Another year of learning and achievement is well underway. The first few weeks of September were a transition period from summer vacation to school.  Staff and students spent time becoming familiar with each other and refreshing routines and expectations.

Now that we have a full month of school, academics are well underway and vigorous instruction is in full swing.  You should be receiving feedback in the form of assessed student work from your child’s classroom teacher.  These pieces of student tasks will keep you informed of their strengths and needs as a learner throughout the weeks and months.

Although academic classroom instruction is the greater part of the school experience, we compliment this with school activities and student engagement to develop the whole child.  It is our goal to enhance each students’ experience and perspective beyond the classroom with school teams, clubs, activities and excursions.  We have sent Jr. Boys and Girls to baseball and soccer tournaments, the ECO team is making our school “greener”, we participated in the Terry Fox walk/run day, “Say Hi” day and Wear Orange Shirt Day in recognition of residential schools as part of our Canadian history.

We are continuing with the Umbrella Project again this year to support emotional and social development.  The Umbrella Project is a research based program developed by Dr. Jen Forrestal and supported by many of the schools in Waterloo Catholic District School Board.   The monthly skills build personal strengths to increase their wellness and help them cope with everyday stresses of life.  October skill is EMPATHY.

School home communication is a key to student success and achievement, I encourage you to increase the lines of communication by following us on twitter @hfsnewhamburg, check our school website and ask your child’s teacher to see assessed work.


Vic Longo – Principal


Ms. McClory

We have had a busy September, meeting friends rejoicing with familiar friends, meeting new teachers and learning new routines.  Throughout September we have worked hard on building and extending our knowledge of math with quantity and number concepts to 10, using the 10-frame, recognizing the numeric digit and word.  In language we have explored a variety of activities to help us recognize the letters of the alphabet and spellings of our names. In October, we will be moving into our Letters and Sounds program where we will be learning a new letter as well as new sight words each week.  In September, we did a great job participating in the Terry Fox Walk/Run as well as creating and personalizing our unique umbrellas for the Umbrella Project Initiative where we learned and discussed the word empathy. In religion we continue to embrace understanding of various emotions and how to be a compassionate friend to our classmates, as well as read stories from the bible every day.  Next month, we will be going on our first field trip to a farm as well as having our Halloween Dance-a-thon. Our Google classroom is up and going – login and password information for Google Classroom are inside the cover page of your child’s communication book. Please take time to check into our Google Classroom for our newsletter, calendar, regular updates and pictures of our learning!

~Mrs. Roth & Mrs. Benbow

Hello from Room 7!  Wow – we can’t believe it is October already.  September was filled with fun, learning, and getting to know one another.  We worked, and will continue to work a lot with our names – identifying them, the letters in them, as well as the sounds they make.  We are beginning “a letter a day” as well as focusing on several sight words each week. We have begun to talk about sorting, and will continue to do so throughout the month.  The students have identified many items we sort on a daily basis, such as our toys when we clean up, and our clothes when we put them away. The changing seasons is always a popular topic of discussion with the students, and we will continue to visit this interest in many different ways (collecting leaves, taste testing apples, our class trip to Steckle Heritage Farm, and many other fun activities).  We have discussed how we can deal with our feelings and emotions, as a part of our Umbrella Project initiative, and will continue to focus on this, as well as introduce a new focus each month. Our October calendar is now up on D2L, as well as other information pertaining to our class.  

Miss Esbaugh and Mrs. Lichti

Hi friends! September has been a busy month! We have been focused on getting to know one another, and establish important classroom routines. We have enjoyed Say Hi Day and our Terry Fox Walk this month. We have begun learning about one number and one letter each week, and have been doing lots of activities to help us recognize and spell our names! We have learned about the story of Adam and Eve in Religion, as well as discussing classroom expectations and our Umbrella Project initiative. Next month, we will be going on our first field trip to a farm and having our Halloween Dance-a-thon! Please continue to check Google Classroom for regular updates and photos of our learning! 

Take care!

