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Changing Learning Platforms at Holy Family Reminder

Good Afternoon Guardian Nation

The window to change your child(ren) from Online Learning to Face to Face Learning, or visa versa, opens up on Thursday, September 24th at 9:00 AM and closes on Monday, September 28th at 6:00 PM. If you are looking at changing, your request must be submitted to the portal on the WCDSB website during this time. Any request made outside of this window will not be granted. You can access the link to more information by clicking on the Switching Learning Environments. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES

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Transition Window for Changing Learning Modality

Good Afternoon Guardian Nation

The window to change your child(ren) from Online Learning to Face to Face Learning, or visa versa, opens up on Thursday, September 24th at 9:00 AM and closes on Monday, September 28th at 6:00 PM. If you are looking at changing, your request must be submitted to the portal on the WCDSB website during this time. Any request made outside of this window will not be granted. You can access the link to more information by clicking on the Switching Learning Environments. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES

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Holy Family Recess Phase 2 Announcement

Good afternoon Guardian Nation

We are almost at the end of our first full week with all of our students here. The week has gone by and all are doing a good job at following the new expectations and processes that have been put in place. We are not perfect, yet, but we keep making strides forward. Great job Guardians!

Please be advised that beginning on Monday, September 21st, we will be entering Recess Phase 2.  What this means is that students can bring a piece of individual equipment from home for use in our school yard (e.g., skipping rope, basketball or soccer ball).  There are restrictions around use of equipment:

A soccer ball may be kicked back and forth between students within the same cohort, but no hands may be used and no soccer games can be played at this time (hoping we can move to this next). Students must still maintain physical distancing while playing.

A basketball may be used by individual students– one ball per student with two students per hoop.

This equipment must be stored in a bag from home, possibly a backpack. Students will have to sanitize their hands when they go outside and when they return to the classroom, as well as the equipment must be sanitized after recess so that it is ready for the next use.

We will monitor the use of this equipment to make sure that students are abiding by these expectations. Any misuse will lead to possibly banning the equipment again.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the school.


Have a great weekend!

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES

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Holy Family End of Day Change

Dear Parents,

I hope that the beginning of the school year has been a smooth one for you as we welcomed all our students back to Holy Family. Over the last week, we have been working through many new things here at Holy Family, and I am writing to you to inform you of a change for our Grade 1 students and Mrs. Gentile’s Grade 2 class. Many parents have decided to drop off and pick up their children this year instead of sending them on the bus. This has created a significant increase in the number of cars on Hunter Street at the end of the day. In order to help alleviate this, the Grade 1s in Mrs. Shouftas’ and Mrs. Sike’s classes, and Mrs. Gentile’s Grade 2s, will be exiting out of the front of the school at the Huron Street Entrance (the old front of the school). We ask that parents picking these students up go to this area to meet them. This area has parking on Milton Street for these parents, as well as a crossing guard that can be used to get across Huron Street. We are hoping that this will help redistribute some of the traffic and allow for a safer end of day for all. If there are siblings in other grades, they can use the sidewalk to walk around to this side of the school to meet their parents/siblings. There will be teachers out there dismissing them and helping to organize the students as they utilize this new exit at the end of the day. This change will take place as of Monday, September 21st, 2020. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in implementing this change. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES

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Split Grade Information

Good Evening Guardian Nation


Hope all is well. Our first day was a resounding success as our Grade 1s and 2s returned to school. We are eagerly anticipating the rest of our students this week, starting with SK students, and Grade 3s and 4s tomorrow. Due to the reorganization that happened with our classes, most junior and intermediate classes are now splits. Split grade classes are often misunderstood, as many believe that the subject matter taught to both grades is the same. This is not true. Teachers are responsible for meeting the curriculum guidelines for each grade in their split to make sure that the proper material is being covered for both. I have attached a document that explains Split Grade classes to this posting. Please click on the link below to access it.

Split Grade Pamphlet

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES


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Welcome Back Letter from the WCDSB Director

Good Afternoon Guardian Nation!

What an amazing first day with our Grade 1s and 2s today, as well as our JK classroom visits! It was a great day! We cannot wait to see the rest of our students as they continue to join us over the next couple of days. The staff definitely feel the excitement building!


Please see the link below for a Welcome Back Letter from our Director, Loretta Notten.

Welcome Back Letter Sept 8th 2020 (003)


Wishing everyone a fantastic night!

Mr. R. Setler
Holy Family CES

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Chromebook Returns

Good Evening Guardian Nation,


We hope all is well on the last weekend of Summer Vacation! We hope that you get some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation so that you are ready to come back to Holy Family next week! We are very excited to have you back and we cannot wait to see everyone in the school. Staff have been eagerly anticipating your arrival and have been preparing everything for you. Just a quick note: if you borrowed a Chromebook last spring for your distance learning but are now coming back to conventional school, please bring the Chromebook back with you on your first day. Mrs. Hehn needs to check it back into the Learning Commons so we have record of it coming back.


