November’s Umbrella Project Skill is “Growth Mindset”.  This skill has a great impact on student achievement and learning.  Students with a Growth Mindset see challenges and failures as an opportunity to improve and learn.  They demonstrate perseverance and a belief in themselves.

What is Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is a skill and takes practice! Growth mindset is:

● The belief that our abilities are changeable, not fixed

● The belief that you can acquire any ability through effort or study

● The understanding that talents and abilities can develop through persistence, good

teaching and hard work

● The ability to see mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve


Growth mindset is the belief that our core abilities can be changed through hard work and

dedication. It is the understanding that every time we learn something new, our brain creates

new connections and we get smarter. This differs from a fixed mindset where we believe that

our intelligence, talent and personality traits are established at birth and are mostly


For example, with a fixed mindset we may think we are either good at math or not. Effort in that

case is seen a bad thing and is proving that we are not smart or good at something. With a

growth mindset we know we are on a path of learning math and that mastering all things takes

effort. Effort is positive and means we are working up to our potential instead of choosing easy

things that we know we can do without trying. Having a growth mindset helps us put more effort

in and leads to higher levels of success because of this.