Miss Esbaugh and Mrs. Lichti


Ms. Jardine FDK

In Math, we have been learning how to represent numbers in different ways (using a ten frame, tally, number, word). Ask your child how many ways they can make a number at home! This month, we will continue to learn about numbers as well as learning about patterns and how we can represent a pattern (AB, ABA, AAB). In Language, we will be beginning our Letters and Sounds program. Each week we will learn a new letter (the sound it makes and how write it). We will learn a song for each letter to practice the sound it makes. We will also be learning two new words each week. We will practice cheering the words, finding the words in Shared Reading poems/morning messages/around the classroom as well as practicing to write and spell the words in different centres.  In Science, students have shown a great interest in the season of Fall and the amazing colours, sizes, and types of leaves that are falling onto the ground. We went on a leaf hunt and have used these beautiful leaves for activities in the classroom. We also have discovered beautiful art we can make with leaves and other nature items we find around us. We will continue to learn about the season of Fall and the fall harvest on Ontario farms. We are excited to visit Steckle Heritage Farm to learn more about Fall Harvest. In Religion, we are learning different strategies to cope with various emotions (e.g. sad, angry, scared) through our school’s Umbrella Project initiative. We have learned about Balloon Breathing. We can pretend our bellies are balloons – when we take a deep breath in, our tummy expands, like a balloon blowing up. When we release our breath, our tummy gets smaller, like a balloon being deflated. Balloon Breathing is one strategy we can use to help us when we are upset to calm our body. Together, we decided that the Prayer Centre and the Book Nook are great spaces to calm our bodies when we are feeling frustrated or angry. 

Mrs. Sike Gr.1

September passed quickly. Summer is over and the beautiful Fall season is upon us. It has been a time of adjusting to new routines in Grade 1. We have accomplished a great deal as we learn how to manage our day at school. We have learned so much about each other. 

 In Religion and Family Life we have been learning and sharing about how each of us is “A child of God.”  We also have weekly classroom meetings where we rate our day/week and share compliments. We will continue to practice selecting a good choice to solve a problem, referring to posters to remind us of problem solving strategies. Students will acquire the skills to cooperate, share, resolve problems and demonstrate respect. The focus will be on making better choices. We discussed how everyone can and needs to be included and ‘there is always room for one more.’

As part of our Language program we have begun a Shared Reading folder of songs and poems, which we use through a variety of movements and actions, while focusing on important language features such as rhyme and repetition. Our weekly word study focus is imbedded within the context of the Shared Reading. The letter(s) of the week and words of the week correspond to the selected poem to provide context for the words/letters/sounds. We also engage in word family activities and Language Tasks that solidify our understanding of concepts. Occasionally your child will bring home the Shared Reading folder (on a Friday) to enjoy with you. Please return to school the following Monday. 

 In Math we explored patterns, creating and describing our own patterns using colours, actions, numbers and letters (e.g. ABAB, ABBABB), as well as number patterns. We are now beginning to explore number relationships, counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s to 100, and representing numbers to 50 using concrete materials and drawings.

We have been Writing every day during Writer’s Workshop, working on personal recounts. We are learning to use ‘have a go’ writing or sounding out words, “driting” (using words and labels), finger spaces and periods. We will continue to work on strategies to become great writer’s! “When you are done you have just begun!”

Science – We are learning about Daily and Seasonal Changes. We created a class book of “Our Daily Cycle” and will continue to investigate cycles, sequences, and how the sun affects daily and monthly changes.

 Visual Arts – While exploring line, colour and space we are at work creating Picasso Portraits. We learned about the famous artist, how he was as a boy, and his style of abstract art. Each child is drawing a self-portrait, Picasso style. Stay tuned for pictures on our website.

Sincerely, Mrs. Sike

Mrs. H. Shouftas Gr. 1

Dear Families,

Welcome to October! We have had a fantastic start in September. The grade 1’s have settled in to their new grade and are having fun learning something new each day! Thank you for continued support and cooperation in your child’s learning this year. I’ve introduced some homework this month and students are excited to try it! The “Words of the Week” work is a great way to continue learning reading and writing at home. It’s also a good way to see your child’s progress throughout the year. The new words of the week will be in your child’s agenda on Friday’s. Don’t forget to try to read with your child each day : )

In Math, we have finished our patterning unit. Please ask your child what they learned about  making patterns! We learned about how patterns change and how to identify the pattern core. Students can also identify and say a pattern’s rule. Students had fun making their own patterns on a fish after reading the book, “Pattern Fish.” Next, we will be learning how to write, compare, read, and estimate numbers to 50. Please practice counting to 100 by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s with your child.