Thanks and have a restful, Labour Day Weekend!


Mr. Richard Setler
Holy Family CES

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Sick Student Protocol

September 3, 2020

RE: What will you do when there is a sick child at school?


Dear Parents/Guardians;


I wanted to share with you in a very clear and concise manner, the process we have in place for children who are at school and develop symptoms or who let us know that they are not feeling well.

  1. The classroom teacher will contact the office and the student will come down.
  2. A staff member from the office will escort the student to our isolation room where we will discuss how they are feeling and gain insight as to what their symptoms might be.
  3. The student’s temperature will be taken with our contactless thermometer.
  4. If they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (which in some cases can mirror other illnesses), we will be contacting parents to come and pick up the child immediately.
    • Parents, please have a “Plan A” and a “Plan B” in place in case your child needs to be picked up during the day.
  1. When you come to pick up your child, we will be speaking to you about the symptoms that we see and we will in most cases encourage you to take them for a COVID-19 test. You also have the option of, and we will encourage you to, take them to a Health Care Professional (e.g. family doctor, nurse practitioner, walk-in clinic, etc.)


Once you have a Health Care Professional examine your child and determine that it is NOT COVID related, the child may return to school 24 hours after the symptoms subside.  Please note that this would likely not be the next day of school.

If the Health Care Professional determines that it is in fact COVID-19, you need to let the school know immediately.  We will take the necessary steps to contact public health and work to inform the others necessary, so that they can go get tested as well.

If you choose to not seek the advice of a Health Care Professional, we would ask that you have them self-isolate for 14 days to ensure that no additional symptoms emerge.  They are more than welcome to return to school after that time.

This is the process that we will follow in an effort to keep everyone at Holy Family and in our greater community, safe and healthy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Your Partner in Catholic Education,


Richard Setler, Principal

Holy Family Catholic Elementary School
313 Huron Street, New Hamburg, Ontario



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Important School Information!

Good Afternoon Guardians!

Today’s second update will include a few items regarding class lists, visiting the school, COVID self-assessments (for parents and students), masks, and physical education classes.

Class Lists:

As previously shared, you will receive a welcome email via School Cash Online this week that will indicate where your child will begin his/her first day back next week, along with the schedule of the staggered start.

Please note that class organization has been based on the Return to School Survey, and that bus schedules, seating plans on the bus, classroom allocations for schools, classroom setups, and remote teachers were all modified to reflect the data of students returning and students learning remotely.  As these numbers continue to level out over the first 4 weeks of school, the WCDSB may combine classrooms or close classrooms, or direct schools to redistribute students.  Therefore, although we will do our best to maintain consistent routines, classes may be reorganized at least into the month of September.  Luckily, we are a small school and a close-knit community where all the staff knows all students and we will endeavour to make any changes as seamless as possible.


  • Parents are valued members of our school communities but given the many increased steps that are being taken to minimize contacts in our school buildings, parents should refrain from entering the school unless they have prior approval to do so.
  • Parents who have worked traditionally as volunteers will find those roles reduced, again to minimize the number of contacts in our school buildings.
  • CSAC, CPIC, and SEAC meetings will continue to occur but, in many cases, those meetings will be virtual for the time being, unless otherwise stated.
  • All parents who do have permission to enter the building should always be masked and must follow all protocols regarding physical distancing and hand hygiene.
  • All parents who enter a school building must have completed the self-assessment checklist before entering the school building.
  • Parents and guardians are asked to ensure that any child in their care completes the self-assessment checklist before sending them to school.


  • All students (or guardians on their behalf) will be asked to engage in a daily self-assessment before reporting to school and anyone feeling unwell or identifying a concern based on their self-assessment should not report to school.
  • Students may return to school 24 hours AFTER having any illness symptoms, including cold, cough, stomachache, etc.  If your child feels unwell in the morning – keep him/her home.
  • All students in grades kindergarten to 12 are also required to wear masks. Please ensure these are school appropriate and labeled for your child!
  • Students will be wearing masks to and from recess but will have a mask break outside.  Therefore, sending multiple masks is essential in case they are lost or dirty!
  • Each elementary student will be provided with a learning kit/bag. This bag will contain basic school supplies and the contents will be standardized based on grade level.

