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I wish to share the transportation protocol for student drop off and being met by a designated adult.  The bus drivers will make sure that students in JK/Sk are met at the bus stop by a designated adult.  If there is no adult to greet the student the drivers will contact the bus campany who will then contact the school for next steps.  Often the direction will be to return to the school with the student, where they will be supervised until a parent comes to pick them up.

Students in grade 1 and above and jk/sk students accompanied by an older student will be allowed to leave the bus even if no adult is at the stop to greet them.  If your family decision is to always have your child met at the bus stop by an adult, it is importnat to tell you child not to leave the bus unless they see an adult there.   The student should inform the bus driver.  The bus company and school will be contacted to resolve the situation.

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