In Science, we are continuing our Seasonal Changes Unit.  Students have been learning about how important the sun is to our life on Earth. They learned about what our shadows look like during various parts of the day and why they look like that. 

In Art, students have been learning the difference between warm and cool colours. They will then make a fall art piece representing the two groups of colour. 

In Writing, students will learn about the writing trait IDEAS. They will write about various topics and learn how to stay on their topic.

I am sending home a calendar for October. Please give it a read to remember important dates and events at our school.

: ) Mrs. H. Shouftas

 Mrs. Gruber Gr.2

It is hard to believe that we are already in the second month of school!  September flew by! We have been participating in many fun and interesting activities in Grade 2.  In order to include parents in our learning, the students will be bringing home some duotangs and notebooks in the coming weeks to show off what we have done so far.  It is really important that the duotangs and notebooks are returned to school the next day so that we can continue to add our work to them. This week, the orange math duotangs will be sent home for you to have a look at.  Please add your initials to the signature page in the duotang, and add any comments if you would like. Also happening this week, is our first spelling test of the school year. The students will be asked to spell the number words from zero to twenty on their test on Friday.  An email was sent home a couple of weeks ago about this test. If you did not receive this email, then it means that you are not a part of our email group and will need to let me know so I can add you. Thanks! In addition to preparing for occasional quizzes and tests, the students should be participating in daily reading for homework each night.  The expectation is that the students are reading for at least 10 minutes each day for homework. Also starting in October, is our Shared Writing activity with Paddington Bear. Please look at this link: to find out when you have been scheduled to have Paddington visit your home for the week.  You will also receive paper and instructions for the Shared Writing activity when it is your week for Paddington’s visit.  Finally, some of the students have been asking if they can bring headphones to school to use with the chromebooks. This is okay with me, if it is okay with you.  Our chromebook period is always on Friday, but we also occasionally use them for other lessons and activities throughout the week.  

Mrs. Gentile Gr. 2

It was nice being able to meet so many families at the Meet the Teacher Night! We are settling into our routines and have made some new friends. In Math, we will be continuing to practice number patterns, place value, and number routines for October. In Reading, we are learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction text, as well as making comparisons between the test to ourselves, another text, or the world, all of which helps with reading comprehension. The Home Reading program should be up and running, where you can continue to have conversations about making connections. In Writing, we have been reviewing phonetic sounds, including blends (e.g., /sh/), and students are encouraged to transfer that learning into independently sounding out words when journal writing.  In Science, we have begun learning about animals (a good connection to our non-fictions texts). In Art, we have reviewed primary and secondary colour and will be moving onto lines as we get into Thanksgiving and Halloween art. This will be a busy month!


Schlotzhauer Gr. 3

Dear Families,

We’re off to a very good start in Gr. 3, and in a portable. All students are doing a great job in following routines and arriving each morning prepared for learning. I was very impressed with the artistic ability of this group of students. They recently completed an art work with found natural materials modeled after the artist Andy Goldsworthy. These will be sent home soon, however, I’m not sure if all their work will make it home in one piece. We will do our best to pack carefully.

We are currently working on some math problems which will be displayed in the school on a bulletin board by the recess doors. Feel free to have a look during the next two weeks in October. As well in October our class will be saying the prayer over the morning announcements for the week of Oct. 7th. Please set some time aside for your child to practice at home and remember to send the copy back to school with your child on their assigned day.

Copies of prayers with their scheduled date will be placed in your child’s agenda the week before. We are continuing with Created and Loved by God and Our Catholic Community for Religion and Family Life. We will be beginning our home reading program this month. Please see the note sent home in your child’s agenda regarding this important subject. Students are currently working on writing a story of their own modeled after the author Laura Numeroff, 

‘If I Give A …..’ . Please ask your child to share their ideas and work completed so far with you. Students are asked to use some exciting words and expand some sentences. Dictation tests will also begin in October with tests being given on Thursdays and new words given on Fridays. Usually five words will be recorded in their agendas almost every week. We have begun our year with a Science unit on Structures. Later in October they will be building a bridge as a culminating task. 

