move on to our first Geometry unit of the year!  The learning will be focused on measuring angles.

In Reading, students continue to be in guided reading groups where we are working on reading aloud, fluency and reading punctuation.

In Writing, students will soon be presenting their research projects to the class and will be moving on to procedural writing next week

I hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful holiday.


Mrs. Kalbfleisch Gr. 5

Grade 5 January Update

Happy New Year!

This month in the portable we are setting goals and deciding how we can stick to them. It takes a lot of resilience to make New Year’s resolution stick and we need to remember that even if we fall down, we can start anew the next minute, hour or day!

We are working on Data Management in Math now and have been recalling our previous knowledge about bar graphs. We are going to deepen our understanding of bias and perspective in the conclusions that we make from the data we collect. We will continue to learn about more graphs including stem and leaf and line graphs.

In Language, we are reading a narrative mystery novel and writing a narrative of our own. We will practice the elements of a this type of writing including setting, problem, solution as well as beginning, middle and end. Of course we will create some colourful characters and the perspective of a main character will be a focus.

In Science, we are beginning to realize how powerful force can be! We have built mini earthquake models and are connecting the need to plan our structures and cities to account for the powerful forces of tornadoes and forces that affect our environment.

We are beginning to discuss the reproductive system and the miracle of birth. God made us human beings that are a body we do not that simply have a body. In Religion we will be talking about St. Nicholas and St.Teresa of Calcutta and our call to model our lives after Jesus.

With so much to do we jumped right in when we returned and in many ways it feels comforting to be back in our familiar “home”, with our familiar friends in the “cabin”. Unfortunately for us, one of our friends moved from our area and is attending a new school. We wish Lucy all the best and will miss her smiling face and kind spirit.

I wish you all the best in 2019!

Ms. Mcleod Gr. 6

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a nice restful break and is ready to get back in to things. With report cards right around the corner we have a busy month ahead of us! For the month of January, the students will be focusing on “resilience” for our school theme.

This month we will be focusing on the following things:

Writing: narrative writing, as well as, continue with report writing (and how to effectively use the chromebooks to help us with this)

Reading: we are continuing to work on finding evidence from the text when answering questions and explaining it clearly and fully. We will also be looking at summarizing. Finally, we will be looking at non fiction magazine articles that relate to our social studies unit of Canada and issues around the world.

Math: patterning and representing whole numbers (up to 6 digits)

Science: “Flight”

Social Studies: Canada’s Interaction with the Global Community (specifically looking at organizations around the world that help with global issues) and taking a closer look at how it connects to our read aloud “A long walk to water”

Art:the element of texture

Health: safety (focusing on bullying)

Gym: yoga

Important dates in January:

Jan 25: PD Day


Mrs. Hurren Gr. 7 – Portable One

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a restful break and is ready to dive, brains first, into the last few weeks of term one!

January has started with an exciting look back at the Newsworthy events of 2018. Ask your little journalist about the important story they are covering in this newspaper writing assignment. Our reading focus for the month will be self-selected Book Talks and we will have an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of media advertisements with a healthy lifestyle spin. Our current math strand is Geometry where we are classifying polygons and exploring congruency. Have your son/daughter explain to you how a rectangle actually has 4 different names. Our beakers and stirring rods will be dusted off as we start our next science unit exploring the properties of pure substances and mixtures – be prepared to be blown away with how much matter matters! This month the Umbrella Project focus is resilience. We will be building on our ability to bounce-back when faced with challenges. Stay tuned for information coming home closer to the end of the month regarding our trip to Laurel Creek in February (fingers crossed for snow!).
Portable One Shout Outs: Congratulations to all members of the Portable One Theater Company – Christmas Story Time presentations were worthy of 5 stars!


Math Challenge: What do you THINK, NOTICE, and WONDER, about the following image?


Mr. Vuylsteke Gr. 8

Welcome Back and Happy New Year… It’s a great year for a great year!

