Early Years

FDK Ms. Jardine, Mrs. Simpson and Miss Floto

In Math, we have been learning about surveys and graphs. We put ourselves into groups and came up with 4 possible names for our chick. As a group, we went to another classroom and conducted a survey. With our results, we made a graph. We shared our results with the class and introduced the name of our chick! In Science, we have been learning about life cycles. We showed an interest in birds and learned about them through research. We had 8 baby chicks in our classroom and we watched them as they grew. We will also be exploring the life cycles of plants as well as caterpillars. We will be growing our own plants! We will also have a habitat in our classroom with five caterpillars and are excited to observe how they will change into butterflies. In Language, we have been learning new literacy games. Two of our favourites are Sparkle and I Spy a Word on the Word Wall (with this many letters). These games help to increase our sight words fluency as well as letter recognition. Ask your child about these games and you can play together!

Summer Birthday Celebration:

We will have a birthday celebration for our friends that will be celebrating birthdays during the summer months on Monday, June 24th. If you would like to bring in a treat for the class to share, you are more than welcome to. Weather depending, we will visit Scott Park for some fun in the sun.


Mrs. Sike

Dear Families,

The month of June is always a bittersweet month. While we are very excited about the approaching summer, we realize that very soon we will need to say good bye and move on.

A few reminders: perhaps send a change of clothes for the warmer weather as many children’s extra clothes are rather wintry. Please try to apply sunscreen in the morning as we are unable to apply sunscreen for the children. Our Home Reading program will end for the month of June, the last week being the week of May 27th. On Friday June 21 at 10:00 we will have a Celebration of Learning, in our classrooms. We will share our portfolios with you, our writing folders, and any other learning of your child’s choice. At 10:30 we will go to the gym to perform a couple songs and enjoy some light refreshments. We hope to see you here😊

We have completed the Phonics program for JK/SK (26 letters and sounds). Take the time this summer to look up the Jolly Phonics songs on YouTube and sing along with your child.

We have developed number skills that include representing and recognizing numbers to 10 (JK) and 20 (SK). We know all about shapes and solids, size and measurement, more and less.

“Have a go” writing is attempted by all as we convey a message with pictures and words we know from the word wall and words we attempt through other strategies. We read a variety of books using pictures and patterns of speech and enjoyed some great “thinking stories” with a follow-up reading response, during Reader’s Workshop.

We have had great inquiries surrounding the topics of making pizza and applesauce, measuring pumpkins and colour mixing, measuring capacity and mass at the water table, hibernating animals, coding with cubes and more. We have learned to read and write poetry, talk about numbers in our daily life, problem solve, conflict resolution strategies and more.

We have painted, cut and pasted, and rolled out play dough. We have built structures, roadways and played at making a home, a store, a puppet theatre and a 3D Shape Museum.

Best of all, we have had wonderful discussions and celebrations of God’s great love and care for us. We’ve learned how Jesus is the Good Shepherd and is close to our hearts, watching over us. We know that the greatest gift is the love of family and friends; of all those who support and cheer us on in life.

Sincerely, Maria Borys-Sike


Miss Kate Butter & Mrs. Sarah Lichti

We can’t believe we’re already in our last month of school! It has been a privilege to teach your kiddos this year. Here’s a look at what we covered last month and what we will be covering in June. Please see the hard copy of our class newsletter for important reminders.


In May we explored the concept of capacity by filling up various sized containers with different materials (e.g. cubes, water, sand). We compared capacities and found that tall containers don’t necessarily hold more than shorter ones. We have started a Canada Day themed unit on money and will learn the different coins as well different ways to make particular amounts (e.g. 5 cents can be 5 pennies or 1 nickel).  We will also continue working on representing numbers in different ways (e.g. ten frame, using our fingers, drawing pictures, tallying, etc.) with our numbers of the week and various other numbers in our centres. We are also working on creating addition and subtraction number sentences this month by applying our learning from the year.


In  the month of May we read texts related to Mother’s Day such as “The Best Mother”, as well as books related to our May Umbrella Project theme of Integrity (e.g. “Franklin Fibs”). We made personal connections to these texts. We also worked hard at applying our success criteria for Journals to our Journal writing. This month, we will continue to place a strong emphasis on Journal writing. We will also continue working on our Jolly Phonics program, learning letter blends and sounds (e.g. ‘th’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘wh’) and review our sight words. Please check calendar or Google Classroom to see what blend/sound we are working on.

