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Feb. 4th Extended Day Program Update


Extended Day Programs

Tuesday February 4, 2020

As a result of a one-day strike scheduled for Tuesday, February 4,

classes at WCDSB schools will be cancelled

Please note:

WCDSB operated Extended Day Programs

WILL continue to operate on Tuesday February 4

Any student registered for Tuesday February 4

can attend (similar to a PA Day)

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OECTA Labour Updates

The school has received inquires regarding dates of school closures and work actions affecting Holy Family.   For specific information concerning school closures and work actions impacting WCDSB’s schools, please refer to the board’s website or our Holy Family website for labour updates and school closures.

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Paul Davis Internet safety presentation Feb. 19th

Parents & Guardians !

Please join us Wednesday February 19th for this amazing opportunity to hear Paul Davis speak on internet safety & social networking.  Paul’s talk is guaranteed to leave you with valuable information for yourself and the safe future of our kids.  An RSVP will be sent home soon in student agendas.  Please return by Feb 5th.

Feb 19th – Daytime – Paul speaks to students Grade 1 – 8

6pm – Adult Social

6:15pm – Child care drop off (no charge)

6:30 -8pm  – Paul’s talk

Check out the link below for comments from parents and principals of other schools.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss !

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OECTA Work Action Update – One-day Strike Tuesday, January 21st. – EXTENDED DAY OPEN

WCDSB Schools Closed on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) has announced that all of its members will be engaging in a one-day strike on Tuesday, January 21. This decision affects all Catholic district school boards in Ontario.

As a result of this strike, all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be closed on January 21.

Additionally, all WCDSB extended day programs will BE OPEN FOR THE DAY.

Secondary school credit courses offered at the WCDSB’s St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres campuses will be cancelled on January 21, but all other St. Louis programs will be open and running on their normal schedules.

Community use of schools activities will continue as scheduled.

OECTA’s previously announced administrative job actions will remain in effect before and after January 21.

As before, we remain hopeful the two sides will return to the bargaining table quickly and will come to a fair and respectful agreement that serves the best interests of our students.

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February 2020 Fitbit

Enjoying Vegetables All Year Long

 It can be challenging to find creative ways to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits throughout our long Canadian winters. Our markets and grocery stores may not be filled with as many local options as they are during warmer seasons. However, you may be surprised by how much local produce is available throughout the winter months in Ontario. Locally produced vegetables such as beets, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, squash, mushrooms, leeks and sweet potatoes are all available this time of year. Frozen vegetables are another healthy and affordable choice. If you are looking for some inspiration on ways to incorporate vegetables into your family mealtimes this winter, here are a few fun ideas.

Add frozen or winter vegetables to dishes

  • Add sweet potato or squash to homemade chili and soups.
  • Add shredded cabbage to salads – purple cabbage adds a splash of colour.
  • Add leeks or mushrooms to a frittata or omelette.
  • Add rutabaga, turnip or celery root to mashed potatoes.
  • Blend cooked beets or sweet potatoes into a hummus recipe.
  • Add frozen vegetables to stir-fries, soups, casseroles, pasta dishes or serve them as a side dish at meals.

Make winter vegetables fun for kids

  • Make roasted parsnip sticks; they are a fun finger food.
  • Cut and roast acorn squash in slices that look like smiles.
  • Try spiralized sweet potatoes or carrots as a fun new way to serve these vegetables.
  • Roast sweet potato or butternut squash medallions and let kids use cookie cutters to make fun shapes.

Find some winter vegetable inspiration in the recipes below

Visit Foodland Ontario’s availability guide to find out when Ontario fruits and vegetables are in season:

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Happy New Year and welcome back to school!  I hope that everyone was able to spend some quality time with family, friends and loved ones over the break. Students will undoubtedly be excited to return to school, to see their friends and share their holiday stories. We will be working on re-establishing routines as we get back on track with learning. Term 1 will be quickly coming to an end, and teachers will be completing the first term report cards throughout the month of January.

