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Return to School Update: December 22

Good Morning Guardian Nation

I hope this message finds you well, rested and ready for Christmas. I am sure that some of the recent news coming from the Provincial Government has raised some questions for you. I have attached a letter from WCDSB Director, Loretta Notten, for you to read that may answer some of your questions. More information will surely be coming out in the not too distant future.

I would also like to take the time to wish everyone in the Holy Family School Community a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

School Building Closure Update to WCDSB Parents Dec 21st 20

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Proud Principal
Holy Family CES

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Christmas Update from WCDSB Director Loretta Notten

Good Evening Guardian Nation,

I hope this email finds you and your family well. As you can imagine, the school is abuzz with activity as we finish off the last days before our very well deserved Christmas Break. As I have been visiting the classes and walking around the school these last few days, I cannot help but notice the activity and anticipation that emanates from every classroom. All students are busy at work on Advent Art, Christmas Snow Globes and other holiday themed projects. The hum of the school feels good and is most welcome in these trying times. Thanks goes out to all staff, students and families for their continued efforts in making the most of our current situation. On this note, I am sharing with you a Christmas Message from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board Director, Loretta Notten. Please take the time to read through her letter as it contains some important updates.

Christmas Letter 2020

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at the school. It has been my pleasure to serve you and the entire Holy Family school community to this point, and I am very excited for what the coming months hold in store.

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Proud Principal
Holy Family CES

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We are Proud of You Mrs. Afonso!

Good Morning Guardian Nation

I hope this message finds you well! All of us that are part of the Holy Family School Community have been on an amazing roller coaster ride over the last 3 nights, as we watched our own Mrs. Afonso on Family Feud Canada. We worried and bit our nails as we watched, but we mostly cheered her and her family on as they did an AMAZING JOB! As always, all good things must come to an end, as they did for Mrs. Afonso last night. Regardless of last night’s outcome, we are all super proud of her and her family. All of you represented yourselves very well and should be proud of your efforts. Well Done!!!

Mrs. Afonso has received tremendous support from the school community during her time on Family Feud Canada, and she wanted to say Thank You to everyone in our Holy Family School Community. She writes:

Well, that’s a wrap! We managed to win Fast Money once, win the game twice and appear on three episodes and it was nerve wracking and exhilarating at the same time. A childhood dream of my sister’s and I come true. What I didn’t expect was how much love and enthusiasm we received and you all made my heart overflow. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Setler and the Holy Family staff for all their support this week.  Their enthusiasm was obvious through the announcements made, Newswires sent to families to watch and some classes even watched the episodes at school over lunch.  

Most of all, I want to thank all of you, the families and students.  I have been teaching at Holy Family for 15 years and have taught many of your children and have watched them grow up.  To see the school come together to watch my family on Family Feud Canada has made an already incredible experience, an unforgettable one.  Every morning the children gathered during my supervision to discuss the show and ask me, “Have you had your Greek Salad with Caesar dressing yet?”  or “Why didn’t you say, olives, Mrs. Afonso?”  or “I was going to bring you Caesar dressing this morning.” or “I love your dance Mrs. Afonso!” or “I know your real name now!” Thank you for all your love and support and even making me feel like a celebrity.  Also, thank you for the video clips and photos of your children cheering us on!  I will treasure them.

I hope I made you proud because I am certainly proud to be a teacher here at Holy Family!  I am sad that they didn’t show any of my family’s shout outs or my playing with my earring, but know this…I was thinking about all of you and hoping that when you watched, you shared some smiles, some laughs, some suspense and most importantly, some time together as a family.  Perhaps, even a new love for game shows, which by the way, some of the students had no idea what game shows were.  LOL

All my love,

Monica Afonso-Magolon
Hybrid Teacher
Holy Family

Thanks for the ride Mrs. Afonso! It was awesome and one that we will not forget!


Holy Family CES Staff and Community

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Mrs. Afonso Triumphs on Family Feud!

Good Morning Guardian Nation

I hope all are well on this beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning! As you may have heard, Mrs. Afonso was on Family Feud last night and her team was VICTORIOUS!!! Congratulations goes out to her and her family on their win. They will be defending their title tonight as they go for their second straight victory. The episode will air at 7:30 PM on CBC, or on CBC Gem. Please watch and cheer her on as she does Holy Family proud! As well, just a reminder that tonight is our Holy Family Pizza Night at Twice the Deal Pizza. Holy Family will receive a portion of the proceeds from tonight’s food sales between 4 and 8 pm. Getting a pizza and watching Mrs. Afonso crush the competition sounds like a great plan for tonight!!!!






Good Luck Mrs. Afonso!

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Richard Setler
Proud Principal
Holy Family CES

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Buses Cancelled: Schools are Closed Today

Good Morning Guardians!

  • Due to the current weather conditions ALL SCHOOL BUSES, TAXIS AND SPECIAL EDUCATION ROUTES are cancelled.
  • All schools and sites are CLOSED and it will be a Remote Learning Day.
  • Students will be provided with asynchronous student work by 10 am, as each classroom teacher has a Google Classroom site.
  • Normal bell times will be followed to allow students to contact their teacher through the LMS or email.
  • All Extended Day Childcare Programs are CLOSED.
  • All programs and services offered by St. Louis Continuing Education and Adult and Learning Centre are cancelled.

Please help us to ensure that your child logs on to their Google Classroom site as there either is work or will be by 10:00 am.  Make sure to find some time to get outside and enjoy the snow!  Happy December 1, Guardians!

December 1st, 2020|News
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