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Reminder to Parents of SK Grads & Grade 8 Grads re: Grad Photos

Parents of SK Grads & Grade 8 Grads:  If your child HAS NOT had their Grad Photo taken … please see the following important information:

It’s Graduation Time!!!

Sorry we missed you!

Picture day for students who were absent on Grad picture taking day will be on

Thursday, Feb 13/ 2020 at our Kitchener office.

Please call Lifetouch at (519)-744-1146 ext. 2 and book your appointment today (if you have not already done so)

to have your graduation photo taken at our Kitchener studio on Feb 13/2020

and your picture will still be included on the Grade 8 graduation composite.

* Please note that photos taken after this date will not be added to the

Grade 8 Grad class composite, as it will already be in production * No Exceptions*.

LAST CHANCE – don’t delay!



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Parents … please remember to include your child(ren)’s homeroom when ordering hot lunches from Lunchbox Orders!!!  It is very important to include all information so your child(ren)’s lunch is directed to the correct homeroom.  Thank you!!!

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Paul Davis – Internet Safety Parent Presentation Night – Feb 19th

Please join us Wednesday February 19th for this amazing opportunity to hear Paul Davis speak on internet safety & social networking.  All parents/guardians welcome. There is no cost for the event.  To help council prepare refreshments & child care, please return the RSVP as soon as possible. For additional questions, please email Shannon @

Feb 19th – Daytime – Paul speaks to students Grade 1 – 8

6pm – Adult Social

6:15pm – Child care drop off (no charge)

6:30 -8pm  – Paul’s talk

*Paul’s talk is guaranteed to leave you with valuable information for yourself and the safe future of our kids! Check out the link:

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Shrove Tuesday – Pancake breakfast – Volunteers


Pancake Makers, Flippers and Servers Wanted

February 25th is Shrove Tuesday and our pancake breakfast tradition will continue again this year.  In keeping with the tradition, I would welcome the fathers, uncles, grandfathers or significant adults in our students lives to come volunteer to flip and serve pancakes.  We begin set up and start cooking at 8:15 am and finish around 9:45 am.  Any amount of time you can give is appreciate.  If you would like to volunteer please contact Amanda Eagle at



Vic Longo – Principal


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Monthly Messages from the classroom



Vic Longo – Principal

February is upon us and it seems that spring might be contemplating an early arrival. The second term is as full and exciting as the first.  Please follow us on twitter and the school website to see the events, activities and learning the students are engaged in.

We are currently experiencing unsettled times in our provincial education system. In consideration of our students, we are continuing a “business as usual” approach to maintain quality classroom learning and a positive school environment. I would like to acknowledge the staff and especially the teachers for their dedication and professionalism to ensure our students’ educational experience is not compromised or negatively impacted.

Report Cards will go home on February 13th. You will notice that only grades are provided, you may wish to contact your child(rens’) teacher to discuss results. Report card information is one part of monitoring and reflecting on student achievement. At the beginning of each year, the staff develop school improvement goals to address student academic needs across all grades. Our three main goals are; clarity in written communication, using facts and personal knowledge to support ideas and opinions and increasing operational sense to solve real world math problems. Research supports that student achievement is positively impacted when parents discuss and review their child’s schoolwork. I would encourage you to keep these three goals in mind as you review your child’s work throughout the year.

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-2021 school year has begun. By the number of new registrations that we have received, we anticipate a growth in our student population. This is a testament to the positive reputation the school and school community has established over the years.

I would like to draw your attention to a few events and activities which will be occurring in February.  On Feb. 19th Paul Davis; Internet safety expert, is giving presentations to students during the day and parents at night.  February 25th is Shrove Tuesday, we will be having our Pancake Tuesday breakfast!  Lent begins on Wednesday, February 26th.   We will be having a Ash Wednesday mass starting at 9:30 am.  Please join us.