As we progress through the school year teachers and staff continue to reflect upon and monitor student progress and achievement.  I would encourage you to take some time to do the same. Are you see growth in your child’s writing, reading, comprehension and math skills?  It is equally important that students’ learning skills continue to improve as well.    Each students’ independence, organization, problem solving, initiative and responsibility should be improving from the beginning of the year.   Please contact your child’s teacher for a meeting or phone conversation to review their progress.

We continue our Umbrella Skills in January with Authenticity.  This is such an important skill and awareness for students to develop.  The influences of media and social media inundate us with images and messages that can make it challenging to develop a true sense of self and focus on family values rather than what society values.  This month we will emphasizing students being comfortable with themselves and celebrating their uniqueness.

We wish you all the best in 2019!

Vic Longo

Early Years

Ms. Jardine FDK

Welcome back everyone!I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with time spent with friends and family and had a safe break. Home Reading: Home Reading is sent home every Monday. Please remember to return it every Friday. The book your child brings home is based on their reading level. Your child will be reassessed this month and may be bringing home a different leveled book. Guided Reading: Your child participates in Guided Reading groups at their reading level each week. The groups are small and allow each child to practice various reading strategies with the guidance of their teacher.  

In Math, we will review 2D shapes and introduce 3D shapes. In Language, we will be continuing our Letters and Sounds program. We will continue our Home Reading Program. If you did not return it before the break, please return it as soon as possible. Home Reading will be sent home every Monday. Please remember to return it every Friday. Please return the book in the same condition it goes home in. In Science, we are continuing to learn what animals do in winter (hibernate, migrate or adapt). Webcams allow us to connect with Grouse Mountain in Vancouver to observe two grizzly bears, Grinder and Coola, hibernate. We will also learn about the season of Winter. We will learn and inquire about ice and snow. We will learn more about snowflakes this month – how they are formed and the unique characteristics snowflakes have. In Religion, we are back into Ordinary Time. We will change our prayer centre to reflect Ordinary Time. Ask your child what colour we changed the cloth to represent Ordinary Time. We will be learning about ourselves and our families and what makes us unique. 


~Mrs. Roth & Mrs. Benbow

Hello from Room 7 – Happy New Year!  December flew by – we can’t believe we are into January already.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of fun, celebration, and special family time.  In December, we worked on learning different 2D shapes, including identifying their sides and vertices.  We shared many Christmas stories together, learning about the birth of Jesus. You may have noticed that a couple of sight word mini books came home that we read together in class, and encouraged your children to share them with you at home, as well.  Continuing to practice skills such as sight word, letter, and sound recognition at home, as well as many skills we have practiced thus far (patterning, shapes, number recognition, writing their names, etc.) will all help your child to continue to progress as the school year continues.  Students will continue to take home reading books each week, and are encouraged to practice them each night, remembering to point to each word as they read. If you notice they are not sure about the difference between letters and a word, you may then choose to just focus on pointing out different words to help reinforce this.  In January, you children will be introduced to data management, including making graphs and collecting data within our school!  


Ms. McClory, Mrs. Grimberg, Mrs. Simpson

Happy New Year! December was a busy month celebrating Advent, our Christmas concert, and various Christmas activities; we hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday break shared with family and friends.  Starting off January, in language we will continue our letters and sounds program, guided reading groups, journal writing as well as home reading. Home readers are sent home on Mondays, we encourage you to read with your child every day, please return reading folders on Fridays for your child(ren) to receive a new book the following week.  In math, we will review 2D shapes and introduce 3D shapes, we will also begin looking at data management strategies such as collecting, organizing and graphing data we find around the school. In science we will continue to explore the season of winter, in particular snow and ice, and in religion we will explore our authentic selves. Cheers to a new year, welcome back!

Ms. Esbaugh and Mrs. Lichti

Happy New Year everyone, and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas break! We had lots of fun in December, with special spirit days, Advent celebrations, birthdays, a play morning, et cetera! This month we will continue with Jolly Phonics and journal writing, as well as finishing up with 2D shapes and sorting in Math. We will soon transition into Data Management and begin creating simple graphs. We will continue to send home new home reading books on Mondays, which are due back on Fridays. Library day is also Monday, so please remember to return those books so you can get a new one! From January 13th to 17th, we will be celebrating “Love Your Pets Week”. At any point this week, students may bring in a photo or small item related to their pet to share with the class. If you don’t have a pet a home, you are welcome to talk about a special family member’s pet. Please continue to check Zippy Bags each day for important notes and communication. Thank you!


