Principal Message

September was a busy month and I am so grateful to the teachers, staff and parents who made it so successful.  We started the year off welcoming the “Faith Cross”.  We had a week of activities encouraging the student to reflect on the importance of their faith. Each student received a wood cross necklace as a reminder that we are united in our belief in Jesus.

We have implemented  two new programs this year.  One is the Umbrella project.  This project focuses on building the individual skills of a child so that they can effectively handle life’s  events and experiences that can be upsetting, disappointing or frustrating.  This program is created by Dr. Jen Forristal(Naturopathic Dr. and Therapist) and is being supported by the board.  My hope is that when students are equipped with the skills to deal with life’s challenges they will be able to respond to them internally and outwardly in a way that is emotionally healthy, and in return feel more confident and positive about the world they face.  This month’s focus is Gratitude.  We encourage students to recognize all that they have rather than what they don’t have.

Nutrition for Learning is up and running.  This program provides balanced nutritional snacks for students to access throughout the day.  When students are nutritionally fuelled throughout the day they are more likely to be focused, engaged and prepared to handle the social emotional demands of school.

As October begins we are preparing for progress reports which will be sent home on November 6th.

Ms. Jarvis and the teachers are putting the final touches on this years Halloween dance- a-thon; our major fundraising activity.

We continue to strengthen the school – parish connection and deepen the students’ knowledge and experience of their faith.  With Father Stephen’s leadership, we have scheduled our monthly masses, school visit and new this year,  adoration of the Eucharist.

We look forward to a beautiful and productive October.


Ms. Butter

Dear Parents,

Wow–has September ever flown by! We have been very busy learning and settling into our routines and the students have been doing a fantastic job. I am truly blown away and honoured I get to teach such a great group of kids for the year.

First off, I want to take this time to thank all the wonderful parents that have welcomed me into the Holy Family community. I also want to thank parents that have sent supplies for the classroom such as Kleenex, crayons, glue sticks, etc. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

The following is a list of what we will be covering in the month of October. For more details and to see what we covered in September, check out the hard copy of our class newsletter that I sent home.


In the month of October, we will start “Number of the Week” (1-4) and practice writing it and showing it in different ways. We will also be exploring ways to sort and types of patterns this month.


We will continue our literacy centres and writing/tracing our names throughout the month of October. We will also begin our Jolly Phonics Program, with a letter we study each week. In addition, we will study 2 “words of the week” every week.

Religion/Family Life

We will continue to learn healthy strategies for dealing with unpleasant emotions (e.g. anger, sadness, etc.) through our school’s “Umbrella Project” initiative.

Ms. Kate Butter & Mrs. Sarah Lichti


Ms. Jardine

It was great to see so many families on Meet the Teacher Night. Your child(ren) were very excited and proud to show you where they learn and play. Parents, remember to check out our classroom website for pictures of our learning as well as reminders for upcoming events. Mr. Zippy comes home every night, please remember to send it back to school the next day. Special Me starts this month. This is a great way for your child to share what makes them special as well as develop oral language skills. In Math, we have been learning how to represent numbers in different ways (using a ten frame, tally, number, word). Ask your child how many ways they can make a number at home! We will be learning about patterns and how we can represent a pattern (AB, ABA, AAB). In Language, we will be beginning our Letters and Sounds program. Each week we will learn a new letter (the sound it makes and how write it) as well as learning two new words of the week. In Science, students have shown a great interest in the season of Fall and the amazing colours, sizes, and types of leaves that are falling onto the ground. We went on a leaf hunt and have used these beautiful leaves for activities in the classroom. We made a graph representing our favourite leaf! We also have discovered beautiful art we can make with leaves through leaf rubbing. In Religion, we are learning different strategies to cope with various emotions (e.g. sad, angry, scared)  through our school’s Umbrella Project initiative.

Mrs. Jardine, Mrs. Simpson & Ms. Floto

Mrs. Sike and Mrs. Grimberg, FDK, Rm.8

September passed quickly! Summer is over and the beautiful Fall season is upon us. It has been a time of adjusting to new routines in Kindergarten. We have accomplished a great deal as we learn how to manage our day at school. We have learned so much about each other. The SK (Year 2) students have been so helpful in assisting our JK (Year 1) students gain familiarity with the classroom and school routines.

Thank you so much for being diligent in checking the message bags every day for any information from school. Please continue to return it to school daily and please use the communication book for any messages.

The Star Student envelope is sent home each week (Friday) with the child who will be Star Student for the following week. This is a good opportunity to develop oral language skills.

