During the month of October our Umbrella Project skill and focus is Gratitude.   It will be part of our daily reflections, discussions and activities.  Together we can reinforce the important of gratitude with our students.  Below are some of the ideas and information we will be discussing with your child(ren) throughout October.


Gratitude is a skill and takes practice! Gratitude is:

The quality of being thankful

An acknowledgement of goodness

Readiness to show appreciation and return gratitude

Recognizing sources of goodness outside of ourselves and how they contribute to

our lives


Gratitude is often described as a relationship-strengthening skill. Recognizing what others

contribute to our lives and acknowledging them for this has been shown to make us feel better,

reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and generally boost our health. Gratitude helps us

realize what we have. When we take a moment each day to list or to simply think about all the

things we are grateful for we feel more content and happy. This could simply be acknowledging

that we have food to eat, clothes to wear, a good friend, a supportive family, or a loving pet.

Even people in the toughest situations bounce back faster when they are grateful. Regularly

expressing gratitude helps us see the positive things in our lives, rather than focusing on the

negatives. Gratitude also increases our compassion and makes us more likely to pay it

forwardand help others in need, so its a great way to spread goodness and improve others

happiness while improving our own at the same time.


1. Gratitude boosts feelings of joy, pleasure and happiness

2. Gratitude helps us bounce back from stress and adversity more easily (examples include

Vietnam war veterans recovering from post traumatic stress)

3. Counting your blessings instead of sheep isnt just a saying; Gratitude helps us fall

asleep faster and wake up more refreshed

4. Feeling grateful allows us to forgive more easily

5. Gratitude improves our friendships

6. Gratitude helps us feel more connected to our school and community