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Kindergarten First Rider Program!

Time to Sign up for the Kindergarten First Rider Program!

If your child is starting Kindergarten in September and is eligible for transportation, join Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) on June 5, 2019.

The First Rider Program introduces new riders to the school bus and teaches them how to be a safe and responsible rider. Families will learn how to board, ride, and get off the bus safely and become familiar with transportation procedures for Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.

Click on the link below to register

Register for this free event on the STSWR website

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Student Transportation Parent Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians

We are asking parents and/or guardians to participate in a survey about their student’s journey to school. The purpose of the surveys is to get a better understanding of the thoughts and opinions of the student’s journey to school. We have created surveys for students using the school bus and for students who use other forms of transportation like walking or biking to school. Our goal is to enhance the student’s experience and to improve our services in the future. The survey typically takes 5 minutes to complete and will be open until Friday, June 14th, 2019.

If you have any questions in regards to the surveys please contact the Morgan Potts at (519) 744-7575, extension 229 or at morgan_potts@stswr.ca.

Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve our services to you in the future!

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR)

Transported Students Survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YwWy_uOoivH9fuAi1vijGlpKgAeyEzio3dPVp_bvjCY/edit

Students in the Walk Zone https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1m2TuB8c6xKF9VelV4uV1HpmI3gzMievYqsNw4aEKXdc/edit

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Family Fun Night



Thursday June 20th, 2019

5pm – 8pm

Rain or Shine

So many activities for the whole family!

You don’t want to miss Scott Boyd MAGIC!

Summer BBQ, Door Prizes, Silent Auction, Bake Shop, Candy Shop, Selfie Booth, Outdoor Games, Balloon Artist, Our Community Heroes & so much more!

If you are able to volunteer, please email Amanda E. @ Amanda.eagle2@gmail.com

If you are able to donate prizes or baked goods please email Amanda B. @ Amanda.Bailey@wcdsb.ca

We have provided an option to pre buy tickets for the BBQ meal.    Please go to Cash-On-Line to purchase your food for family night.   $3 hamburger, $2 hot dog, $1 drink.    BBQ tickets also available at the door.

Thank you!

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Family Fun Night


Holy Family

Family Fun Night!


Thursday June 20th 5pm -8pm

Rain or Shine



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Grade 8 Graduation


I am sure that most of you who have children in Gr. 8 have been hearing and experiencing their increasing excitement about the graduation ceremony.  We would like to give you a quick outline of the night so you can plan for the night.  Graduation is scheduled for June 25th. More details will follow.

5:00 pm. – 6:00 pm.  Mass celebrated at Holy Family Parish

6:00 pm. – 6:45 pm. – Awards Celebration in the Church following mass

6:45 pm.  – 7:30 pm.  – Graduates and Family Social (immediate family only please)

7:30 pm. – 9:00 pm. Graduation Dance

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Fire Alarm

Today at around 10:45 a.m. a fire pull station was accidently deployed.  Staff and students evacuated the building as is the board protocol.  The fire department responded and gave us permission to reset the alarm and re-entered the building.  Classes resumed at 11:10 am.  There was no emergency.



Vic Longo


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Confirmation Reminders from the Parish

I hope you had a blessed Holy Week and Easter!
We are within the final week of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation! Here are the final dates and details before the big day!:
–  Sacrament of Reconciliation – Thursday May 2, 7pm at Holy Family Catholic Church (Father has invited another priest to be on hand to help hear the confessions of our class, as well as the Grade 2s receiving the Sacrament for the first time that evening!)
–  Confirmation Retreat – Friday May 3rd, 9:30am-3:00pm at Holy Family Catholic Church . (Lunch is provided by our parish’s Catholic Women’s League)
–  Rehearsal – Monday May 6th, 7pm at Holy Family Catholic Church (Parents are welcome to attend)
–  Confirmation Mass – Wednesday May 8th, 7pm at Holy Family Catholic Church
**There are still students who need to submit the names of their sponsors to either me, or Nadine Jermol.  If you have not already done so or arranged otherwise with us, please do so ASAP!**
We are looking forward to a week of fruitful preparation with you all!
God Bless,
Michelle Sachs
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Messages from the Classroom

Principal’s Message

I would like to thank Father Stephen and the staff of Holy Family for their commitment to the school community in leading our students in the observance of the Lenten Season and preparation for Easter. Our Mass, daily prayers and weekly reflection are an important way for the children to experience the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Faith.

