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Umbrella Project March Theme- Autonomy


We continue to explore the Umbrella themes each month and students are starting to build their own personal umbrellas – being able to use various strategies to help them deal with struggles they may face in their lives.  Throughout the month of March, we will be exploring the theme of Autonomy . Take a minute to read the article that can be found  below. It has some great overview of this theme.



Autonomy is a skill and takes practice! Autonomy is:

  • • Our ability to make decisions and have a say in the direction of our lives
  • • Thinking for ourselves and confidently making choices when faced with uncertain situations
  • • The feeling that our life and its activities are self-chosen and self-controlled
  • • Our independence
  • • Our ability to gather relevant information and make decisions


Having a choice in what we do helps us to feel more engaged with our school or work and this increases happiness and wellbeing. When we have autonomy we feel empowered to make decisions that can improve our lives instead of feeling that our lives are outside of our control. Autonomy increases our motivation to do something and that makes our tasks feel less like work and more enjoyable. Making good choices and building autonomy takes time and practice. We will make lots of mistakes along the way, but mistakes are a good thing! We learn a lot from our mistakes, including how to make decisions that will help us find more joy and passion in our school, work and activities.


  1. Autonomy makes us more passionate about our interests

(e.g. music, sports)

  1. Feeling we have autonomy in our lives increases our

wellbeing more than having more money

  1. Autonomy can help us make more money
  2. When employees have autonomy,

businesses grow faster

  1. Having autonomy increases happiness

with our jobs and school

  1. Autonomy increases our intrinsic motivation

(doing things for the sake of doing it)

  1. Autonomy makes us feel less stress
  2. Autonomy can increase our energy



Stories about autonomy involve taking control of our lives and making active choices to do something we love or feel strongly about. These stories can also involve thinking and feeling differently in situations we sometimes find ourselves in that don’t feel like a choice. Setting personal goals and developing strategies to accomplish our goals also shows personal autonomy.


  • • Choice
  • • Thinking about difficult situations differently
  • • Recognizing where you do and don’t have control
  • • Goal setting to accomplish tasks
  • • Taking action
  • • Doing what you love even if some others don’t approve
  • • Following your dreams
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Bus Cancellations and calling in student absence

Just a reminder of the process for calling in absent student when buses are cancelled.  If your child(ren) take a bus to school and the buses are cancelled you are not required to call the school to inform us of their absence.  The attendance system automatically records them as absent due to bus cancellation.  If you child isn’t a bus student and you have chosen to keep them at home when buses are cancelled, please call in their absence.  If you have sent your child to school when their bus has been cancelled please arrange for pick up after school.  The students will wait in the library until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up.  This will greatly assist in our obligation to ensure all students have arrived to school or parents are informed of their absence.


Vic Longo


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School Climate Survey

School Climate Survey

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) is committed to providing safe, caring and inclusive places for everyone in our schools.  One way that we can find out how we are doing is to ask students in grades 4 to 12 about their health and well-being. We are inviting students to share their feedback via a survey during the weeks of March 18th – April 5th, 2019 using the Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI).  Please refer to the attachment for further details:


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Spaghetti Dinner Cancelled

The Holy Family Spaghetti Dinner has been cancelled. Unfortunately, we did not receive a favorable response in our pre-sales.  Those who purchased tickets through Cash On-Line will be reimbursed within the next two weeks.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Vic Longo


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Pancake Tuesday March 5th.

We are approaching the Lenten Season and as is tradition we mark the preparation for it with Pancake/Shrove Tuesday celebration.  Pancakes will be provided and prepared by the school with the help of Dads and Granddads.

We ask for your help to make this an eco-friendly event and reduce clean up by providing a plate and cutlery for your child.

In addition, if your child has dietary restrictions please send a note to your child’s teacher by  March 1st to help us prepare.



Vic Longo


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Pancake Tuesday Volunteers

Pancake Tuesday Volunteers needed!   We are looking for Dads, Granddads, Uncles to join us  to stir, flip, fry and serve pancakes.   If you are available on the morning of March 5th, we would like to have you come out and join us.

Please contact me at the school or through email.


Vic Longo


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Holy Family Adult Prayer Group

Our Holy Family Adult Prayer Group meets the last Monday of each month at 8:50 a.m. in the school’s meeting room.  We welcome all school community members to join when they can.

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Spaghetti Dinner Feb 27th- Purchase your Tickets

We would like to extend a friendly reminder of the Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Feb 27th.   There is a lot of preparation that goes into the dinner.  Ordering you ticket in advance will help the organizers  make sure the appropriate amount of food is purchased and prepared. Please go to Cash On Line to purchase your dinner and book your seating time.

The evening will consist of two seatings for supper – 5:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $30/family (2 adults and their children) or individually – $10/adult and $6/child. The meal will consist of a plate of spaghetti with meat sauce or meatless sauce. This year we will be offering a Gluten Free Option as well. We will also have Caesar salad, cake and beverages. Please complete your order as soon as possible as seats will be filled on a first come – first serve basis. Please make your payment on School Cash Online.

School Council is looking for volunteers to make this a successful evening. Opportunities exist in the kitchen, serving food, clearing tables, etc. Please consider donating your time. Many hands make light work.  If you are able to volunteer please contact Sabrina Henhoeffer at

Thank you for your continued support of our great school!


Holy Family School Council

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Gr. 4 Bible Celebration

The Grade 4 Bible Celebration is scheduled for March 1st at Holy Family Parish.  Parents are welcome to join us at 1 p.m. on the 1st to celebrate.   Additional Information from Ms. Jarvis and Mrs. Gruber will follow .

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Roll The Rim – Social Justice Act

The staff of Holy Family would like to invite you to join our social justice initiative.  We all like winning a free coffee or donut(a car would be fantastic).   Other than that great feeling of seeing winner do we really need that free coffee, or could someone benefit from it more than us?  The staff have decided to collect our winning “roll the rims” and donate them to the Wilmot Family Resource Centre to distribute to those people who visit the centre.  If you would like to support our initiative and the Wilmot Family Resource Centre send in all your winning “Roll the Rim” tabs to the school with your child.    We will also accept free jeeps, cash cards  as well.

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