Greetings Holy Family Community,

I wish to send this message to share my gratitude and thanks for the time I have been the principal of Holy Family Catholic School. It has been a year that has tested us as a school, community and nation. I believe the students, staff and families of Holy Family have met the challenges with calm, grace and fortitude. It is an example of the unique character and strength that makes Holy Family and New Hamburg a special place.

When I joined Holy Family three years ago, I quickly recognized how special the students are. They were optimistic, embracing, willing, eager to learn, friendly, quick to smile, and cared deeply for each other. I said on my first day and continued to say throughout my three years, “the students are the highlight of the school”. This is largely due to you; their parents, neighbours and community members. Thank you for sending us such wonderful young people.

During my first address to the school parent community, I talked of my pride and sense privilege to be given the responsibility and obligation to lead and safeguard your child’s education, health, safety, and social, emotional and spiritual development. I hope my passion and commitment to this mission was demonstrated to you and your children. I truly believe education and the school experience can change lives and consequently shape a kinder, more inclusive, compassionate, safer and healthier world. It is my focus as principal to lead the staff in providing instruction, experiences and faith opportunities that will strengthen values, deepen understanding and expand knowledge of our students, so they in turn will be discerning decision makers, supporters of equitable policies and compassionate leaders as they continue through all stages of their life journey.

I hope I have served you well and made a positive impact in your children’s lives as much as they have on mine.

Thank you for entrusting me with such a reward responsibility and obligation to serve.

God Bless and have a safe summer,

Vic Longo – Principal