Salute to Summer

Dear Holy Family School Community

Another year draws to a close and I can hardly believe that time has passed.  I am so very thankful for the time we have spent together; learning and growing, celebrating and reflecting, laughing and sharing!  I am honoured to be part of such an outstanding school community!!!  I truly believe that the parish, school and family connection we have at Holy Family brings blessings that our children enjoy.

I hope the staff and students feel a need for a well deserved break; it is a sign that we challenged ourselves and dedicated 10 months of labour, thought, care and concern.  We “left it all on the Field or Classroom”

Some of my most fond memories this year are:

Christmas Concert

Family Fun Night

Turkey Luncheon,

Dad’s and Granddad’s Pancake Tuesday

Scientist in the school

Track and Field day

Halloween Dance a thon

Education Week

Holy Communion, Confirmation and Graduation, where we celebrate with pride

I wish you all a safe and restful summer!

Vic Longo




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Unclaimed Family Fun Night Door Prizes

We have a severtal unclaimed door prizes from our Family Fun Night.  Please check to see if you are a WINNER!

Item Winner
1. Lego 5275147
2. 2 Laser Quest Passes 5275319
3. Pedicure 5275227
4. Barbie Car 5275167
6. Paw Patrol 5275508
7. City of Waterloo 5275486
8. City of Waterloo 5275645
9. City of Waterloo 5275677
10. Nerf Supersoaker 5275918
11. Frozen Art Set 5275528
12. Doh Vinci Play Doh 5275572
13. Minnie Mouse Tent 5275454
14. Beach Towel/Toys 5276021
15. Beach Towel/Toys 5275643
16. $15 iTunes 5275407
17. Crate Creatures 5275576
18. Lama Bank 5275397
19. Truck Bank 5275463
20. Minion POP! 5275447
21. My Little Pony 5275481
27. Pita Pit Gift Card 5275809
28. $15 Google Play 5275599
31. John Deer 5275148
32. Tea Cart Play Set 5275507
33. Pita Pit Gift Card 5275809
34. Bird Bath 5275428
35. Lunch Bag 5275857
36. Holy Guacamole 5275345
38. Wheels on Peel 5275169
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Year End Thank You and Changes for 2019-2020

As we conclude another year I would like to thank the staff for their dedication to making Holy Family a vibrant place for children to learn and grow; emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.   We are also growing in size. Next year we will start September with 328 students, that is an increase of 26 students from our current enrolment. We are adding a fourth JK/SK class, bringing the total number of classrooms to 15.  As of today, we are fortunate to have straight grades throughout all 3 divisions.  The class structure for the 2019-2020 school year is Four kindergarten classes, two classes each of Grades 1, 2, and 3 and grades 4-8 have one class each. This could change over the summer or even in September.

The additional class will mean a fifth portable arriving sometime in late September or October. This has required some relocation of classrooms for some grades. Grades 3(two),4,6,7 will be in portables. The grade 6’s will start September in the Learning Commons(library) and move to the new portable when it arrives..

This time of year also brings goodbyes and warm welcomes. Mrs. William who is our JK/SK teacher on maternity, is departing and will continue as an Early Years teacher in Kitchener. Arriving to fill the vacancy is Mrs. Roth. Mrs. Roth is an experienced JK/SK teacher of 8 years. Also joining the Kindergarten team is Mrs. McClory. She has extensive experience in Early Years Education and has experience working with hearing impaired students, both with our board and on a provincial level. We are also adding an additional Planning Time Teacher; Mrs. Hambleton will be filling a half day position when she returns from a maternity leave in March.

And now for some sad but thankful farewells. Mr. V has been teaching our grade 8’s while Ms. Carter is on her maternity leave will be departing Holy Family. Thank you, Mr. V, for the enthusiasm, school spirit and leadership you brought to our school community. You will be a valuable addition to any school staff in our board. We also thank and wish Ms. Butter great success as she continues her career. Your kind and warm manner provided a nurturing and positive first impression and experience for our youngest students as they begin their education.

On behave of the staff I would like to wish all the students and families of Holy Family a save and restful summer vacation!


Vic Longo


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