We continue to explore the Umbrella themes each month and students are starting to build their own personal umbrellas – being able to use various strategies to help them deal with struggles they may face in their lives.  Throughout the month of May, we will be exploring the theme of Integrity.

The last two months of the school year are typically the busiest.  There are several events, excursions and school activities that occur during May and June. Catholic Education Week is May 5-10.  We are turning our learning commons into a venue for teachers and students to display their learning.  Your child’s classroom teacher will be inviting you in to view their work.

We continue to provide learning experiences for students beyond the school. This last month, students from grade 5 attended a “Scratch” computer programming seminar at Wilfred University, the Grade 8 went to a Youth Symposium in Kitchener, the grade 3’s are heading to Laurel Creek on May 1st and our grade 7 and 8 students depart for Ottawa on May 22 for three days of exploration and learning.

Grade 2 and 7 students will be receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion during the first week of May.  We appreciate the work done by the parish to prepare our young people as they continue their faithful journey.

Sports continue to be a highlight of student engagement.  We sent students to Resurrection High School for a badminton tournament on April 25th, track and field preparations are underway for our school track meet on May 30th and Miss Mcleod has started tryouts for our intermediate mixed soccer team.

As you can see there  still many things to be accomplished until the last day in June.


Vic Longo- Principal


Ms. Jardine FDK

Did You Know?

  •         We share our creations with the group daily after free-choice.
  •         Music is a part of every day through song and movement.
  •         We find ways to explore numbers throughout our day, every day.
  •         We learn words of the week by cheering them and ‘dribble and dunking’ them.
  •         Painting at the easel is offered daily.
  •         The Book Nook is a place to enjoy a book quietly and comfortably.
  •         10 minutes of “Chew Time”  and then 10 minutes of “Chat Time” is our quiet lunch time   experience after outdoor play.
  •         We laugh a lot!

Math Support at Home

Here are some at home activities to support your child’s learning in math:

Which is Longer? Choose pairs of everyday objects that you can place side by side and ask your child to tell you which object is longer.

Which is Heavier? Pick 2 objects to compare. Ask your child to predict which is heavier. Ask your child to check by holding one of the objects in each hand and comparing how heavy each feels.

At the Store: Look at pairs of objects that are side by side on the shelf at the store. Ask your child to tell you which object is taller or shorter.


We are learning to retell a story by referring to the beginning, middle and end. We are learning to put a story we read into sequential order. At home, after reading with your child, ask your child to retell the story by explaining what happens at the beginning, the middle and the end. Encourage your child to respond in sentences instead of one-word responses.


Miss Kate Butter & Mrs. Sarah Lichti

 May Newsletter

Thank You’s and Reminders:

–   The warmer weather is upon us! (hopefully it sticks around). The creative playground will be opening soon. Students with outdoor running shoes will be allowed on—students with sandals or boots will not be permitted.

Toys at School: We are noticing an increasing trend of students bringing toys to school. Toys are not permitted in our classroom or outside (except on specific days or Show and Share for Star Student). This reduces the disruption to class time , as toys are not  being stolen, broken or lost.  Thank you for your understanding!


In April, we began exploring concepts in Measurement such as height and length using non-standard units of measurement (e.g. cubes, chain links, etc.). We also explored the concept of weight based on feel and balance scales using non-standard units of measurement.  We will be exploring capacity in the weeks to come, followed by a Canada Day themed unit on money. We will also continue working on representing numbers in different ways (e.g. ten frame, using our fingers, drawing pictures, tallying, etc.) with our numbers of the week (we have now covered 0-25) and various other numbers in our centres. We are working on creating subtraction number sentences this month.


