Hello Families,

The staff and students are very excited to share the gift of song and dance with you at our Christmas Concert on Thurs. Dec. 12.  We are a growing school and it is becoming more challenging to host events in the evenings due to supervision and safe dismissal.  It is also difficult to host events in the gym, as we quickly approach the occupancy capacity making it difficult to provide clear aisles to enter and exit the gym.  To help accommodate these challenges, we have developed the following procedures.

1) The concert will be in the morning and is separated into three performances.   Families are asked to leave after each division performance to make room for the families of the following performance.  Please only attend the division performance of your own child(ren).

Intermediate/Junior Performance 9:10-10:10 a.m. 

Primary  Performance 10:30-11:10 a.m.

Early Years Performance 11:20-11:45 a.m.

2) Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the performance time you plan to attend to find seating and so you do not miss your child’s performance.  We will try to be as prompt as possible.

3) We respectfully ask that immediate family attend the concert.  If you are unable to attend, then you may ask a grandparent or other family member to attend in lieu of you.

4) There will be a small section in front of the stage designated for family members of the performing class to take pictures.   Once a class’ performance has concluded, please leave the mats to allow the next group of family members to have the same opportunity.


We look forward to seeing you on this magical morning.