I hope you all had a joyful and restful holiday with family and friends. The Grade 8 students have so much to look forward to as we begin 2019! Students will continue to have opportunities to try out for sports teams, experiment with technology in the classroom, get involved in leadership activities within the school, select courses for next year and start to think about the fun and exciting preparation that comes with graduation! As we begin the new year, students will continue to set their own individual goals and will monitor their progress towards achieving these goals. Opportunities for self-assessment as well as regular student- teacher conferences will continue to be provided in class to ensure that all students feel successful in accomplishing their goals each day.

There are a few upcoming items this month that I want to make sure everyone is aware of. Tuesday, January 15th is Grad Photo Day. If you are interested in ordering a class composite please have the order form that I sent home and $33.90 with you on Picture Day. You will have a chance to review proofs before you have to place orders for any other grad photos. I also sent home a note about Grad Wear. We are once again going with This is the same organization the school has used for spirit wear orders… You have the option for both online and offline ordering. If you are familiar with the site and have done online ordering before you should be able to use that account to place an order, if you’re planning on using the paper order forms, please have all cash or cheques into myself by Friday, January 18th.

As a final note I just want to say thank you to all the Grade 8s for the excellent leadership and enthusiasm they showed in facilitating our school wide Christmas activity day before the break – well done Guardians!


Mme Paquette

Happy New year!

We jumped right back into the swing of things. With that said, the end of term is almost upon us. This means report cards are on everyone’s minds. We will continue learning French with the DJ DELF unit and this will help with the assignments and tests that are on their way.   

Special Education

Mrs. Mash

January ~ Special Education

Happy New Year!!!

The start of the new year means we are coming close to the end of the First Term. Parents and guardians of students on an Individualized Education Plan will be asked to reflect on their child’s current (Term 1) IEP goals and components as we begin the process of developing Term Two IEPs. Classroom teachers will be sending home a form (Term 2 IEP Review) to parents inviting input and feedback as we review all IEPs. Please complete, sign, and return the form by Wednesday, January 16, 2019 so that we as a school staff can work together to ensure that your child’s learning needs are being fully met.

Please continue to keep the school informed of any assessments or health related information documentation so that we are always  up to date.

In the coming weeks, I will begin to assess the needs of our Early Years Readers. Over the past few years, Holy Family School has been lucky enough to offer the Strong Start Reading Program. This is a volunteer-run reading program. If you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering a few hours a week to help a young reader advance, please contact me at the school or by email (  and I will give you more details. Feel free to visit as well. More information about this fabulous program will be shared in February.

Let’s continue to work together to make 2019 a successful year for everyone!

Planning Time

Mrs. Valant

First of all, I hope that all of you and your loved ones had a restful and wonderful Christmas break! It was nice to hop off of the treadmill for a couple weeks and rest idle. 🙂

In Drama this month, our classes are discussing the power of inferencing and how much emotion and information we can convey without saying a word. This week, for example, we have been enjoying some good games of charades and determining what our classmates are trying to say using body language and facial expression.

Phys. Ed., classes will be looking at maintaining static balances and various levels, with and without equipment. We will also be focusing on target games and activities.

In Health, we will be finishing up our unit on Healthy Foods, discussing the differences between local and imported foods, processed and unprocessed foods and organic vs. non organic foods. We will then delve into our unit on Online Safety, one that has become increasingly more important with more students now navigating and exploring various websites and apps on a regular basis.

This month’s Umbrella Project focus is RESILIENCE. We continue to support our students in being able to bounce back in the face of difficulty, e.g. a hurtful comment, a math question that is so tough, a fall on the school yard. Check out these two links to watch with your children if you choose:

Boundin” – a Pixar Short

“Try Everything”, song from Zootopia, STRONG resilience message!


News from the desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Dear Family,

I hope your start to 2019 has been a happy and healthy one.  I wanted to say how proud I am of all the children during rehearsals and their performance at the Christmas Concert.  I hope you will cherish those memories of your child(ren).


Physical Education & Healthy Living

Our “Awesome Attitude” Award continues to be very popular.  After each Physical Education class, one child that has participated, tried their best, followed instructions and safety rules will be awarded the ribbon.  In Healthy Living, the children will review how to care for their teeth and what to do when they have wiggly teeth. To finish the unit, the children will circulate through stations that will reinforce and review personal hygiene tips and how to care for themselves.

