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FDK dismissal protocol – your support needed

Dear Kindergarten families,

Teacher and staff have a huge responsibility of keeping children safe at school.    Every teacher/staff member feels the gravity of this obligation and that there is no room for error.   The Ministry and school board require schools and teachers to establish and follow safe dismissal procedures to ensure child safety.  Holy Family has an end of day FDK dismissal protocol of organizing students into bus, parent pick up or after school care groups.  Attendance is taken to ensure that children are dismissed according to prearranged parent expectations.  Children are then walked to buses , handed off to parents or brought to extended day program.

It is important for teachers to following the protocol every time so that it becomes routine and an automatic practice for adults and children and allows for the strictest monitoring and vigilance of our children.  There are several cases of restricted access to students that teachers must be aware of, monitor and follow.

When children are picked up out of our bus line on the way to the buses it is difficult to keep track of who is being taken and it changes the number of students we have accounted for previously. Also, in the event that supply staff are walking a bus line down, they are unable to verify safe dismissal information as children are being taken from the line. This leads to much confusion and distress over incorrect number of students boarding the bus. Therefore, we are asking for your cooperation and support with the following procedure.

When you are picking up your child at the end of the day please go to the fenced Kindergarten area.   If pick up plans change you can send a quick message in your child’s communication book that morning.   Please call the school office or go to the office for last minutes changes.   The office will communicate this to the teachers and your child will be brought to the office for dismissal.  Please Do Not come to the bus line to pick up your child.

We always have the kindergarten children ready early for pick-up (3:20) so you are able to come to the fenced area to pick-up your child and then proceed to the buses to pick-up any other children. Please communicate this procedure to any family/friends. Please be advised we will no longer dismiss children from the bus lines. Our first priority is to keep your children safe and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in doing so.

Please help us in our duty to provide a safe and vigilant learning environment for all children.


Your Kindergarten Teams and Mr. Vic Longo

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