Hello everyone!

We have a few notes for you regarding our Conformation program this month:
  A review will be provided at November 19th’s first class at the Church.
Father would like to meet with any parents who were NOT able to attend last week’s Information Night during November 19th’s session.  If your student is not able to attend Monday’s class, Father requests that a parent is at least present to collect the necessary forms.  If there are any conflicts, you are asked to leave a message for Father directly at the Parish Office.
Father has agreed to teach a make up session (for those students who are not able to attend our Monday classes) on the second Sunday of every month, beginning in December (December 9th) after the 10 am Mass.  Due to the shortened time of this schedule (compared to the time in class for those attending on Mondays), he has also included attendance at our Parish’s Emmaus program (on the 1st and 3rd Sundays) as mandatory.  Father has asked that any further concerns be directed to him via the Parish Office.
 Another reminder of our Enrollment Ceremony at the 10 am Mass on Sunday November 25th at Holy Family Church!  It is at this time that you will submit your registration forms for the program!
Thank you!  Have a good week!
God Bless,

Michelle Sachs