In  the month of April we continued learning about word families (e.g. “am”) as well as strategies to figure out unfamiliar words in our guided reading groups. We read texts related to Easter like, “How to Catch an Easter Bunny”, as well as book about the transition into Spring. We made personal connections to these texts. This month, we will continue to focus on elements of a story (e.g. characters, setting, plot) as we read various fairy tales (e.g. “The Three Little Pigs”). We will also continue working on our Jolly Phonics program, learning letter names (upper case and lower case) and sounds, as well as sight word identification. Please check calendar or Google Classroom to see what letter and which words we are working on.

Outdoor Learning/Science

In April we planted beans and have been watching them grow! Some have started to sprout and we are still patiently waiting on others. We are learning about the Earth and how to keep it healthy.

Religion/Family Life

This month, we will be learning about gratitude for all the wonderful things our mothers do for us. We will discuss how we can show our appreciation for others and how we can help out at home.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms! Thank you for all you do and your continued support in your child’s education.


Mrs. Sike and Mrs. Grimberg

Number Lines and Money

We have been working on understanding how number lines work. Our math talks have been related to number lines and what happens to numbers as we go left and right on the line. We’ve also been using it to add and subtract. We’ve even played games with a life sized number line! We’ve created our own number lines with Bingo dabbers to see one more is added each time.

We have also begun exploring coins and money. We’ve turned our dramatic play centre into a store where the children have collected objects from around the room, made signs including the amount, and are buying and selling the items. This is an engaging way to explore the value of money. Google the song “Canada in my pocket” to sing with your child.

3D Shape Museum

We will soon turn our attention once again to explorations of shapes with a particular focus on 3D solids. We will be thinking of examples in real-life and this is where the real fun begins! We will challenge the children to go home and find as many examples of 3D shapes as they can and bring them into school. We will create a Kindergarten 3D Shape Museum. We will turn our dramatic play centre into the museum and add to it as materials/objects come in. We will talk about the objects the children bring in. I will post a google announcement when it is time to send in.

What shape is it?

How do you know?

What do you see?

What does it look like?

Jolly Phonics Letters and Sounds: We have almost completed our Jolly Phonics letter/sound program. Some SKs that may be ready will be exposed to some “tricky blends” such as “sh, ch, sh, ch, th.”


Mrs. Gentile

In room 9, we are impatiently awaiting the May flowers to arrive! Although April was a great month celebrating Easter and Earth week, there are many things to look forward to in the month of May, including Catholic Education week! Parents are welcome to visit the library on Tuesday May 7 from 10:25-11:05 with us to view your child’s displayed work. In Religion, we are continuing to learn about Jesus’ life after His resurrection, and how we can become more like Him. In Math this month we are working on Number Sense, including reviewing number patterns, skip counting patterns and place value, and introducing the concepts of multiplication, division and fractions. In Language we are organizing our thoughts to present them in a reasonable way, as well as building stamina, fluency and expression in our reading. In Social Studies we are learning about Community Helpers, and are looking forward to meeting some of the workers in our community, more information to follow. My continued appreciation for all of your support at home.