The Arts

In Drama, the children with gain confidence using their bodies and gestures to portray different scenarios and characters.  They will also play guessing games by acting out different winter activities and getting dressed for winter. Through singing simple songs, the children will review the elements of music (i.e., beat, rhythm and dynamics).


Physical Education & Healthy Living

Since September, I have been selecting a student that demonstrated a S.T.A.R.S (Skill level, stays on Task, Active participant, Respectful of others and equipment, Sports etiquette) attitude.  For the next few months, the children will be completing self-evaluations using the S.T.A.R.S. as a guideline.  This month we will spend time on all four of the fitness components – flexibility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance.  In Healthy Living, we will continue to investigate the five senses and how they function.

The Arts

We will be learning and using drama terms during our lessons.  I will encourage the children to creatively express themselves through various emotion and charade games and through story dramatizations.

Through song and various activities, we will review beat and continue to write rhythms by using symbols and manipulatives (e.g., popsicle sticks to represent quarter notes).


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, I have been selecting a student that demonstrated a S.T.A.R.S (Skill level, stays on Task, Active participant, Respectful of others and equipment, Sports etiquette) attitude.  For the next few months, the children will be completing self-evaluations using the S.T.A.R.S. as a guideline.  This month we will be focusing on all four of the fitness components – flexibility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance.  In Healthy Living, we will wrap up our unit on oral hygiene.

The Arts

Due to the time involved in preparing for the Christmas concert, the children did not get enough time to practice their Christmas skits.  They will continue to work in their group to practice and present their Christmas skit. The importance of staying in role, having good stage presence, and being a respectful audience member will be reinforced during rehearsals.


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First Communion dates reminder

Good Afternoon, Holy Family Parish and Father Stephen have given us dates and times for the First Communion preparation meetings and sessions.  Please see the information below.

First Communion Program 2019:

Thurs. Jan. 31 @ 7:00 pm:  Meeting with Parents

Procedure for Requesting the Sacraments of:

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist for Your Child

(Enrolment Ceremony is set for Weekend Masses)

Thurs. Feb. 28 @ 7:00 pm: Meeting with Children Only:

Preparing for First Reconciliation: Ten Commandments;

Jesus’ Rules and prayer pamphlets.

Thurs. Mar. 28 @ 7:00 pm: Meeting with Parents

(Father meets with the children upstairs in the Church)

Parent’s role in preparing their child for First Reconciliation

and First Eucharist – using the 5 themes of the Booklet.

Thurs. April 25 @ 7:00 pm: Meeting with both Parents & Children:

Using Booklet to prepare for First Communion and the Order of the Mass.

Sacrament of First Reconciliation

Rehearsal for First Communion

First Holy Communion – May 5, 2019 at 12:00.

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January’s Umbrella Project Skill



Resilience is a skill and takes practice! Resilience is:

  • • The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens
  • • Responding and adapting to adversity in healthy ways
  • • Bouncing back from hardship as a stronger, more resourceful person
  • • The ability to keep going in the face of challenges


    • Dealing with disruptive life events in a way that provides us with additional coping skills that we didn’t have prior to the event
  • • Adapting well to change and new situations



Why do some people get knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever? It’s their resilience. Over time everyone will face a range of obstacles and difficulties; it’s part of life. Resilience allows us to adapt or even feel stronger and happier after these times. It helps us to feel less like the victim of our own story and more like the hero.

When it comes to resilience, practicing helps. With every storm you successfully weather, your resilience gets a bit better and the more we do that, the stronger we get. The next time life is difficult, know that you become a bit more resilient with each challenge you face.


1. Helps us graduate from school

2. Allows us to see bad times as temporary

3. Prevents us from feeling like victims

4. Helps us to manage pressures positively

5. Improves life satisfaction

6. Increases our feelings of self worth

7. Leads to better health and wellbeing

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