Don’t forget to check out the class website for pictures of your child learning at play and for any updates/reminders.

In Religion and Family Life we have been learning and role playing ‘Making Good Choices.’ We will continue to practice selecting a good choice to solve a problem, referring to posters to remind us of problem solving strategies. Students will acquire the skills to cooperate, share, resolve problems and demonstrate respect. The focus will be on making better choices. We discussed how everyone can and needs to be included and ‘there is always room for one more.’

We are beginning Jolly Phonics as part of our Language program. We learn about letters, sounds and actions which help us when we write.  Also, we have begun a Shared Reading folder of songs, poems, and finger plays which we use through a variety of movements and actions, while focusing on important language features such as rhyme and repetition. The letter of the week and words of the week correspond to the selected poem to provide context for the words/letters/sounds.

In Math we are exploring number by counting, representing quantity (how many) and number formation. We will continue to explore patterns in the calendar and create and describe our own patterns using colours, actions, numbers and letters (e.g. ABAB, ABBABB).

We have been writing everyday during language tasks: personal messages/stories, observations of leaves, procedure of making applesauce and the list goes on. SK’s are encouraged to use ‘have a go’ writing of sounding out some words, while JK’s draw a picture and tell us their message as we scribe.


Mrs. Gentile

We have been off to a great start this year in Grade 1! It was great to meet so many families at the open house, thank you for your warm welcomes and generous contributions of kleenex and spoons! We are continuing to work on our classroom promise to make Room 9 a safe and enjoyable place to learn. There are many friendships being formed and leaders who are stepping up to set a good example, keep it up! September was filled with many exciting days, including Say Hi day, the Terry Fox walk and Colour day, which we will continue throughout the year. In language we have been reviewing all of the single letter sounds, which will continue into October. Each student has played word games, learned about rhyming families and read with me, so I am now able to get the Home Reading program up and running in October. Stay tuned… In math we have been working on patterns, which we will build upon in October, to include number patterns and skip counting. In science we are learning about seasonal changes and cycles. Keep up the fantastic work, Grade 1s!


Ms. Esbaugh

It has a been a fantastic first month of school in Grade 1/2! We have settled into our daily and weekly routines, and have spent time getting to know each other! We have already celebrated two birthdays, invited our families into our classroom for Open House, participated in Say Hi Day, walked for Terry Fox, and dressed in our favourite colours for Colour Day! We have been learning about place value and ordering/comparing numbers in Math. In Language, we have been practicing our journal writing, and how to retell a story (beginning, middle, and end). In Science, the Grade 1s have been focusing on Daily and Seasonal Changes, while the Grade 2s are learning about Air and Water in the Environment. We are looking forward to another Mass in October, as well as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other theme days! Star of the Week and our home reading program will begin in October as well. Continue to monitor D2L for daily updates. Keep up the great work, Grade 1/2s!


Mrs. Shouftas

Dear Families,

Welcome to October! We have had a busy September getting to know each other and starting our curriculum subjects. In Math, students have been making shape patterns using two attributes (i.e., size and colour). They have also been working in groups to make growing and shrinking patterns using numbers and pictures. Please review how to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s with your child as this will help them with their number patterns. In Science, we are learning about the six groups of animals. Students will also learn about animal adaptations. In Writing, students are learning how to add detail to their writing using the 5 W’s and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, how). We are writing a descriptive story about our Thanksgiving Turkeys. In Reading, we are learning about making connections to the stories we are reading. I wish all families a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Rice

October Newsletter

We have successfully made it through the first month of school and eager to take on the next! We have been fortunate enough to celebrate our first mass with Father as well as some families and friends from the community. As part of our Religion program, our class has been focused around prayer and learning mass. We have been discussing the purpose of prayer in our lives as well as making our own prayers to display at our classroom prayer table. In Language, we have been learning to expand our vocabulary and completing sentences with detail. We will be developing a descriptive paragraph on bats this month. Our home reading program will begin this month where children can log their nightly reading and work towards prizes! We will also be moving into procedural writing. In Mathematics, the students have really been practicing their sense of number and numeration. We finished up place value and moved right into addition and subtraction of two digit numbers. We will expand into 3 digit with re-grouping by the end of the month. Nutrition for Learning started this past week and the students are loving the healthy snacks that are available to them to supplement their lunches. Fall is starting to show its true colours, with cooler weather and rain so I suggest that students bring an extra pair of socks to store in their cubbies. I hope that you and your families enjoy a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend together!