Outdoor Learning/Science

In May we went on a Nature Walk with our book buddies and wrote down elements of nature we experienced through 4 of our senses (hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling. This month, we will explore the life cycle of a butterfly.

Religion/Family Life

This month, we will be learning about gratitude for all the wonderful things our fathers do for us. We will discuss how we can show our appreciation for our dad’s and thank God for them through prayer. We will continue learning our Umbrella Theme Project for the month of June.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dad’s of our students! Have a safe and wonderful summer!



Mrs. Schlotzhauer

Dear Parents,

Welcome to June!! It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over. The students have grown so much both physically and academically since they’ve entered Grade 1. I have recently finished testing all their reading levels and will be sending notes home once I get a chance to update you. We will be wrapping up our Science Unit this week on Seasonal Changes and will finish off the school year with Rules to Live Together and a Time for Everything in Social Studies. We will also be wrapping up our Math Unit on Linear Measurement this week and will finish off the school year with Mass & Capacity and Fractions. Our class is currently enjoying working on a Media, Art & Writing task on creating a Mystical Power Symbol in preparation for our trip to see The Neverending Story at the Stratford Theatre on June 6th. Students will not have a snack on this day but will have an early lunch around 11:10 am. Bus pick up from Holy Family will be at 11:45 am. Parents please send a labeled snack with your child this day. I will collect and keep all snacks in one bag which will be checked in at the theatre. Student backpacks will be left at school. At intermission I will distribute all snacks to the students. We will be returning to the school in time for normal dismissal at 3:30 pm. A note will be sent home to the parents who will be supervising for this excursion. Unfortunately there are no extra tickets. Looking forward to some nicer weather in June!

Have a fun filled summer!


Mrs. Gentile

We are down to the last month of school! The students have made such huge growth this year – it is so exciting to see! Thank you to all the parents who came into school to join us for Education Week and our 2 community walks in May. The Community Helper projects were a success and the students were very proud to present them. Thank you for all the hard work! We have moved on to mapping now, we are having so much fun! In Math we finished up probability and are now touching on fractions – halves and fourths. In Language we have been focusing on punctuation, including question marks and exclamation marks. We are excited for our trip to see The Neverending Story at the Stratford Theatre on June 6th, and wrote adventure stories in preparation. On June 6, we will have an early lunch around 11:15, in order to take the bus at 11:45 am. Parents are asked to send an “easy” labeled snack with your child on the day of our trip that they can eat at intermission. Unfortunately there are no extra tickets for parents who were waiting to come last minute.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!


 Ms. Esbaugh

We made it to the final month of school! It’s hard to believe! In May we celebrated Catholic Education Week, Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day, Victoria Day, and “ER” Day! We also really enjoyed our read aloud, “Stuart Little” by E.B. White. In June we are looking forward to attending “The Never Ending Story” in Stratford and celebrating summer birthdays with an ice cream party! In Language we are focusing on finding the main idea, and will begin a class novel study shortly. In Math we finished up Patterning, and are currently talking about symmetry and probability. We are finishing up Science with “Needs and Characteristics of Living Things” for Grade 1s and “Growth and Changes in Animals” for Grade 2s. Please continue to check agendas and D2L every day for updates. Take care!


Mrs. Shouftas

Dear Families,

Welcome to June! It’s been a rainy and cooler spring so far. We are hoping for warmer weather ahead.

In May, students learned about the different point of views a story can be written by in Writing. We studied the patterns of various fairy tales, and read different versions of them. Students could tell who was telling the story in the different fairy tales. Students then wrote their own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood. They turned out fantastic! For Oral Language, students enjoyed picking a play they would like to present to the class. They added tone, pitch and expression in their voices to match the character in their play. In Media Literacy, students drew a poster to advertise the Neverending Story movie for a chosen target audience.

In Math, students have been learning about algebra. Students have learned strategies to find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction equations. For example ___ + 30 = 55 or

25 – ___ = 15. Please practice these types of questions at home. We also learned about probability. Students learned about probability words such as impossible, certain, likely and unlikely. They also made their own spinners and paper bag games to test their inquiries.

In Family Life, students learned the needs of mothers when they are expecting and the needs babies before they are born. Students also learned about what to when faced with difficult decisions. We talked about being honest and making right choices.

