Thanksgiving Food Drive

The New Hamburg Firebirds are once again asking for your help and continued support for their annual Thanksgiving  Food Drive.

Since its inception The New Hamburg Firebirds Thanksgiving game night, along with the students and their schools participating in the Shopping Cart Challenge we have been able to collect over 28,500 lbs of non- perishable food to put on the shelves of the Wilmot Family Resource Centre

After being very restricted for a couple of years as to what we were able to do, Last year we were back in full force and by the end of the food drive 8,530 lbs of food donations and over $3,000.00 in monetary donations were collected. The New Hamburg Firebirds Thanksgiving Food Drive’s huge success only becomes reality because of the phenomenal help of people in a community that just continues to give.

Unfortunately this year is no different than past years…, the fact is we are in great need of your help and support more than ever. New Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation for its welcoming attitude and kindness. While we don’t know what changes and challenges lie in the future, we do know that we are resilient, and we can adapt to what ever comes next and continue to learn from the past. One of the things that make New Hamburg such a great place to live is the way residents come together to assist , and support each other if the need presents itself. I see this evidence in every part of the community,  especially this time of year.

The New Hamburg Firebirds always strive to do their best in giving back to the community and this is why we truly need you to be part of our team to help us help the Wilmot Family Resource Centre.

Please give whatever you can and we hope to see everyone at the Thanksgiving Friday Night Game on October 6.