Early Years

Ms. Esbaugh and Mrs. Lichti

Hi everyone! We made it to February! In January, we celebrated “Love Your Pets” week and PJ Day! In February we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, having our special 100th Day party, and having cra y hat/hair day! It’s going to be awesome! In Math, we have been focused on sorting (by size, colour, shape, et cetera), and are now going to be talking about graphing! In Language, we continue to focus on one letter and two sight words a week, as well as writing in our journals. We spent a great deal of time this month learning about what animals do in winter, particularly hibernating, migrating, and adapting. Please continue to check Google Classroom and Zippy Bags for important notes. Thank you!

Mrs. Roth & Mrs. Benbow

Hello from Room 7 – January has come and gone in the blink of an eye!  After taking some time to get back into our routines and do some review, we have jumped into plenty of new learning!  We have moved from 2D shapes to 3D shapes, and have discovered that 3D shapes are all around us!  Challenge your son or daughter to try and find something in your house that is a cylinder, sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, and rectangular prism.  We will be giving plenty of opportunities to explore data collection, making tallies, developing our own questions for our peers, and graphing our results.  Our students have also shared interest in space, so we plan to provide some opportunities to learn about this more in the near future!  At home, continue to practice your child’s letter names and their corresponding sounds, and/or sight words if they are at that stage.  We will be sending home a list with their progress shortly, so you are aware of what you should be practicing with them!


Ms. McClory, Ms. Simpson, Grimberg

In Math, we co-constructed a 3D Shape Museum in our classroom. We are often found exploring and investigating the 3D shapes in our museum. We sorted them by shape name and continue to add new shapes daily. After a great idea by a friend, we have decided to renovate our Dramatic Play Centre into an Ice Cream Shop. We will explore money and how money is used while we use imaginative play in our Ice Cream Shop. In Language, after reading a book, we are learning about retells. In writing, we are learning how to use the room to add writing to our journals and pictures. We are practicing how to Read the Room and to visit our word wall to help us find the words we would like to use. In Science, we are continuing to investigate and explore snow. We have learned that no two snowflakes are alike, thanks to the research by Wilson Bently. We are also learning to ask “I Wonder” questions about things are we curious about. We are learning how to use PebbleGo to research our wonderings about animals in winter.




Ms. Gentile

February already!! We have been learning about John the Baptist and baptism in general, as the first sacrament in our Catholic faith. Please remember the meetings for First Communion and First Reconciliation, which are taking place at the church. In Language we are working on various reading and comprehension strategies, as well as how punctuation can help you decipher a text and unknown words (e.g., the use of quotation marks changes how you read a line of text). We are beginning to write persuasive texts, and eventually will be writing a letter convincing someone to allow us to do something! In math we are currently working on identifying coins and their value, as well as adding money amounts. Please take time to allow your children to play with coins at home. We are in the midst of a science unit on simple machines, learning about how machines help us and how they are all around us.

February will be a month of celebrations in our class with 5 birthdays, the 100th day of school and Valentine’s day. Please continue to check the agenda daily to keep up to date on our events!

Mrs. Gruber

Happy February!  Let’s hope that the Groundhog was right and an early spring is on the way!  It is hard to believe that we are more than half way through the school year.  Time flies when we are having fun!  Speaking of fun….we are very excited for our Scientists in Schools visit this week.  We will be learning about Simple Machines.  Although the class has already started this unit, the bulk of their learning will occur during this workshop when they get to experience all kinds of “hands on” activities.  After the workshop, the students will have a small quiz about what they learned.  The class will also have a math quiz sometime within the next couple of weeks about their Geometry unit in Math.  We have finished studying 2-d shapes and have started 3-d shapes this week.  In addition to the “math learning”, shapes names will be the focus of our Spelling test this month.  The test will be on Tuesday, March 3rd to allow enough time for them to study all 10 words.  A mini-book that includes the shape names was sent home this week for the students to use to help them study.  Here is the list just in case:  circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, triangle, cube, pyramid, prism and sphere.  In Literacy, we are learning about the Elements of a Narrative by exploring some Flat Stanley books.  I have read the first Flat Stanley book to the class and shown them a sample “Paperbag Book Report” that involved the elements of a narrative (character, setting, plot – problem/solution) and now they are being challenging to create their own paperbag book report about the book Invisible Stanley which I am reading aloud to them.  Our Literacy learning also continues to involve regular participation in Literacy Centres and a combination of full class, small group, and independent learning activities.  Recently the students have been working with a partner to create a Persuasive piece of writing.  They chose a topic and found a partner that had the opposite point of view about the topic.  They have each created a page for a Big Book that will be added to our Library collection so other classes can use it.  In Religion and Family Life, we have wrapped up our Family Life unit and have returned to our Religion program “Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ”.  We are getting to know the prayer:  Glory Be to the Father and are also learning about the Apostles Creed.  Please ask your child to practice the Glory Be when participating in prayer at home.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!


