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Student bus behaviour responsibilities

I have been receiving reports from students, bus drivers and parents regarding student behaviour on the bus.  Student safety is the number one priority at all times  especially when travelling to and from school by bus.  Each student has an important role in providing a safe and caring environment when on the bus.   At a school level we explain and encourage appropriate behaviours across the day and in all environments.   We ask for your support of encouraging and reminding your children of appropriate behaviours at all time and especially while on the bus.

Bus drivers have been asked and are obligated to report student behaviours that interfere with their ability to operate the bus safely or whose behaviours are negatively impacting the caring and respectful environment. Riding the bus is a privilege which can be suspended if persistent negative behaviours occur.  We understand that the safety of your child and that of others is of paramount importance to you. Your support in helping us ensure the safe transportation of all students is greatly appreciated.

To help us address inappropriate student behaviours in a timely manner please contact the office to share your concerns.





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