Lastly, I would like to mention that we do not have a blue recycling bin in our portable (just a white bin for paper), so if you could please send your child’s lunch and snacks in reusable containers to cut down on garbage it would be greatly appreciated. Also please don’t forget to pack spoons and forks, thanks.


Mrs. Schlotzhauer


Ms. Jarvis Gr. 4

Wow! October already…. time really does fly when you are having fun!!!  We are well on our way to becoming a cohesive classroom full of respect and collaborative learning.   Our class is working hard on integrating The Umbrella Project and Strength based teaching into our classroom.  October leads us into our focus on EMPATHY which we reflect on during class meetings. 

In Writing we are going to continue working on sentences and how to properly form paragraphs.  We are also focussing on our NON NEGOTIABLES within all of our in class work. In Math, we are going to finish up with our Number Sense unit on place value and ordering numbers and moving on to Pattern and Algebra.  Students are regularly working together on Number Talks, Fraction Talks and Number Line Talks also. In Science, we will be exploring Habitats and Communities

The Dance A Thon is coming up fast and we are excited for all of fun activities we have planned.  Student donation forms will be coming home by the of the week so that you can ask for donations over the holiday weekend!  Don’t forget about our pumpkin carving contest too!!!

I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!!!

Ms. Jarvis – Grade 4

Mrs. K

October in Grade 5

Welcome fall and all the smells and treats it brings!

In October, we will be studying the components of a biography. We will study a few famous artists to learn about this nonfiction text form. Students will read a variety of biographies and some in media format on computers as well. We will create a short biography on an interesting Canadian using the skills we are learning. 

In Mathematics, we will take a break from ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting large numbers to begin some Patterning and Algebra. We will return to Number Sense and Numeration many times throughout the year. Daily, we explore Number talks to share new strategies to solve many equations. The students are beginning to open up more during this time of sharing and discussion as the month goes on.

In Religion and Family Life, we continue to explore the theme of forgiveness and understand more fully the building blocks of faith as; Believe in God, Trust in God and Know God. We are learning to ask for forgiveness and move on using social issues in the class and building empathy and love for others. We acknowledge that we may not fully understand the issues of another person and strive to become more caring and patient.

In Social Studies, we are moving on from rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen to study the three levels of government: Federal, Provincial and Municipal and the areas covered by each. Please involve your child in conversations surrounding the importance of voting in the upcoming Federal Election. Bring them along so they can see what they have to look forward to when they reach legal voting age of 18.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Mrs. K


Ms. Mcleod Gr. 6

The first couple weeks back to school have been great! We have really worked on routines and rules and are starting to get quite settled!

Within the curriculum we will be focusing on the following things:

Writing: we will be continuing to work on paragraph responses and move into biographies (personal narratives)

Reading: responding to short stories (by using evidence from the text to support an answer), as well as, starting a class novel.

Math: ratio and percents, and area

Art: elements of art

Phys. Ed: soccer and volleyball 

Science: biodiversity 

Social Studies: Canada’s Interaction with the Global Community in social studies

Continue to refer to google classroom and your child’s agenda for updates and messages throughout the month!

Important Dates for October:

Fri Oct 11: Mass

Fri Oct 25: PD DAY


Ms. McLeod


Mrs. Hurren – Portable One –  Gr. 7

Welcome Fall…and some serious Grade 7 learning! It’s hard to believe that we have already spent a month together. September was full of portable routines, learning expectations and ‘getting-to-know-you’ activities, and I am excited to say that we are heading in the right direction. Our October virtue is “Empathy”. Have your son/daughter explain to you their understanding of empathy and how we are going to demonstrate it on a daily basis in our classroom interactions. In Math, we are working our way through operations with integers and will move onto patterning, writing algebraic expressions and solving simple algebraic equations. In Language, we have become experts in writing detailed and complete reading responses and are excited to start our short story unit, focusing on the elements of a story, summarizing and questioning. Our “Box of Me” presentations begin this week and I am excited to hear more about your son/daughter. In Science, we are buzzing with excitement around our nearly completed ecosystems and I look forward to seeing all of the hard work that has gone into the design and presentation of the final products. 