Mrs. H. Shouftas

Dear Families,

I wish all students and their families a happy and healthy 2020! I am excited to start off the New Year teaching Grade One! Students are excited to get back into routine and have fun learning something new each day!

In Math, students are learning how to tell time to the hour and half hour. Students are having fun telling time on classroom clocks and playing games. Students will also be learning how to read dates on the calendar and say the months of the year in order.

In Language, students are continuing to write interesting adventure stories. They have been learning how to use a graphic organizer to help them generate ideas for their stories. Students have been introduced to adjectives and will be encouraged to use adjectives in their stories. Please review what an adjective is at home and have your child describe how something looks using adjectives (e.g., “What words would you use to describe your outfit today?” or, “What words would you use to describe what you are eating for dinner?”). In Reading, students are continuing to put the main ideas of a story in the correct order. We are working on sequencing Bible Stories such as the story of St. John the Baptist.

In Science, students are learning about what a structure is (i.e., in nature and human made) and the materials that structures are made of. Students will have fun participating in an inquiry project by building  structures using different materials. 

We have a busy year ahead of us and I look forward to teaching your children each day!


Mrs. Borys-Sike    Grade 1, Room 5

Welcome Back and Thank you

Welcome back to school and welcome to at least some snow which changes our world into a bit of a Winter Wonderland. Thank you to all for your cards, kind words, and gifts I received at Christmas. I trust all of our families had a Joyful Christmas. Let us wish and pray for a Peaceful New Year and Many Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Coming home soon:

By the end of January/beginning of February some assessments (in your child’s duotangs) will be coming home for you to sign and return, as well as a collection of your child’s writing to date, to be kept at home. These include:

-Social Studies

-Reading/Reading Response



We have finished up our study of 2D and 3D shapes and figures. You should have received (prior to the break) your child’s red math duotang to sign the assessment page for this unit. We are heading into our study of Measurement. See our Learning Goals to determine how we can be successful!

Learning Goals/ Success Criteria

Words to Know, Use and Spell: measure, length, width, height, unit

I can use non-standard units of the same size to accurately measure an object!

I can place units of measurement (e.g. links) repeatedly without overlaps or gaps!

I can construct and select appropriate tools for measuring length, height and distance!

I can estimate, measure, record, compare and order objects by length, height and distance, using words such as bigger, smaller, shorter, taller!

 I can show that the larger the unit, the fewer units are needed to express the measurement!

Reading Comprehension: We have been making text-to-self and text-to-text connections to better understand what we read. We will continue to do this during our independent reading responses which will contribute to the overall reading mark on report cards. 


Mrs. Gentile

Happy New Year! 

With the beginning of a new year comes more new learning in our Grade 2 class. In Religion, we are discussing the end of the Christmas season with the Epiphany, as well as John the Baptist’s role in Jesus’ life. In Math we will be telling time to the quarter-hour, as well as be playing with money, so please have fun discussing coin values and “trading money” (2 nickels for a dime) at home. In Language we will continue to practice various decoding strategies for when we get stuck on a tough word while reading, as well as analyzing texts, such as determining the characters, setting, and main idea of a story. We will also begin a unit on procedural writing where students will write “How to” instructions to complete a task. We are wrapping up a Social Studies unit about traditions, and will move onto a Science unit on movement. Please continue to check your child’s agenda and read together on a daily basis. Thank you for your continued support at home.

