Holy Family’s “Say Hi Day” is on Wednesday, September 18th!  


Why do we celebrate Say Hi Day?  Say Hi Day is a great way for us to grow as a school community and become an inclusive place for all.  At the beginning of this school year, it helps us to connect with everyone in our school, get to know each other, as well as make new friends!  Saying hi to someone or smiling at them, can make someone’s day a happy one!

This year, we hope that Holy Family students will greet each other all day and wish each other well with random acts of kindness. Throughout the day there will be some random giveaways to spread some cheer and to maintain the enthusiasm and good-natured spirit of this day.  We will have “Say Hi Ambassadors” from each classroom who will assist in many ways and will be leaders with their positive attitudes toward and excitement.

As a Holy Family school community we will have a school picnic in the gym beginning at 11:30 (students may bring a blanket or towel to sit on the gym floor during the picnic).  Please remind your son/daughter to wear YELLOW on Say Hi Day!