Mrs. Schlotzhauer

Welcome to May! Unfortunately it is still very cold outside so please remember to dress your child appropriately in the mornings. Layering is probably the best option so that they can peel off layers as the day warms up. Catholic Education Week is next week. As part of this, our class is responsible for the morning prayers. They are longer with some bigger words this time. We will be practicing these in class this week as part of our Shared Reading. All students are placed into one of five groups for each day of the week. They will be sent home at the end of the week so that your child may also practice with you over the weekend. Their day is written at the top of their prayer. On their particular day, please remind your child to come right into the school once they arrive in the morning so that he/she can get ready in the office with the other students. In preparation for ‘The Neverending Story’, we have been writing adventure stories. All children’s work will be displayed in the library during Education Week and you are welcome to join us if you are available on Tues. May 7th from 9:30-10:10. Our class will also be displaying some Geometry math work on the hall bulletin board by the library. Feel free to look at your child’s work during this week. Later this month, we have students coming from Waterloo University to do a Science Energy Exploration Activity with us from 9:10-10:10. We are starting a new unit  in Math this week on Probability. It would be helpful for you to discuss related words at home such as; certainly, sometimes, never, always, likely, and unlikely. We will also explore Measurement this month (perimeter & area) with the focus on using non standard units. I will be retesting all students reading levels and will send a note home to each family indicating your child’s most recent level.


Mrs. Schlotzhauer

Miss Esbaugh

It’s hard to believe it’s May already! This year is flying by! In April we enjoyed celebrating Easter through crafts, colouring eggs, and viewing the Stations of the Cross. We also celebrated Earth Week and Character Day! In May we are looking forward to Catholic Education Week, First Communion for some of our friends, Mother’s Day, and Victoria Day! In Math we are working on Measurement (perimeter/area/mass/capacity). In Language we are just beginning a poetry unit, some of which we will share at Catholic Education Week! In Social Studies, Grade 1s are wrapping up their Local Communities unit, and Grade 2s are wrapping up their Global Communities unit. We will soon be switching back to Science where the Grade 1s will be learning about the Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, while the Grade 2s focus on Growth and Changes in Animals. Thank you for all of your support at home! Continue to check the calendar, D2L, and agendas for further updates!

Mrs. H. Shouftas

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Dear Families,

Welcome to May! Our classroom is currently preparing for Catholic Education Week. We are working towards creating a short story to display in the library on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 from 11:05 – 11:45. Parents are welcome to visit the library at this time to view their child’s work. Short stories will be our Language focus for the month. We are learning about different fairy tales and the characteristics that make up fairy tales. We will then pick a fairy tale and rewrite it in another person’s point of view. So far in writing, we have learned about the 5W’s, word choice, punctuation, sentence fluency and finally voice.  When we put own style in our writing, we are adding voice to our writing. For Oral Language, students will pick a play of their choice and work in a small group to present to the class. In Reading, students have been learning about inferring. Students have been practicing finding clues in the text to infer unknown information.

In Math, students have finished learning about area and perimeter. Students worked in groups to measure the perimeter of various items using non-standard units of measure (i.e., snap cubes) and standard units of measure (i.e., centimetres). Students estimated and measured area of items by covering them with colour tiles. For mental math, students have learned the compensation strategy to help them add larger numbers. For example to add 19 + 28, we can take one away from 28 and add it to the 19 to make 20 + 27. This way, we turned 19 into a “friendly number” (multiple of 10). Friendly numbers are easier to add as students can count by 10’s to find the solution. Next, students will learn about efficient ways to subtract using mental math strategies as well as subtracting by adding up in chunks.

We have started a new Social Studies unit about communities. Students will learn about the four cardinal directions. Students will have fun learning about the physical features (i.e., mountains, lakes, climate) of different countries. Students will compare various countries in terms of how schools are different. Students will also learn about how people meet their everyday needs especially in Nunavut.

In Religion, students have been learning about the Easter story and the events that happened leading to the death of Jesus such as the Last Supper.

I hope families have had restful and memorable Easters.