I wish everyone a happy and safe summer. It has been a busy and productive grade 2 year! I am proud of the hard work that my students have displayed this year. I see much success and growth in all my students! Please stop by and say “hi” when you are in grade 3!


Mrs. Rice

Thank you all for another amazing year at Holy Family School! The students did a fantastic job handling the stresses and pressure from the EQAO assessment. Some were actually excited and, “wish they could do it everyday!” We will be having an EQAO celebration on Tuesday June 4th (raindate June 5th). We will be heading over to Scott Park for a picnic and some outdoor fun! This month, the kids will continue their learning with some emphasis on Ontario (Social Studies) and Soil (Science). For Social Studies, the students will create their own Google Slideshow, on a city in Ontario of their choice. They will complete this project by highlighting tourist attractions, the landforms, a map and a synopsis of the city (or town). In Science I would love to wrap up our unit on Soils by having the kids experiment by making their own water filter with natural materials from our Earth. We will investigate what materials help to purify our water and what materials harm our water. We will need 2L pop bottles for this STEM activity. In Mathematics, we will continue learning about Probability. As our year winds down, I especially want to thank all of the parents of students in my Grade 3 class, some I have had you for 2 years! I feel truly blessed and fortunate that you have put your trust in me to help your children to be the best that they can be! They are a wonderful group of children that I will miss dearly but wish them lots of happiness and success next year in Grade 4! I would also like to end by wishing all the fantastic dads out there, a terrific Father’s Day!


Mrs. Gruber

Happy June!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for an amazing school year!  It has been a pleasure to watch your children learn and grow over these past 10 months.  Their growth and maturity has been astounding!  I am very proud of all the students in our class for their commitment and dedication they have demonstrated throughout the year and for their kind, compassionate and inclusive attitudes and personalities.  I wish you all a safe and happy summer!  Don’t forget to read everyday and practice those multiplication facts!



Ms. Jarvis

Wow…. I can’t believe it is already June!  What a wonderful year this has been.  I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your support this year.  With the school year wrapping up so quickly, students will continue to do curriculum as long as possible.  We will be adding in a free choice research project and a cumulative game project to tie up the year.  We will go to Scott Park a few times and enjoy these last few months together as much as possible.  Again, thank you for a wonderful year and have a safe and happy summer!

Mrs. K

It’s June in Grade 5!

I can’t believe it is here already. This year has really flown by and I am going to miss my “kids” from this year. Thanks for loaning them to me, it has been wonderful to get to know them.

The students will let you know I have not backed done on the amount of work we are doing. Short of special events we still have some ground to cover before the official end of the year.


We are doing some poetry in writing to make sure we can add some colour and descriptive words to our work. We read and write for many different reasons, one is to entertain and express our feelings to a certain audience. We are asking deeper questions to get more detail and meaning out of our read aloud text. The text we are reading is a recount of a soldier’s experience on D-Day which is fitting since the anniversary is June 6th.


A few more days of decimals and we will be ready for a quiz and then onto our final unit of Probability. The students have been exploring Knowledge Hook and loving it! Be sure to ask them about it. If possible, I will set up some missions for them to visit over the summer to keep their skills honed for Grade 6. Keep up the energy and see if we can match Hudson everyone!


In Drama we are working on skits that talk about relationships and the skills we learned about this year. Empathy, compromise, solving arguments and a few more. They are coming along nicely and we will present and review them as a group. This class has come far in their willingness to takes a risk in front of their peers. It is wonderful to see them develop and grow in their confidence!

Thanks to all our parents who volunteered for the Groundwater Festival. It was a terrific day and the weather couldn’t have been better. Some of you also managed to make it to help at Track and Field as well. Thanks so much for your support!


Ms. Mcleod

It is hard to believe that is is already June! It has been a great year full of lots of learning! Later on this month we will be doing a little afternoon trip to Scottś park to get out and celebrate a successful year in Grade 6!

For this month we will be focusing on the following things:

Writing/Reading: We will be continuing on with our book clubs as well as, looking at doing a research project

1. 3D measurement

  1. 3D models
  2. Collecting and summarizing Data

Science: Space.

Social Studies: we will be wrapping up our end project for this.

Art: perspective art

Health: substance abuse

Gym: variety of sports

Important dates in May:

Thurs Jun 20- Year end Mass
Tues Jun 25- report cards go home

Thanks again for a great year!



Mrs. Hurren – Portable One

I know the calendar says June, but Mother Nature is really playing tricks on us! However, as long as she continues to flip-flop our weather, we are happy to wait out the rain and keep ourselves focused on curriculum!