Mrs. Gruber 3/4

Already we are a busy bunch, learning and growing more each day.  We have explored many interesting topics since the beginning of the school year, including; Problem Solving in Math, Place Value, Number Talks, Building Community in Religion and Family Life, Investigating “Fact or Opinion” within Literacy activities using Persuasive texts (ie; Should There Be Zoos, Should Children Choose Their Own Bedtimes), Listening to the novel, Evangeline Mudd, Early Settlers (Gr. 3), Early Societies – 3000 BCE – 1500 AD (Gr.4), and much more!  This class is filled with curious minds who eagerly participate in all of our daily activities.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know the children over the past month and very nice to talk to so many parents on Meet the Teacher night.  We are looking forward to an exciting October as we dive deeper into many of the topics we began in September.  We also have an amazing field trip to look forward to in November!


Ms. Jarvis

Wow! October already…. time really does fly when you are having fun!!!  We are well on our way to becoming a cohesive classroom full of respect and collaborative learning.   Our class is working hard on integrating The Umbrella Project into our classroom.  October leads us into our focus on GRATITUDE which we reflect on through our gratitude journals.

In Writing we are going to continue working on our Biography unit.  The summative assessment will focus on their own Autobiography.  In Math, we are going to finish up with our Number Sense unit on place value and ordering numbers and moving on to Pattern and Algebra.  Students are regularly working together on Number Talks, Fraction Talks and Number Line Talks also.  In Social Studies, we will continue to explore Canada and its provinces, territories and physical regions.

The Dance A Thon is coming up fast and we are excited for all of fun activities we have planned.  Student donation forms will be coming home by the of the week so that you can ask for donations over the holiday weekend!  Don’t forget about our pumpkin carving contest too!!!

I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!!!


Ms. K

Grade 5 October Update

This month we are taking our learning of instructional writing to the next level by creating directions to our own games. We will be making our games and sharing them with our classmates to demonstrate our learning! In Math we will wrap up our Patterning unit and move onto Number Sense and Numeration where we will learn about the order and value of numbers higher than we ever have before. We will be studying operations, but don’t worry it’s not the kind you need to do in the hospital. Science and Social Studies are in full swing with Body Systems and learning about our government system. Parents remember to vote in the upcoming Municipal election on Oct. 22 and talk to us about what helps you choose to vote the way you do. We are so grateful for our warm and welcoming community in Portable #2.


Ms. Mcleod Gr. 6

September has seem to fly by for us in Grade 6! It is great to see all of the students getting into routine and following our classroom rules. This month we will be focusing on the following things:

Writing: autobiography (writing in paragraphs) and report writing

Reading: extending our understanding by responding to short story questions, as well as, starting a classroom novel

Math: prime and composite numbers, ratios and percentages and area

Science: animal kingdoms

Social Studies: Canada’s Interaction with the Global Community (specifically looking at organizations around the world that help with global issues)

Art:the element of shape

Health: healthy eating

Gym: cooperative games and soccer skills



Mrs. Hurren – Portable One

Welcome Fall…and some serious Grade 7 learning! It’s hard to believe that we have already spent a month together. September was full of portable routines, learning expectations and ‘getting-to-know-you’ activities, and I am excited to say that we are heading in the right direction. Although our September virtue of “Community Building” is no longer our primary focus, it will still be at the forefront of our daily activities as we strive to learn and work together as a family. Our October virtue is “Gratitude”; have a discussion with your son/daughter about what gratitude means to your family and examples of gratitude that can be found in the world. In Math, we are working our way through operations with integers and will move onto patterning and solving simple algebraic expressions. In Language, we are reading the novel “Fish in a Tree”, focusing on the elements of a story, making connections and questioning. We will practicing our descriptive writing and will be taking a closer look at sequence text pattern. I look forward to seeing completed Ecosystem projects in the coming weeks!

Portable One Shout Outs: Congratulations to our Intermediate Boys and Girls 3-pitch and ultimate Frisbee teams.

Math Challenge: One day in the Sahara Desert it was 58°C. In the Gobi Desert a temperature of -46°C was recorded. What is the difference between these two temperatures?

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – we have much to be grateful for!


Mr. V Gr. 8

It’s hard to believe October is here already… what a great first month it has been with the Grade 8s! September was spent working towards the virtue of Community, and I challenged the students to come up with ways to showcase our community involvement. I was blown away with the responses, and the student’s have decided to volunteer our time at the Wilmot Family Resource Centre, we will be assisting in their Food Bank October 16. For the month of October we will focus on the virtue of Gratitude – I look forward to seeing the 8s put their hearts and minds into this theme and coming up with some equally impressive ideas.

