Many of you have probably heard your child(ren) talk about “snack” in their classroom or mention they had a snack from the “classroom bin”.  This year we began a Nutrition for Learning program.  The aim is to provide nutritious food within reach of all students throughout the day.  With nutritious snacks accessible in the classroom student have the opportunity to meet their nutritional and hunger needs.   Research has shown that being nourished can improve a student’s focus on learning, memory and engagement in the classroom.

This program has strict nutritional and food safety guidelines which the school follows.  There is no cost to the individual student.  The requirement is for the school support the program with a small donation.   This was done at the beginning of the year when we sent an information card home requesting a $2 donation.  Thank you.

Teachers do not limit a child’s access to the snacks.  However,  for the primary and JK/SK students, teachers ensure that snacks and lunches from home are eaten first.

You can learn more about the Nutrition for Learning program by clicking on the link below.