Mrs. Gruber

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  We are looking forward to setting some Goals for Improvement for ourselves for the coming year.  After learning about “New Year’s Resolutions”, the students will analyze their Learning Skills from their Progress Report cards to set goals for improvement for themselves for the remainder of the school year.  Looking forward to seeing their “Growth Mindset” in action as we strive to achieve our goals. In Math, we will continue our unit on Addition and Subtraction with a focus on Subtraction with Regrouping. There will be a quiz in 2 weeks.  In Literacy, we will continue practicing our skills as readers and writers within Literacy Centre work. There will be a Spelling Test towards the end of the month. More information will be sent home next week. In Social Studies, we are finishing up our unit about Traditions and Celebrations around the world by learning about Chinese New Year.  The students will complete a culminating activity that compares 2 cultures and how they celebrate either Christmas or New Years. In Religion and Family Life, we will be spending time learning about the growth and development of a baby and the ways we care for our bodies. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Mrs. Schlotzhauer

Welcome back after a short and hopefully enjoyable break!

Our class is responsible for  the morning prayers the first week back from the Christmas Break. These have been taped into their agendas along with the date. Please practice at home and send the prayer back to school on your childs’ assigned day.

If you have not already done so, please return the permission form and pay on-line for our Social Studies trip next week to Crawford Lake where we will have first hand learning of our First Nations peoples and a longhouse village.

Hopefully students have had a chance to read their chapter books over the holidays. If not, then please make sure you set some time aside each day for reading. We will be continuing to read these in class as well as begin our study on characters, plot, summarizing and evaluating. 

We are beginning a new unit in Math on multiplication, division and continuing with solving problems involving multiple steps. Students should have a good sense of number sense (adding and subtracting up to 3 digits with and without regrouping, double facts, related facts, mental math strategies) going into this unit. Please continue to practice at home, especially subtracting as this seems to be more challenging for our class. 

We are also starting a new unit in Religion, ‘Born of the Spirit,’ where are taking a closer look at the gifts from the Holy Spirit.


Mrs. Rice

Happy New Year! 2020 is going to be fabulous in the Grade 3 classroom! To start the year off, in our Language Arts program, the students will continue working on their Cereal Box Book Reports. We will be spending a lot of time learning how to create character sketches, finding evidence to back up our opinions, summarize and review novels, as well as looking at different text features to attract friends to our book reports. Towards the end of the month, we will also be moving into some opinion writing. In Mathematics, we are reviewing 3 dimensional geometry and then moving into Multiplication and Division! We will spend quite a bit of time on this unit as it can be a more difficult one to conceptualize. Please continue to review addition and subtraction facts at home as this will make multiplication and division a little easier. In Science, we have started a unit on Movement. We have Scientists in the School coming into our classroom for half a day on Feb. 20th. The students will have the opportunity to participate in some great hands-on activities that compliment our learning about Forces and Movement. I will be looking for some parent volunteers so please consider joining us. I am really looking forward to the trip next Monday to Crawford Lake. The kids will get to see and experience what it was like to live in a native village over 300 years ago! They must come with a full lunch, warm clothes that include boots hat, mitts and snowpants. Please continue supporting your child with the Home Reading program. I also ask that during these colder and sometimes wet months, to send you child with extra socks and mitts to keep in their cubby.




Mrs. Hurren – Portable One

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a restful break and is ready to dive, brains first, into the last few weeks of term one!

January has started with an exciting look back at the Newsworthy events of 2019. Ask your little journalist about the important story they are covering in this newspaper writing assignment. Our reading focus for the month will be on the novel “Refugee” and we will have an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of media advertisements with a mental health spin. We have just finished investigating and applying the formulas for calculating surface area and volume of rectangular prisms in math. Next up… classifying polygons and exploring congruency in Geometry! Have your son/daughter explain to you how a rectangle actually has 4 different names. Our beakers and stirring rods will be dusted off as we start our next science unit exploring the properties of pure substances and mixtures – be prepared to be blown away with how much matter matters! This month the Umbrella Project focus is authenticity. We will practice being our genuine selves by not trying to be someone else to impress others. Stay tuned for information coming home closer to the end of the month regarding our trip to Laurel Creek in February (fingers crossed for snow!).

Portable One Shout Outs: Congratulations to all members of the Portable One Theater Company – “An Unexpected Christmas” performance was worthy of 5 stars!

Math Challenge: How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?

Ms. Cater

Welcome back and happy new year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break!