With September wrapping up, we have also completed our first Math unit focusing on Working with Numbers – a strand of Number Sense and Numeration. Please look for a unit summative package to be coming home with students. I encourage you to take some time to look over the work samples and test with your student, and sign and return the package.

There will also be an information night coming this month for our Grade 8 Mount Mary Retreat. Please watch for information – I hope to see you there.  Shout outs this month go to the 3-Pitch and Ultimate Frisbee teams, those who participated in our Terry Fox activities, and to all the 8s who put their names forward for Student Council. Keep up that Guardian Spirit Room 2!

-Mr. V

Planning Time, French and Special Education

From the Desk of Mrs. Afonso-Magolon

It was lovely to meet so many families during our Open House.  Since I teach 5 classes, I was moving from class to class.  If we didn’t have an opportunity to meet and you had some questions, please feel free to send me an email at .

With the first month under our belts, children are more familiar with their routines and expectations.  These are very important to establish and reinforce especially when we only have 40 minutes per day together.

Did you know? It is expected that children engage in Daily Physical Activity (DPA) every day for 20 minutes at school.  Please ensure children have running shoes for indoors and outdoors every day.

Halloween is just around the corner, we will spend time discussing and reviewing Halloween safety as part of the Healthy Living Curriculum (i.e., Personal Safety and Injury Prevention).

Remember to look for the October newsletter in your child’s agenda/communication folder for more information on the expectations that will be addressed this month.

JK/SK: The children are enjoying sharing their special item.  Please remember to send your child’s share item on the assigned date.  In order to limit children’s sitting time, we only present a few per day.  Have your child practice sharing his/her item at home, so they are more confident and comfortable in front of their peers.

Finally, this month the language of wellbeing from our umbrella project will be gratitude.  This will be a continuous focus and speaking point through class lessons, announcements and school activities.


Mrs. Valant’s October News

In Phys. Ed., all of the classes are still working on routines, following instructions and being safe in the gym.  We have been engaging in various cooperative and math-themed games to get back in the groove here at Holy Family!

**Please be reminded that shoe-tying is a skill that needs to be mastered. Safety is paramount and untied laces make for slips, trips and falls, for the specific student but also for other classmates. Your help in assisting your child(ren) in learning this skill is greatly appreciated!!

Miss Butter’s and Mrs. Lichti’s class is currently working on acting out the Five Little Pumpkins story. We have tried our hand at choral reading and will very soon be making our own props to act the story out. In addition, we have looked at what “5” means and how it can be expressed, as well as looking at ordinal numbers and how they are used in our everyday lives, e.g. first, second, third, etc.

In Miss Esbaugh’s class, we have been reviewing our families of instruments and where each instrument belongs: strings, percussion, woodwind and brass. We have also been looking at the elements of music and how they affect our feelings about a piece of music, e.g. happy, sad, angry. We will also be looking at different genres of music and what makes them unique, e.g. blues, classical, country.

In Mrs. Rice’s and Mrs. Gruber’s classes, we are extending the cultural aspects currently being studied in Social Studies, to look at foods and types of music and instruments that originated in various countries, e.g. Scotland’s bagpipes and delectable dish of haggis.

As always, please feel free to contact me at the school with any questions or concerns.


October ~ Special Education

Classroom teachers and support staff have been busy collaborating in order to create the Individual Education Plans (IEP) for Term 1. Thank you to those families that returned the Parent Consult Form – it is important to keep the school up to date with any changes to your child’s medical needs and to inform us of any assessment information i.e., Speech/Language Therapy Reports, Occupational Therapy, etc., Term 1 IEPs will be sent home on or before Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.  Please sign and return the extra signage page to the school once you have gone over the document.

Students with a new SEA claim (Special Equipment Amount) i.e., Chromebook / iPad, have received their equipment. I will be working with the students and their classroom teachers to make sure they know how and when to incorporate the technology into their daily routine. Parents will be invited, in the near future, to be a part of a training session here at the school, to ensure that you understand how to use the technology in order to support your child.

I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend together.

Gobble! Gobble!

Mrs. Mash 🙂


Mme Paquette – French

October is already upon us. Time sure flies by when you’re having fun. Students are well on their way with learning what DJ DELF has to offer. All grades are in the process of learning how to listen, speak, read, and write in French.

We have played and continue to play a matching game (jeu d’association). This builds the proper vocabulary needed to speak in French.

All grades have listened to and continue to listen to the unit song. It is a fun way of learning the proper listening strategies.

I am looking forward to continue engaging all of the students with DJ DELF.