Welcome Back Holy Family!

An quick message to share how the staff have planned the start of the first day of school.  Supervision begins at 8:45 am.   Shortly after, staff will be greeting students on the play area at the back of the school.  Once the bell has rung teachers will bring their students to the classroom to begin the day.   Students who are unsure of their classroom assignment or have forgotten will be helped by staff.  Classes will begin at 9:05 am.  We will hold off announcements until 9:30am.

To promote a safe and calm environment we ask that parents say their goodbye at the sidewalk and have their child(ren) walk to the school yard.  This is a “Safe Schools” policy that is upheld throughout the year.  I would also like to remind parents that yard supervision begins at 8:45am.  Please do not drop your child(ren) off before then as they will not be supervised.