WCDSB Students Continue to Outpace Provincial EQAO Averages in Math

WCDSB Students Continue to Outpace

Provincial EQAO Averages in Math


Grade 9 Applied Level Math surpasses province by 7%; Grade 3

Math is 6% ahead; Grade 6 Math is 1% ahead


Grade 3 Reading and Writing also showed significant achievement gains



Waterloo Region, ONThe Waterloo Catholic District School Board today released its 2017-18 Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessment results for reading, writing and mathematics in grades three, six, nine and ten. Grade nine students are only assessed in mathematics. Grade 10 students participate in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).


For the second consecutive year, WCDSB students scored at or above the provincial average in all grades in Math.





ü  The Grade 9 WCDSB to Ontario comparison shows WCDSB’s Applied Level Mathematics students above the province by +7% (at 52%) — while the board’s Academic Level Mathematics students matched the provincial average of 84%.


ü  The Grade 3 WCDSB to Ontario comparison shows WCDSB above the province by +6% in math (at 67%), by +2% in reading (at 77%) and +5% in writing (at 77%).


ü  The Grade 6 WCDSB to Ontario comparison shows WCDSB math +3% above the provincial average (at 52%), writing even with the province (at 80%) and reading one per cent below the provincial average (at 81%).

ü  Schools that received the greatest “Intensive” support within the WCDSB’s Renewed Math Strategy (RMS) for the past two years have showed increased achievement (average of 15% growth in Primary and 1% growth in Junior, among participating schools).


ü  Schools that received more “Increased” support within the WCDSB’s Renewed Math Strategy (RMS) for the past two years are showing increased achievement on the Junior Math Assessment (overall 4% growth among participating schools) and no change in overall achievement in the Primary Math Assessment, among participating schools.

ü  In Grade 9 Math, the gender gap between girls and boys (with girls surpassing boys) has decreased by 2% in Applied Math (gender gap was 9% in 2016-2017 and 7% in 2017-2018) and decreased by 4% in Academic Math (gender gap was 7% in 2016-2017 and 3% in 2017-2018)


ü  Strategies for continued improvement going forward, include:

o   Increasing focus on Grades K-8 through Numeracy Coaches and Instructional Coaches;

o   Introducing a Gap Closing Teacher to support Grade 9 Applied Math in each secondary school;

o   Building the capacity of Lead Mathematics Teachers in every school (2-3 teachers per elementary school; 2 teachers per secondary school);

o   Providing a Mathematics Additional Qualifications (AQ) course within the WCDSB, to approximately sixty teachers;

o   Providing the data platform enCOMPASS to all educators — allowing them to triangulate historical and real-time achievement data from multiple sources within a single student profile, to pinpoint the individual learning needs of each student.



“We are conscious that EQAO scores are but one measure of our success, and require careful consideration for each school and in each year. That said, we are proud of our students and our staff who continue to experience strong success. Our mathematics gains, while modest, suggest that where we have channeled supports and energy, the positive results are following. Our Waterloo Catholic school communities have adopted a growth mindset and see all things as possible, with the proper supports. We see the potential for success in every child, and our students deserve nothing but excellence in their learning. There is more work to be done, and our schools remain committed to the journey”.


            ~~ Loretta Notten, Director of Education


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