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Community Event: Kidpreneur Market – November 27

Kidpreneur Market – Featuring local child-run businesses. 

Monday, November 27, 7:00 – 8:30 pm 

Baden Public School

Cash Only

Enjoy an evening of holiday shopping while supporting local kids!

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

The New Hamburg Firebirds are once again asking for your help and continued support for their annual Thanksgiving  Food Drive.

Since its inception The New Hamburg Firebirds Thanksgiving game night, along with the students and their schools participating in the Shopping Cart Challenge we have been able to collect over 28,500 lbs of non- perishable food to put on the shelves of the Wilmot Family Resource Centre

After being very restricted for a couple of years as to what we were able to do, Last year we were back in full force and by the end of the food drive 8,530 lbs of food donations and over $3,000.00 in monetary donations were collected. The New Hamburg Firebirds Thanksgiving Food Drive’s huge success only becomes reality because of the phenomenal help of people in a community that just continues to give.

Unfortunately this year is no different than past years…, the fact is we are in great need of your help and support more than ever. New Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation for its welcoming attitude and kindness. While we don’t know what changes and challenges lie in the future, we do know that we are resilient, and we can adapt to what ever comes next and continue to learn from the past. One of the things that make New Hamburg such a great place to live is the way residents come together to assist , and support each other if the need presents itself. I see this evidence in every part of the community,  especially this time of year.

The New Hamburg Firebirds always strive to do their best in giving back to the community and this is why we truly need you to be part of our team to help us help the Wilmot Family Resource Centre.

Please give whatever you can and we hope to see everyone at the Thanksgiving Friday Night Game on October 6.


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Friday, September 29th is Orange Shirt Day in honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange shirts on Friday!

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Community Event: The Story of Canairelief

The Princess Cinemas in Waterloo will be premiering a documentary produced and directed by a local Nigerian artist and academic.

OPERATION LIGHTS OUT chronicles a forgotten story in Canadian history and the role played by unacknowledged Canadians in saving over one million lives during the Nigerian Civil War often referred to as the “Biafran War.”

For more information:

This event will feature the cinema premiere of the documentary “Operation Lights Out: The Story of Canairelief” followed by a conversation and Q&A with the film’s Director. The cinematic premiere of the film at Princess Cinemas in Waterloo with 2 dates as follows:

Sunday, October 1, 2023:  2:00 pm
Wednesday, October 4, 2023:  7:00 pm

There is some violence depicted and many references to war and violence, so this film would be be appropriate for older viewers – i.e. secondary school students, and parents.

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A Great Terry Fox School Run – $3000 Raised!

With beautiful weather, energetic students, and a generous group of volunteers to keep our route safe, we enjoyed a wonderful Terry Fox School Run today!

On the fundraising side, we have now reached our goal of $3000 raised for the Terry Fox Foundation! Thank you for your generosity and support!

If you haven’t had a chance to donate, our school fundraising page will remain open this week at:

Thank you to all of our teachers, students, volunteers, and families who have helped create a successful day at school and a successful fundraising campaign!


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Terry Fox School Run 2023

This year’s Terry Fox School Run will take place on Friday, September 22.

Click here for more information.

Our school has raised over $50 000 for cancer research to date, and this year’s goal is to raise $3000.

You can donate directly to our campaign by using this link to the Terry Fox Foundation website:

Thank you for your support as we keep Terry’s dream alive!

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Family Fun Night – June 22

Holy Family’s annual Family Fun Night featuring food, games, crafts, and a staff dunk tank will take place on Thursday, June 22. Mark your calendars and look for more details via email soon!

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Spaghetti Dinner for Father Jonathan Reitzal

The following message is shared on behalf of the Holy Family Parish Council of Catholic Men:

It is with great pride that we congratulate Jonathan Paul Reitzel on his ordination to the priesthood on Saturday, May 6th.

For the past 25 years, he has been a member of Holy Family Paris. Jonathan has spent the past 9 years in seminary preparing for this goal.

His life will be to serve and love our lord Jesus Christ as well as shepherd the people of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Council of Catholic Men, on behalf of the parish, would like to congratulate Father Jonathan. He is the fist member of Holy Family Parish to enter the pristhood. He has not done this without the guidance and prayers of his family and from the parish.

He has had thee great uncles enter the priesthood as well as 2 great aunts who were nuns.

There is great love and pride that Jonathan will continue with this tradition.

God be with you Jonathan.

On Thursday, May 18 we will sponsor a spaghetti dinner in his honour. 

The simple menu will be spaghetti with either meat or tomato sauce, garlic bread, ceasar salad, and coffee, tea, or punch.

The cost is $12.00 adults, $7.00 children under 16, $35 family (2 adults and all children under 16).

There will be 2 sittings at 5:30 pm (100 people), and 7:30 pm (100 people).

We will also offer take-out for pickup at 5 pm or 7 pm.

We will do limited delivery in New Hamburg only.

Reservations are required.

All proceeds will be given to Jonathan.

If you are unable to attend and wish to support him, donations will be accepted.

Fr. Jonathan will be present that day so you can visit with him.

For tickets:

    1. They will be available at the main entrance of the church. Payment by cash or cheque.
    2. Call Pat at 519-242-4763
    3. Email Pat at – etransfer will be available.

Orders must be placed by May 14.

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