Mrs. Schlotzhauer

Happy February!

Our class thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Crawford Lake last month. The weather was good and we were able to see how some of Canada’s aboriginal ancestors lived first hand. Please ask your child about the Snake in the Snow game they learned to play while we were there.

Taking a closer look at this month, we are finishing up with discussions on the signs, symbols and titles of the Holy Spirit in Religion and family changes in Family Life. We are continuing with our novel studies in Literacy with a focus on summarizing, character traits and a book review. The grade 3’s will also be selecting a poem from one of our class or library poetry books and will be asked to make a collage showing the mood or feeling that is conveyed. If possible, can you please send in magazines, newspapers or other print materials for this activity. In math we are continuing with multiplication & division and multi-step problem solving. We are going to take a break from our unit on Communities in Canada and finish with a quiz on Feb. 3rd. All students  will take home their work for review. Please remember to return their duotangs (other loose papers do not need to be returned). We have begun a new unit in science on Forces and Movement. Students will have opportunities to explore buoyancy, electrostatic, frictional, muscular, magnetic, and gravitational forces. In Visual Art, we are finally finishing up with ‘A Crowded Scene’, drawing near and far figures using size, location and overlapping techniques. Next we will be using elements of design to create a Canadian landscape with a fore, middle and background. Lastly on Valentine’s Day we do some related activities in class as well as celebrate from our Dance-a-Thon with a movie. Students will be allowed to chew gum, wear PJ’s, share some snacks and have some electronic time. They may bring in a device from home this day with your permission or use a chrome book from school.

Please check the calendar for other important events happening this month.


Ms. Cater’s

Welcome to February!

The grade 8 students are finishing up their Confederation History Unit with a final “Instagram” assignment that seems to be coming along very well and I am pleased with the progress so far.  The students will have a final quiz on Monday February 10th.  We will then be moving on to our next Science unit “Fluids” and have Scientists in the Schools coming in at the end of the month to do some fun experiments around this topic.

In Math, we have begun a new measurement unit based around circles and cylinders.  This week our focus is mastering circumference and area formulas for circles.

During the month of February we celebrate “Black History Month,” so we will spend some time focusing on issues of discrimination and segregation over the next few weeks.  Students have also been assigned an independent book report based on this theme that is not due until March 23rd!  Our reading strategy focus will be inferring and we are going to begin a class read aloud “And Then There Were None.”

During this time I am working on calculating marks for report cards, so those students that have incomplete work or work not yet handed in should be finishing it ASAP!  We are also continuing to talk about high school registration and will be going online to do Resurrection course selections soon.

If students would like to bring in Valentine’s for their peers, please allow them to do so.  However, they must bring in some for the ENTIRE class, not just their friends.

On February 26th we will be celebrating both Ash Wednesday and “Pink Shirt Day” to stand up against bullying.

Planning Time

News from the desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Dear Family,

The month of February may be a short one, but it is a busy one, nonetheless.  Be sure to take time to enjoy it with loved ones.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, the children will play Noodle hockey.  This will be the first organized team game they play in the gym as a class.  As with all team games we will play, there will be an emphasis on good sportsmanship, etiquette and working together as a team.  This month we will continue to demonstrate hand-eye coordination in movement by hitting moving targets.  We will practice this skill while children rotate through various related stations. In Healthy Living, the children will be learning about another component to maintain a healthy body.  We will discuss the importance of healthy eating.  The children will learn about the importance of eating a variety of foods.