Physical Education and How to Dress Each Day:

  • Teachers will be encouraging a lot of outdoor learning and daily physical exercise.  Being outside will give our kids a break from their masks (physical distanced) and allow the opportunity to move and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Physical Education classes will take place outside wherever possible.
  • Students should come to school expecting to participate in physical activity every day both inside and outside.  Appropriate clothing at school is always required (e.g., running shoes, clothing for colder weather, etc…)
  • We will endeavour to have students outside for all three recess – even in the colder and wetter weather.  Please ensure your child has the clothes he/she needs to be outside.  There will not be any room in the school that we may keep kids distanced for students not dressed properly for outside weather.
  • Students may not bring items to school to play with at recess times.  We will be teaching our kids many activities and games that are “equipmentless” and contactless.  Please refer to the Operational Guidelines on the Board website for more information.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with the many new items that we are working through.  It may be very busy Guardians, but “We Got This!”


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Good Afternoon Holy Family Community

My name is Richard Setler and I am very proud to be the new principal at Holy Family. This is my 5th year with Waterloo Catholic in administration and my first as principal. I am very excited at the prospect of seeing all our students back at school in the next little while. Staff have been working very hard to ensure that we can provide the safest environment possible for all our students and staff. We will be sending more information to you starting this week and we ask that you read it carefully.  Please know that as things change, we will attempt to provide you with the most updated information that we have. We remind you to check the FAQ section of the Waterloo Catholic DSB website. When processes change the direction comes from the school board not the individual school.

Preparing for school:  Please DO NOT go out to purchase school supplies.  We will have individual kits coming to Holy Family for each student in addition to the regular supplies that we order each year.  If you are getting something to bring to school, please purchase a good pair of indoor shoes and a mask.  The rest of the materials will be specific to the classroom your child is in and we do not want anyone spending their hard-earned money on supplies that will not be used. You may want to consider purchasing a Chromebook for your student to bring to school for their personal use.

Remote Learning:  Some students from Holy Family have selected to engage in remote learning.  Please know this is NOT associated with our school specifically, but instead with Waterloo Catholic DSB. Remote learning will commence on September 14, 2020, for all students who have been signed up for this method of learning.  If you have chosen remote learning, you will be contacted by the administrative team from St. Isidore, our virtual school, to inform you of your child’s teacher.  Please know that you can choose to learn remotely or return to school at various times throughout the year.  The board identified transition dates are listed below. Please note these dates are not negotiable and they are set by Waterloo Catholic DSB, not by us at Holy Family CES.

Transition Dates:

We previously published that changes could be made from virtual learning to face to face learning (or vice versa) at 4-week intervals. The deeper we have gone into the planning and with the number of students to schedule in our virtual school, we have had to make an adjustment. To that end:

In Elementary School:  families/students may transition after the first 4 weeks of instruction (Thanksgiving – accounting for the staggered start), but after that it will be only at Progress Reports in November and first Report Card in January.

Processes at school to keep your children safe:

We continue to look at many processes to keep your children as safe as possible.  We will continue to follow the advice from Public Health and follow the big 3:

Social Distancing:

We will be keeping our students as far apart as possible from each other, but also requiring masks be worn. Our goal in the classroom and throughout the school is 1 meter and a mask.  When the students are outside, we are asking students to remain 2 meters from each other, and masks are not mandatory outside.  Distance from others is extremely important.  Please speak to your children about keeping their distance and have them practice now. There are many practical examples in the community to help your child understand this abstract concept (e.g., hockey stick, pool noodle, 46 TimBits, etc.).

Hand Washing and Sanitizing:

We have sanitization stations in each classroom and throughout the school.  We are encouraging students and staff to wash hands frequently and sanitize often.  We also want to encourage students to be very aware of “touchpoints” throughout the day, and if they find they are touching a lot of surfaces, sanitize afterward. If you are considering purchasing hand sanitizer for your child to bring to school, please purchase unscented sanitizer for their use. This is optional as we have lots of sanitizer here that they can use.

Wearing Masks:

All students in JK-8 are required to wear a mask.  Please know this is an effort to keep everyone safe.  We would ask that you help us and acquire a mask for your children now and practice wearing it with them.  It takes some getting used to, but they WILL get used to it.  Students are to wear their mask at all times when they are in the building and cannot maintain safe social distance.  They will be provided breaks from their masks when they head outside.

All staff will be required to wear a mask when working with students.  We have received medical-grade masks for our teachers, and we will be wearing them to help keep your kids safe.  Although you cannot see our faces, we are all smiling under the mask!

Class Assignments: Who is my child’s teacher???

Class assignments are just being finalized at this point. You will be informed of your child’s classroom teacher via a School Cash Online email at the end of this week. Please stay tuned for more information.

Once again, please know that we are so excited to see all our students next week. Realizing this could be causing some stress and anxiety for some, we would encourage you to take a deep breath, know that we are here for you, and tell yourself this “We Got This!”

See you soon, Guardians!

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Holy Family CES


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