Mrs. Rice

May is a very busy month for Grade 3 students. We will be writing our EQAO assessment after the long weekend. The assessment is 3 days long and will focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. I have assured the kids that there is nothing to worry or stress about and to just try their best. More information about the testing will be coming home in the near future. This month is also Catholic Education month! Our class had the opportunity to do a live stream with Jane Goodall last month! This inspired the kids to want to make a change in the world we cherish and live in. They have all picked a topic to focus on that will better our planet and have created posters to highlight our focus. These posters outline themes such as Fair Trade, Climate Change, Endangered Animals and Reducing Plastics and will be displayed in the library on Tuesday May 7th for the entire day. My class will be there to share personally from 1:25 to 2:05 so please feel free to come out and see their work as well as hear about their passion for our planet. In Language arts we are focused on Narrative writing. They are creating a creative piece of writing following a plan, with a ‘hook’ at the beginning, a problem, a few exciting events, a solution and an ending. They have so far loved this task as it gives them the opportunity to use their imaginations! In Math, we have moved into Fractions and will be doing some centre-based learning. We also go on two trips this month, one to Laurel Creek and one to Doon Heritage Village for the Groundwater Festival! Thank you for your continued support, it is ALWAYS appreciated!

Mrs. Gruber

Lots is going on in the month of May in our classroom.  Our month begins with a trip to Laurel Creek.  Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather and also has a water bottle, snacks, and a lunch.  We will be gone all day and will be busy learning about Soil, Rocks, and Plants.  We have another trip planned for the end of the month to the Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival.  More information will be sent home in the coming weeks.  Education Week is also happening in Early May.  The Grade 3s will be displaying some plants that they have grown from seeds and also some art work they have created.  The Grade 3 work will be displayed on May 7th.  The Grade 4 students are working hard on the projects they will showcase in the library on May 9th.  Please feel free to visit the Learning Commons to see the great work the students have prepared.  Our class will be visiting from 2:20-3:00 on both Tuesday and Thursday, so join us if you can but you are also welcome to come and visit at another time if that works better with your schedule. The Grade 3 students will also showcase a Rap during the Oral Language Festival that will take place on Wednesday, May 8th.  Times will be shared with you at a later date.  Other great things that will be happening in May include:  EQAO testing (and lots of preparation for the tests in the first 2 weeks of May), In Math, we will finish our Fractions unit and begin a unit on Transformational Geometry.  In Social Studies, the Grade 3s will finish their unit about Ontario by completing a final assignment about a city in Ontario.  The Grade 4s will finish their unit about the Physical Regions of Canada by sharing poster presentations about a specific region.  In Science, the Grade 3s are finishing their unit on Plants and will kick off their unit about Soil when at Laurel Creek next week.  The Grade 4s will continue learning about Rocks and Minerals early in the month and will begin learning about Habitats toward the end of the month.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!



Miss Jarvis

As we await the coming of the warm weather (rather impatiently…. :), the students in Grade 4 continue to work towards finishing up their year.

In Math, students are working on Measurement with a focus on Time and then they will move into their Money unit when that is complete.  Both of these units will be assessed with a project that will outline a real life situation to help students understand how both concepts are applied in the real world.

In Social Studies, students are learning about Medieval Times and will complete a research project on 2 Ancient Civilizations where they will compare their lifestyles.

To prepare for Catholic Education Week, students are working on writing speeches.  This is a great way for students to practice speaking in front of a group of people about a topic that will impact others.


Mrs. Kalbfleisch

May in Grade 5

Welcome spring and all the renewal that comes with it! This month we will be working hard to stay in school mode and keep reaching our academic goals even though the outdoors is calling our name.

In Math, we just finished fractions and we are moving on to geometry and measuring angles. We will sort figures according to more complex characteristics than we have in the past. We will also work on decimals; adding and subtracting and connecting our knowledge to money.

In Language, we finished our Mystery Chapter/ Story and are using some of our Language to discuss what makes a good response to an inquiry question. How do we find information using reliable resources and give them credit in our writing. We are learning how to properly cite our resources and continue with proofreading for grammar and punctuation.

In Social Studies we are discussing the influence First Nations and Europeans had on each other in the days before 1730. We are creating some artifacts to illustrate the answers we have researched in Language and will use this as a springboard for deeper conversations regarding the formation of Canada including early explorers.

It is busy and students will be requesting some unique things to add to their projects. It is an exciting time and we are very motivated to continue on this pace.