The Arts

The children will continue to use their facial expressions and bodies to portray different scenarios and character feelings.  They will develop short movement phrases inspired by winter activities (e.g., building a snowman) and even work on delivering simple lines during small group performances.  Through singing simple songs related to winter and Valentine’s Day,  the children will review beat and the element of dynamics (i.e., loud and soft) in music; explore the music element of rhythm while playing instruments; continue to practice simple notation while playing rhythm games and explore the element of tempo (i.e., fast and slow).


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, the children will evaluate themselves based on the degree of exertion they believe to have displayed during our gym period.  The focus for this month will be hitting, sending and receiving objects (e.g., balls, birdies, balloons) with different types of equipment.  We will discuss the components of different activities and the basic rules and boundaries of the games they participate in.  In Healthy Living, the children will be learning about the importance of healthy eating in order to maintain a healthy body.  They will be learning about the changes made to Canada’s Food Guide.

The Arts

This month, through song and creating and presenting musical experiences, the children will review the element of dynamics (loud and soft);  learn about the element of pitch (i.e., high and low sounds) and tempo in music (i.e., fast and slow).  These concepts will be reinforced by rotating through fun and engaging stations.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education, the students will continue to monitor and achieve the fitness goals they have set for themselves.  This month, our focus will be on hitting, sending and receiving smaller objects.  We will be spending time playing badminton and engaging in games that will help with these skills.  In Healthy Living, we have finished up our Addictions unit.  Please sign and return rubrics to school.  Our next unit will be Healthy Eating where our focus will be on learning about differences between local vs imported foods; looking at origins of food and how certain foods can affect the environment.

The Arts

The students will be presenting their funny fairy tales and reflecting on their performances and offering critique to other groups as well. The students will also engage in music stations to continue to learn about tempo and pitch and review all the elements of music.


Mme Paquette

I can’t believe January is over already. Did anyone else think it passed by in a blind of an eye? Even though assignments are finished, and tests are done, report cards are still on everyone’s mind. The French report cards are almost finished.  

Some classes have already started new DJ DELF units. The new unit songs are catchy and a great deal of fun to learn. 

We are also working on the French culture unit.

 Grade 4 – French speaking communities in Ontario (northern Ontario)

Grade 5 – French speaking communities in Québec

Grade 6 – French speaking communities in eastern, western, northern Canada (New Brunswick)

Grade 7 – French speaking communities in the Americas outside of Canada (New Orleans)

Grade 8 – French speaking communities in Europe



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PURPOSE – February Umbrella Project Skill


This month we are going to working with students to learn about purpose and their meaningful contribution to the world. As we always say at the Umbrella Project, all of the skills are important and work best together! The happiest kids are able to understand their own needs and their contribution to the bigger world around them. 


Living with purpose is a skill and takes practice!  Purpose is:

  • The reason why we do what we do
  • The core set of values we live by
  • The desire to achieve something that is important to you or to make a difference
  • The goals we set for ourselves
  • The feeling of being determined to achieve or do something
  • The meaning in our lives

    Purpose is the feeling that the things we do and the choices we make have meaning and make a difference.  It makes us feel happier and more confident and gives us a set of guiding principles that help us make decisions.  When we understand our purpose it can be easier to make decisions and overcome challenges.   It is easier for us to keep going when things get difficult because we understand the bigger picture of our lives and we are less likely to get caught up in the trivial details. Having a sense of purpose is so important that it can actually help us live longer.


  1. Helps us live longer
  2. Keeps us motivated to achieve our goals
  3. Helps us overcome challenges that are in our way
  4. Boosts our happiness
  5. Helps us feel more concerned/empathetic for others
  6. Improves our self-confidence



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