Portable One Shout Outs: Congratulations to our Intermediate Boys and Girls 3-pitch teams.

Math Challenge: One day in the Sahara Desert it was 58°C. In the Gobi Desert a temperature of -46°C was recorded. What is the difference between these two temperatures?

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – we have much to be grateful for!


Ms. Cater –  Gr. 8

Welcome to October!  It has been wonderful getting to know all the awesome grade 8 students so far this year.  We have a very busy month of October ahead of us.  

In Math, we are continuing our Number Sense unit.  The students have a quiz October 3rd and then we will be focusing on Integers (representing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) to complete the unit.  We continue to have daily number talks where we focus on mental math and sharing our mathematical strategies.

Students have been working on descriptive writing and writing better answers.  Our first novel study for the year will be “The Giver” and we will begin that within the next week.  

In Science, the grade 8’s are continuing with their “Cell” unit.  They will have a quiz on Wednesday, October 2nd and have been given their “Edible Cell” project that will be due on October 24th for our “Cell”-ebration!

The grade 8’s major drama project this year will be a Haunted House on Halloween.  The students have already decided on a theme, and they will soon spend some time focusing on creating their characters.

There will be a Grade 8 Parent Meeting on Thursday, October 24th where we will be discussing our upcoming Mount Mary Retreat at the end of November.  Please check D2L often for reminders of events and assignments that have been posted. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Ms. Cater

Planning Time

From Mrs. Valant’s Desk 

It was so lovely to get to meet many of my new families at the Open House in mid-September; and, it was equally lovely to meet up with my familiar families too!



  • Please ensure your child has indoor and outdoor running shoes to provide him/her with every opportunity to engage in physical activities indoors and outdoors.
  • If your child is wearing running shoes with laces, it is very important that s/he know how to tie them independently. We have already had some trips and falls in the gym and en route to the gym due to untied laces. This is an important skill that can be tackled with maybe 10 minutes a night of practice at home.  Otherwise, students should be wearing velcro fastened or curly laced runners.
  • All dangly earrings, necklaces and scarves must be removed to ensure safety in the gym and to ensure items do not get broken or damaged. It is recommended that jewelry be left at home on these days 🙂


Gym days are again as follows:

Ms. Jardine’s class – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ms. Shouftas’ class – Mondays and Tuesdays

Ms. Sike’s class – Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Phys. Ed.

We have been exploring various locomotor skills, i.e. skipping, galloping, hopping, two foot jumps, etc., using mini hurdles, the ladder, movement games. We have learned various cooperative games and how we can also encourage and celebrate each other’s experiences, attempts and accomplishments in a game setting.

This month we will continue to add some cooperative games to our roster but also engage in various skill centres to introduce and develop catching and throwing skills, hand/eye coordination, and gross motor skills. We will also be playing games that develop, expand and reinforce our math smarts, i.e. patterning relays, less/more, grouping numbers for quick addition, etc.

The Arts

In Music, we have been discussing elements of music: dynamics, pitch, tempo, rhythm (corresponds with the notes and lyrics) and beat. We have played some music games online as well as engaging in listening and kinesthetic activities that test our knowledge of the elements, i.e. Is this song fast or slow? (tempo); Is the music loud or soft? (dynamic)…

This month we will continue to study the elements by putting them to use via various percussive instruments. We will also look at reading notes and how to play them accurately using the classroom instruments, e.g. ta, ta, ti-ti, ta.

In Dance, we have been relating our elements of music to various genres of music like blues, classical, rock, etc., and determining how to move appropriately to the chosen selection, i.e. light or heavy on the feet, moving quickly or slowly. We have focused on one specific element of dance: Space. We have experimented with size (big and small) and levels (high, medium, low) while moving around the room.

