Good Evening,

I hope all of you are well and you are coping with the unique circumstances we are facing.  I know from my phone calls with families each of you is impacted in different ways.  I heard that most, if not all, are keeping good spirits, taking care of your families, as well as expressed concern for your neighbours, fellow Canadians and people throughout the world.  We will get through these challenging times.

Please know that the teachers and staff are working from home to prepare and continue learning activities for your children, our students.   The number one priority is the emotional and physical well being of all.    Day to day life seems to be changing quickly and information through the news outlets adds to the intensity of the situation.  I appreciate that this will affect each of us differently and will do so in the days to come.  As we move forward, I wish to make sure that our actions provide comfort and reassurance and do not contribute additional stressors.  Please be patient.  Right now the staff have been asked to set up a digital platform (ie. google classroom, D2L) to make contact with the students.   Each of us have different comfort level with these programs, so please be patient as the teachers become more familiar with the technology.  I have asked them for the next two weeks to focus on greeting the students, making sure each has access and provide a few simple and light learning activities.  These activities could be; read each day, write a journal entry, draw a picture and write a sentence describing it, do some math questions(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), research a topic of interest, go for a walk(6 feet apart), measure the perimeter of a room and find the area.  Light and simple!

Below are a few links to websites that you may wish to review and use to engage your children with learning activities.

Be Well

Vic Longo – Principal


Learn At Home Ministry of Education website

General Gr. k-6

EQAO – Assessment examples



Math Mpower

Gr.6-10 Math



Science and technology

TVO Science and technology