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Lunchbox Orders – Healthy Eating

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Fuel for Active Kids!

Amy Skeoch MHSc, RD


If your kids are anything like mine, the minute they come through the door they are looking for SNACKS! And more often than not, they’re only home for a short time before they’re off to extracurricular sports activities. No matter what the sport it’s important that their snack provides the right amount of fuel to get them through their game or practise, until their next meal.


What to eat?

Snacks don’t have to be Pinterest-worthy. Think simple, easily digestible items that provide carbohydrates for energy (whole grain breads, bagels, vegetables, fruit) paired with something that provides some protein that will keep them feeling full (veggies and hummus, bagel with almond or peanut butter, cheese and crackers, apples and yogurt dip). If you have time to make some items, there are great recipes online to make homemade energy balls and granola bars that can be tailored to your children’s preferences and eaten throughout the week.


How much to eat?

Depending on their age, most school-aged kids can eat ½ to a full food guide serving. Example, ¼ to ½ bagel, tortilla and pita. 1-2tbsp of nut butter, or hummus, ½-1 piece of fruit, and 1/4 -1/2 cup vegetables. Let your child’s hunger be your guide until they feel satisfied rather than full.


When to eat?

Snacks should be eaten 1-2 hours before the activity if possible to reduce stomach upset.


What about fluids?

Keeping hydrated before, during and after activity is important. Unless your child is participating in elite sports that involve vigorous consistent activity for over an hour, water is all they need to stay hydrated. There’s no need for sports drinks and any type of “Energy” drink is not recommended.


Time Tip: Take an extra 10 minutes after shopping and cut up fruits and vegetables for the week – even better, if your kids are old enough have them do this task and they’ll know exactly where to head for a snack when they get home.



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