This month, we will delve into Drama and a recitation of a Hallowe’en story, using props and instruments.

Stay tuned as I will begin posting information and/or photos on Google Classroom to give you a glimpse of what we are learning together.

As always, please feel free to contact me at school with any questions or concerns – 519-662-1734


Mrs. Valant


From the Desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

It was great to meet so many families during our Open House.  Since I teach 5 classes, I was moving from class to class. If we didn’t have an opportunity to meet and you had some questions, please feel free to send me an email at .

With the first month under our belts, children are more familiar with their routines and expectations.  These are very important to establish and reinforce especially when we only have 40 min./day together.  

Did you know? It is expected that children engage in Daily Physical Activity (DPA) every day for 20 minutes at school.  Please ensure children have running shoes for indoors and outdoors every day.


The children are enjoying sharing their special item.  Please remember to send your child’s share item on the assigned date. Have your child practice sharing his/her item at home, so they are more confident in front of their peers. This month the focus will be on having the children feel comfortable singing and contributing ideas to some fun fall and Halloween movement songs.

Physical Education & Healthy Living

– learn about the importance of having physical activity every day

– we always begin with our F.A.I.R cheer (ask your child if they know it), followed by a warm-up and skill development and a game

– work on our locomotion skills through cooperative games

– continue to learn about germs and proper hand washing in order to stay healthy


Physical Education & Healthy Living

This month we will…

  • be encouraged to participate vigorously in all physical activities;
  • perform a variety of locomotor movement with equipment by travelling in different directions, using different speeds and pathways
  • show spatial awareness by finding their own personal space
  • describe ways to maintain good health and prevent health problems

Drama & Music

This month the children will…

  • engage in activities that will help them to stay “in-role”;
  • use symbols to represent sounds (tah, ti-ti, rest);
  • apply the element of dynamics (i.e., soft and loud sounds) as they read and create sound effects to accompany a Halloween poem.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

This month we will…

  • perform a variety of locomotor movement with equipment by travelling in different directions, using different speeds and pathways (e.g., use scooters)· 
  • apply a variety of tactics to increase their chances of success in activities
  • create and present a safety poster outlining safe practices for an assigned situation or place

 Drama & Music

This month the children will…

  • use their body and face to express how a character feels without words.
  • use controlled breathing and relaxed but straight posture when singing;
  • use symbols to represent sounds & silences (e.g., quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes);

Finally, this month the language of wellbeing from our umbrella project will be empathy.  This will be a continuous focus and speaking point through class lessons, announcements and school activities. 

Special Education

Mrs. Mash

October ~ Special Education

Classroom teachers and support staff have been busy collaborating in order to create the Individual Education Plans (IEP) for Term 1. Thank you to those families that returned the Parent Consult Form – it is important to keep the school up to date with any changes to your child’s medical needs and to inform us of any assessment information i.e., Speech/Language Therapy Reports, Occupational Therapy, etc., Term 1 IEPs will be sent home on or before Tuesday, October 15th, 2019.  Please sign and return the extra signage page to the school once you have gone over the document. 

Students with a SEA claim (Special Equipment Amount) i.e., Chromebook / iPad, have received their equipment. Only students with signed parental consent can bring their SEA Chromebooks home. Home use is strongly encouraged as students need to complete homework tasks using their technological tools. Please ensure that all paperwork is returned to the school as soon as possible. I will be working with the students and their classroom teachers to make sure they know how and when to incorporate the technology into their daily routine. Parents of students with new SEA claims will be invited, in the near future, to be a part of a training session here at the school, to ensure that you understand how to use the technology in order to support your child.

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend – a break is already well deserved by our students and staff! 

Mrs. Mash :)\



October is already upon us. Time sure flies by when you’re having fun. Students are well on their way with learning what DJ DELF has to offer. All grades are in the process of learning how to listen, speak, read, and write in French. 

We have played and continue to play a matching game (jeu d’association). This builds the proper vocabulary needed to speak French. 

All grades have listened to and continue to listen to the unit song. It is a fun way of learning the proper listening strategies. 

I am looking forward to continue engaging all of the students with DJ DELF. 

Mme Paquette