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Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day

As you’ve probably heard from your son/daughter(s), or in the media, Bell Let’s Talk day is coming up this Wednesday, January 31st!!

Bell Let’s Talk day is a day dedicated to help raise mental health awareness and break the stigma that follows it.

There will be a school wide assembly and walk afterwards (physical activity makes you happier and decreases your chances of having a mental illness). On Friday, February 2nd  we will have a “break-a-rule day”. There will be a set of rules students are able to “break”, teacher dependent (ex: wear a hat, chew gum).  In order to break these rules each student needs to bring in a loonie or toonie for each rule any student wants to break. Every dollar that students bring in will be donated to a mental health charity/organization.

Let’s end the stigma of mental illness!

Thank you for your support!

Your student leaders,

Serenity and Anna

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