In January our Language focus will be on finishing the “Giver” assignments that were assigned before Christmas, the strategy of summarizing, writing news articles, and Social Justice issues.  We will also be taking some time this month to talk about mental health issues as we prepare for Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 29th. Our next short math unit is Data Management, where we will be focusing on analyzing graphs and inferring from data.  Another big focus for the month of January will be our Confederation unit in History.  

Here are some quick reminders.  We will begin to talk about registering and picking high school courses soon.  I will be sending a note home with more information and a Resurrection guidance counselor will be visiting the grade 8 students next week.  Also a reminder that Grade 8 Graduation Pictures are on Tuesday January 14th!


Madame Piquette

Happy New year!

We jumped right back into the swing of things. With that said, the end of term is almost upon us. This means report cards are on everyone’s minds. We will continue learning French with the DJ DELF unit and this will help with the assignments and tests that are on their way.


Planning Time

News from the desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Dear Family,

I hope your start to 2020 has been a happy and healthy one.  I wanted to say how proud I am of all the children during rehearsals and their performance at the Christmas Concert.  I hope you will cherish those memories of your child(ren). 


Physical Education & Healthy Living

Our “Awesome Attitude” Award continues to be very popular.  After each Physical Education class, one child that has participated, tried their best, followed instructions and safety rules will be awarded the ribbon.  The children will participate in some winter games in the gym and outside. In Healthy Living, the children will review how to care for their teeth and what to do when they have wiggly teeth.  To finish the unit, the children will circulate through stations that will reinforce and review personal hygiene tips and how to care for themselves.

The Arts

In Drama, the children will gain confidence using their bodies and gestures to portray different scenarios and characters.  They will also play guessing games by acting out different winter activities and getting dressed for winter. Through singing simple songs, the children will review the elements of music (i.e., beat, rhythm and dynamics). 


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, I have been selecting a student that demonstrated a S.T.A.R.S (Skill level, stays on Task, Active participant, Respectful of others and equipment, Sports etiquette) attitude.  For the next few months, the children will be completing self-evaluations using the S.T.A.R.S. as a guideline.  This month we will be focusing on all four of the fitness components – flexibility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance.  In Healthy Living, we will wrap up our unit on oral hygiene.

The Arts

Due to the time involved in preparing for the Christmas concert, the children did not get enough time to practice their Christmas skits.  They will continue to work in their group to practice and present their Christmas skit. The importance of staying in role, having good stage presence, and being a respectful audience member will be reinforced during rehearsals. 


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, I have been selecting a student that demonstrated a S.T.A.R.S (Skill level, stays on Task, Active participant, Respectful of others and equipment, Sports etiquette) attitude.  For the next few months, the children will be completing self-evaluations using the S.T.A.R.S. as a guideline.  In Healthy Living, we will take a closer look at some of the more common addictive substance and making healthy choices and consider various factors before using them.

The Arts

We will be learning and using drama terms during our classes and rehearsals .  I will encourage the children to creatively express themselves and their character as they work in small groups to dramatize a funny fairy tale. 

Through song and various activities, we will continue to learn about the elements of tempo and pitch.


Special Education

Mrs. Mash

January 2020 ~ Special Education

Happy New Year!!! 

The start of the new year means we are coming close to the end of the First Term. Parents and guardians of students on an Individualized Education Plan will be asked to reflect on their child’s current (Term 1) IEP goals and components as we begin the process of developing Term Two IEPs. Classroom teachers will be sending home a form (Term 2 IEP Review) to parents inviting input and feedback as we review all IEPs. Please complete, sign, and return the form by Wednesday, January 15, 2020 so that we as a school staff can work together to ensure that your child’s learning needs are being fully met. 

Please continue to keep the school informed of any assessments or health related information documentation so that we are always  up to date. 

In the coming weeks, I will begin to assess the needs of our Early Years Readers. Over the past few years, Holy Family School has been lucky enough to offer the Strong Start Reading Program. This is a volunteer-run reading program. If you, or someone you know, are interested in volunteering a few hours a week to help a young reader advance, please contact me at the school or by email (  and I will give you more details. Feel free to visit as well. More information about this fabulous program will be shared in February.

Let’s continue to work together to make 2020 a successful year for everyone!


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