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June 9th, 2020

Greetings Holy Family School Community,

We are almost there! Our much needed and deserved transition to “Summer Vacation” is approaching.  As we have all experienced over the last three months, we are continually redefining and adjusting to seasonal events and daily life. I am sure our “summer Vacation” will be no different.

I have completed calling all the families for the third time since we left in March. I am amazed and inspired by how the students and families have maintained learning, working from home and adjusting to social distancing.    Each of you adjusted to meet your child’s needs as they demonstrated their readiness and adjustment. Overall, I heard messages of hope, gratitude, appreciation, optimism and resilience. Your example and dedication to your children is what makes the students of Holy Family such amazing group of young people. Your guidance and family leadership during this challenging time will not only serve them well throughout their lives, but also will have a positive impact to the social and academic goals that we have strive to achieve for our Holy Family students.

You might be experiencing that it is becoming more and more challenging to get your child to the worktable, their quality of completed work may not be the same as in March, they may be taking them more time to complete work that a few weeks ago would only take a few minutes.  It’s not you, it’s them!  These are all normal behaviours and trends that we see at this time of the school year.

I encourage you to do what you can and adjust the work and schedule to meet the needs and readiness to learn that your child is presenting. We understand. The priority is everyone’s well-being, a happy home and pleasant family life.

It will continue to be our responsibility and commitment to provide instruction and activities to the end of the school year. You may notice that the quantity and nature of learning tasks and lessons have changed the last few days. This is our response of recognizing the change in our students’ emotional and mental energy to meet demands that a year of learning has impacted. Not to mention coping with COVID-19.

To finish up. I congratulate you and offer my admiration and thanks for being co-educators with us during this learning from home period.   Please continue the learning as you see fit, we will continue to be working with you and for you. And lastly, be well, be happy and enjoy the sunny warm days.


Vic Longo – Principal