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Parent Letter COVID -19

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is working in collaboration with Public Health and others, to ensure safe and healthy learning environments for our staff and students.

Please read the letter from our Director below.

Parent Letter COVID19 March 04 2020

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School Closed Thursday March 5th – Labour Strike Action – EXTENDED DAY OPEN

Extended Day Programs

Thursday March 5

As a result of a one-day strike day scheduled for

Thursday March 5

classes at WCDSB schools will be cancelled 

Please note:

WCDSB operated Extended Day Programs

WILL continue to operate on

Thursday March 5 

Any student registered for Thursday March 5

can attend (similar to a PA Day)


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KINDNESS – March Umbrella Project Skill


umbrella project


Kindness is a skill and takes practice! Kindness is:

  • The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate
  • The act of showing someone you care
  • Demonstrating goodwill towards something or someone
  • Performing acts of a good and caring nature



Doing good is not only beneficial for the person on the receiving end and those who witness the

kind action, but also for the givers of kindness. When we are kind and intentionally perform acts

of kindness we get a boost in our own wellbeing and happiness. It feels good to help others and

it helps us focus on the positive things in our lives. It’s win-win!



  1. Kindness reduces our stress levels and makes us feel better about ourselves
  2. Kindness helps us think less negative thoughts and focus on the positives instead
  3. Kindness is contagious – one act of kindness can lead to many
  4. Being kind decreases the chance that we will bully others
  5. Regular kindness makes us more liked by our peers and more accepting of others
  6. Being kind boosts our happiness
  7. Being kind increases our number of friends
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