We will have a busy 4 weeks in Language as we roll through our June book club. Ask your son/daughter to share with you the book they decided to read and the various roles they will have to complete. The portable will be buzzing with the sound of student-led conversation around a handful of exciting novels.

In Math, we are keep ourselves in proportion looking at ratios and rates. We will end the year with our probability unit, hosting a probability carnaval for our JK/SK buddies to enjoy. What is the probability that they will enjoy it? 100%!

We will conclude our learning for this year in Geography by completing a research assignment looking at resource extraction/harvesting and the importance of sustainability. We will also have the opportunity to learn about the various organizations around the world that are tirelessly working to preserve our precious resources. Have your son/daughter talk about their personal pan of action to help ensure our resources are around for future generations.

Hard hats and tool belts will become our new uniform as we enjoy our last science unit! The portable will be alive with engineers as we explore, research, build and test various structures. Stay tuned for the winners of the Portable One Bridge Building Competition…it’s a fan favourite!

Portable One Shout Outs: What an awesome day we had at our School Track Meet – I am proud of the effort displayed by all of our Junior athletes! Congratulations to those of you that have made it on to our Holy Family Track Team! GOOOOOOO GUARDIANS!

Math Challenge: A bag contains 30 pieces of candy. There are 15 grape, 7 cherry, 3 lemon, 5 strawberry. What is the probability of drawing a lemon?

Thank you for a GREAT year – I have truly enjoyed teaching and learning alongside your son/daughter this year. I wish you a fun-filled, relaxing and safe summer break!


Mr. Vuylsteke

Wow – June is here and it’s hard not to count down the days until Graduation! With four weeks to go until the students of Room 2 say goodbye to the Holy Family halls for the last time, we have lots of learning left to do! We are working our way through our Algebra unit in math, and there is a 100 percent chance we will be looking at Probability next. In Science we are wrapping up our look at fluids and carrying this knowledge over to an inquiry into Systems. The grade 8s will take the skills the developed creating Judo Bots to build closed hydraulic systems. TEDx Holy Family was a great success with many memorable presentations and speeches. In June we will continue our Social Justice and poetry work in Language and Literacy, and finish our dance presentations and performances.  The students will also be stepping into the world of Urban Planning as sustainable city builders as we explore impacts of settlement in Geography.

With lots on the go, there is equally as much to celebrate and look back on! Our trip to Ottawa, a visit from our MP, Track and Field, cannabis workshop at Laurier, high school visits, and sports tournaments to name a few…  the Grade 8s were Guardian ambassadors carrying themselves with Integrity through it all!

On a final note, as it is June, I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone for welcoming me into your school community, and supporting me in taking our graduating class on this year long learning journey! It has been a blast learning with and getting to know this group of students and it’s hard to believe it is almost time to let them loose into the world of highschool! Grade 8s, keep believing in yourself – you are the game changers – I truly believe all kids can make a difference in the world, and each of you has something to share… don’t let me down 😉

See everyone Tuesday, June 25th for Grad!
(Please send in those pictures)


Mme Paquette

The end of the year is here! We did it!

We still have a few things to wrap up in French class. Since Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing is covered on the report card, we have to finish testing in those areas.

I wish everyone a fun filled summer.


Planning Time

News from the desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Dear Family,

It is hard to believe that it is already June and summer vacation is just around the corner.  Despite the nice weather, please do not send flip flops as outdoor shoes for your child. With the nice weather, we do go outside for some Physical Education periods and children wearing flip flops will not be permitted to join in.   Indoor and outdoor running shoes are the safest choice.

Moreover, we will be going over safety rules at home, school and for outdoors during our Healthy Living lessons.  Please ensure your child knows their phone number and address.

It has been my pleasure teaching your child(ren).  I hope they have learned, laughed and smiled throughout this school year.  I wish you all a very safe, healthy and fun filled summer.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will:

  • work on kicking and dribbling skills with their feet and learn some basic rules of soccer as they learn to be a team player and demonstrate good sportsmanship;
  • engage in parachute games and play favourite games to wind down the year.

In Healthy Living, the children will learn about:

  • student safety at home with regards to medicine;
  • fire and emergency safety and calling 911;
  • personal safety (i.e., good touch, bad touch);
  • outdoor safety (e.g., road, sun, water safety).