May will also bring a trip to the Groundwater festival. I will be looking for 4 parents to volunteer. More details will follow in the agenda.

Ms. Mcleod

For the month of May, the students will be focusing on “Integrity” for our school theme.

This month we will be focusing on the following things:

Writing: We will be looking at responding to questions by providing proof and evidence from the text.

Reading: We will be continuing on with our book clubs. The students will be in groups and will be meeting twice a week to have conversations with their groups, as well as, are assigned certain jobs to complete for each time. As well, we will be looking at understanding the meaning of texts.

1. Algebra

  1. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals
  2. 3D measurement

Science: We are finishing off our electricity unit and moving on to our final unit of Space.

Social Studies: we have started a new unit on Canada: past and present. We are continuing to look at learning about how different groups have helped to shape Canada’s identity, as well as, learn about how certain groups were not always treated as fairly as they should have been.

Art: sculpture art

Health: substance abuse

Gym: Track and Field

Important dates in May:

Fri May 3: Assembly
May 6-May 10: Catholic Education Week

Thurs May 9: Mass

Thurs May 30: Track and Field

Fri May 31: PD Day


Mrs. Hurren – Portable One

Well, you know what they say…time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!

The end of April brought with it the end of our persuasive ‘essay’ assignment and the beginning of our poetry unit. We will continue, over the next couple of weeks, reading, analysing, creating and sharing poetry. Limericks, haikus, and free verse, oh my! We are well underway with our oral language focus – student created TED talks. Ask your son/daughter to share with you the Umbrella Skill they are focusing their talk on – I have encouraged them to practice at home, they will need an audience!

With our Cat-4 testing completed, we will finish our surface area and volume unit and then translate on to our transformational Geometry unit – we are flipping with excitement!

In Geography we will expand our discussions and inquiries to include renewable and nonrenewable resources and why we should care about sustainability of these resources around the world.

Important Dates in May:

*Education week is May 6th-10th. If you are available, come and join our class as we lead mass at 9:30 on the 8th and/or pop into the school anytime during the day on Friday the 9th to see some of your child’s work on display in the Learning Commons.

*Confirmation is on May 8th – I look forward to celebrating this sacrament with you!

*Grade 7 shots are on May 21st

*We are anxiously counting down the minutes until our trip to Ottawa on May 22 – stay tuned for more information coming home closer to our departure date!

* Holy Family Track Meet is happening at Resurrection on May 30th

Portable One Shout Outs: Congratulations to all Grade 7’s for your hard work during our Cat-4 testing. Well done – I am proud of you!

Math Challenge: How many different examples of transformations (translations, rotations and reflections) can you see around your home?


Mr. Vuylsteke

While our minds are starting to think about nice weather, long weekends, and our trip to Ottawa, there’s lots of learning on the go in room 2! Everyone loves a good story, and the 8s are working hard to share their own stories and build public speaking skills as there prepare personal TEDtalks. These short presentations will be showcased in class and are building on the Umbrella Skills we have been focusing on this school year. May will also see us explore poetry and social justice issues through verse. We also take time this month to step into the world of dance as we explore the Historical Background, Stylistic Features, and Cultural Importance of various genres. Our math focus is sure to be a positive experience as we take an indepth look at integers. We wrap up the month with our Ottawa Excursion May 22-24. Please watch for important information coming home in the upcoming weeks. Finally, we invite you to stop by the school during Catholic Education week on Friday, May 10th to see the Intermediate division showcase.

-Mr. V

Special Education

Mrs. Mash

May – Special Education

Our Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will be writing the EQAO (Education Quality & Accountability Office) Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics at the end of May. During this assessment, students will complete a variety of activities designed to allow them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge relating to reading, writing, and mathematics as described in The Ontario Curriculum. The assessment is delivered province-wide and is developed by Ontario teachers and assessment experts to reflect curriculum expectations. EQAO has developed a “Parent’s Guide to EQAO Tests” and “Questions and Answers for Parents” to give you more information about the assessments and an understanding of what to expect. To access these resources, go to the EQAO website www.eqao.com, click on “Parent Resources” and then select your child’s division.