The Arts

In Music/Dance/Drama, the children will:

  • express their responses to a variety of music using music terms learned in class.
  • contribute their own ideas for actions to accompany class songs and make a simple instrument to accompany songs;
  • act out familiar stories.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will practice…

  • kicking and dribbling skills with their feet;
  • learn some basic soccer skills and play some games.

In Healthy Living the children will learn about…

  • addictions and related behaviours (i.e., smoking, excessive screen time);
  • personal safety at school and at home;
  • outdoor safety (e.g., bike, sun, water etc.).

The Arts

In Drama the children will…

  • discuss creative endings to their fairy tale and select their favourite;
  • continue to work with their small groups to rehearse and present their fairy tale skit;

In Music the children will learn…

  •  how music can create moods and character images;
  • discuss and reflect on different music using music words.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will…

  • practice some soccer skills such as dribbling with their feet, passing and shooting;
  • learn some basic soccer rules, conventions of fair play and etiquette.

In Healthy Living the children will learn about…

  • personal safety and injury prevention at home, outdoors and at school (i.e., bullying).

The Arts

In Drama, the children will develop their understanding of role/character, time and place by:

  • working in small groups to share ideas and create tableaux for scenes in story books;
  • reflecting on their performance and critique themselves and their peers by completing a self and peer assessment.

In Dance, the children will:

  • learn about the staff and naming notes;
  • learn to identify instruments from the different families by the sound they make;
  • engage in some fun centres to review the elements of music.


Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Special Education

June – Special Education

As the school year comes to an end, I will start to collect all SEA (Special Equipment Amount) devices for summer inventory. If your child has a SEA claim (i.e., Chromebook, iPad, etc.,), he/she will receive a “Return Notice” toward the end of the month. I will collect their device and any accompanying equipment (i.e., mouse, charge cord, etc.,) and store it safely over the summer months.  All SEA claims will be returned to students in September during the first week of school. Parent packages will be sent home again to allow for take-home privileges for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please keep the school informed if your child has any sort of assessments done over the summer months. Reports from academic or medical assessments help us to provide the best possible program planning for your child. These types of assessment reports are an important link between home and school.

Thank you to parents and family members who have assisted in making this a wonderful school year for our Holy Family community. Have a restful and rejuvenating summer.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Mash

Special Education Resource Teacher


It seems like just a short while ago we were talking about the busy school year that lay ahead of us.  June might be the final month of the school year, but it is the busiest.  It is a time of balancing the anticipation of summer and the end of a school year, all the while trying focus on a whole month of learning and curriculum to go through.

May was a another full and dynamic month.  We celebrated Catholic Education Week with showcasing student innovation and written word.  The grade 3’s and 6’s completed the EQAO testing. The Guardian mixed soccer team competed in our divisional tournament. Grades 4 to 8 participated in the Holy Family Track and Field day at St. David’s High School.  We look forward to sending our top finishers to the School Board Championship on June 12th. Within the next two weeks our junior girls’ and boys’ three pitch teams will be competing.

Experiential learning and collaborating with community members is a great compliment to the in class learning that happens each day.  We welcomed the Humane Society, Dairy Educators and MP Harold Albrecht to Holy Family to share their experiences and expertise with our students. In addition, our grade 7 and 8 students took the classroom to Ottawa for a school learning excursion.  The Grade 3 classes faced the chilly wet weather during their trip to Laurel Creek and our Gr. 5’s  and 3’s got a break from the rain while exploring the Groundwater Festival.

Early in May our grade 7 students received the Sacrament of Confirmation and our grade 2’s received the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  We would like to thank Father Stephen and the many parishioners who prepared our students.  It is our goal as a Catholic Education system to strengthen the school – parish relationship to support the faith development of our students.

We have an exciting and full month ahead of us, I would like to provide a few reminders of important events happening in June.  The Holy Family Fun Night is taking place on June 20th.  Thank you to school council and the many volunteers who are making this event possible.   The 2018-2019 yearbook is being prepared for publishing.  Information on pricing and ordering will be sent out soon.  Thank you to Tina and Jamie for the many hours they have dedicated to providing this school keepsake.  And finally, We will be recognizing two special milestones of our SK and grade 8 students.  On June 21st the SK students will have a celebration of learning and the grade 8’s will formally acknowledge the conclusion of their elementary school career with a graduation ceremony, mass and dance on June 25th.

I wish a safe and relaxing summer for all!


Vic Longo – Principal