EQAO permits students with special needs to receive specific accommodations to enable them to participate with their peers in all aspects of the assessment. These accommodations reflect those recorded on students’ Individual Education Plans and those provided during the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming EQAO Assessments, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me at the school.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Mash

Planning Time

News from the desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

Dear Family,

I would like to wish all the amazing mom’s, grandma’s and special women in the Holy Family children’s lives a Happy Mother’s Day!


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will:

  • improve hand-eye coordination by hitting a stationary ball with a pool noodle and soft bats;
  • learn some basic baseball rules.

In Healthy Living, the children will:

  • draw a noodle dish to include foods from all the food groups;
  • help the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” sort his food into always and sometimes groups.

The Arts

In Drama, the children will:

  • work together to perform a familiar fairy tale by using their face, voice and body expressions;

In Music/Dance, the children will:

  • have opportunities to move, create and explore dance to different cultural music.;
  • Use their voice and instruments to create sound effects;


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will…

  • practice hand-eye coordination by hitting, sending and receiving baseballs;
  • discuss strategies and rules baseball.

In Healthy Living the children will…

  • recognize and discuss the cues for hunger and thirst;
  • plan a healthy meal that includes all the food groups.

The Arts

In Drama the children will…

  • work in small groups to improvise, share ideas and work through the many elements of preparing for a performance;
  • reflect on their performance and critique themselves.

In Dance the children will…

  • describe differences they notice when movements of daily experiences (e.g., waving) are used in a dance phrase;
  • discuss and describe dance experiences in their own lives.


Physical Education & Healthy Living

In Physical Education the children will…

  • recognize the degree of exertion in physical activities by using self-assessment methods;
  • continue to develop their hand-eye coordination by striking a stationary and moving ball with a soft bat and learn some of the basic rules of baseball.

In Healthy Living the children will…

  • learn about combination foods;
  • discuss challenges to eating healthy and how we can solve them;
  • learn how food allergies affect us.

The Arts

In Drama, the children will develop their understanding of role/character, time and place by:

  • creating and presenting tableaux in small groups to portray key moments in stories;
  • reflecting on their performance and critique themselves and their peers by completing a self and peer assessment.

In Dance, the children will:

  • present the dance phrases they created with their partner/small group;
  • complete a self-evaluation of their dance performance based on the success criteria;
  • reflect and offer feedback about the performances of the other groups.


Mrs. Afonso-Magolon



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Integrity – Umbrella Project – May Theme

Integrity is a skill and takes practice! Integrity is:
• An inner sense of wholeness, where what we do is not separate from our beliefs
• The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
• A regular pattern of behavior that is consistent with your values
• Treating others with care
• Honouring your word
• The sincere presentation of yourself and your values to others
• Doing the right thing even when nobody is looking

Integrity is the skill that helps us match what we do with what we believe in. When our actions don’t match our words, it can have a negative impact on our self-esteem and how honest we are with ourselves and others. Integrity shows up in the little choices we make every day and can have a big impact on our relationships and how trustworthy we are. For example, if we say it is important to look out for our friends but then we often talk behind their backs, there is a mismatch in what we say and what we are doing and this can affect our wellbeing. Integrity helps take ownership over our actions even when we make mistakes and aren’t perfect and this is empowering. It may feel easy to blame others when things go wrong but that actually leaves us feeling like the victims of our lives instead of feeling strong and in charge of wellbeing. Integrity helps us to genuinely accept honest feedback from others and feel proud of who we are.

1. Improves the quality of our lives
2. Betters our performance
3. Increases oxytocin levels in our brain – the hormone that helps us connect with others
4. Reduces our anxiety
5. Increases our trustworthiness and likelihood of making honest choices
6. Helps us make and keep good friends
7. Improves our credibility
8. Improves the success of our businesses

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